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March 3, 2018

March 3, 2018 -  Opie's Diary of Daily Doings at Rikki's Refuge
Dear Diary and Friends ....  I so glad to have my friends !!!  I love my friends !!!  I'm glad YOU are my friend !!!

It's a Bright Bright Bright Sun Shiny day !!!!
                                                                                            photo compliments of Clarence Deal

And it be Caturday !!!  The bestest day of all.  And it be first Caturday of the month ... so that means tonight, after donation drop off, I have to be the ruler of Rikki's and talk to the hoomans at the monthly  board meeting !!!  Then wez all get to eat.  And Uncle Ron cook for us.  He make veggie burgers for the hoomans .... and give me all the fancy feast I can eat.    He made me promise not to tell mom how many cans he open for me ....  so she better not be sneaking round reading my diary !!!

Beautiful purple crocuses !!!!
                                                                                            photo compliments of Ron Herfurth
Spring has spring !!!!

Do you know the official colors of Rikki's Refuge ?
                                                                                            photo compliments of Ron Herfurth
So PURPLE fits right in !!!

We love love love bright bold beautiful colors .... and murals .... and stand alone cut out animals ....   You're seen Feline Fields .... and Doggy Downs ... 

This is the board fence that runs along route 20 and up the Life Center Drive ...  We'll be painting bright bold colors .....  Come and join us any or all SATURDAYS from 9 am till 4 pm at the Life Center ....   21410 Constitution Hwy .... corner of rt 20 and Quarterhorse.   Just bring yourself in clothes you want to spill paint on !!!!!   STARTING MARCH 17 - St Paddy's Day - and every Saturday there after till the fence is finished !!!!!    Spend the day or help out for an hour.  Work one Saturday or all of 'em. 

Just show up and we'll put you to work - providing you're 18 or older. 

Anyone under 18 coming without their parent or legal guardian will need to sign up in advance and have a liability waiver signed by their parent/guardian on file here before showing up, so be sure to sign up several days in advance at  

Anyone under 18 coming WITH their patent or guardian, must be old enough and well enough behaved to join the work party and participate, and both guardian and minor will can sign forms once you've arrived.

I'm sorry, but your can't bring your doggies with you, or any other animals, it's not a safe environment for them.  This will be a work party and there won't be any tours of the animals available.  Though you will be working near Ramsey Residence so you can bring some fruits or veggies to feed the sheep.  No bread or crackers or anything they're not used to eating here, so if you've got something special in mind ....  ask first !!!

Nora and Paul who will be running the work parties would love to hear if you're coming out to help.  It's not required .... so you can decide at the last minute ... but it makes planning easier for them !!!!   You can let them know at;

I hope I'll see YOU covered in paint .... real soon !!!!

Happy cows !!!
                                                                                           photo compliments of Doug Deal
They're loving all the new green grass !!!!!   Num num num !!!!!
                                                                                            photo compliments of Clarence Deal

Cows have friends too ....  They headbutt in friendship just like us cats do !!!
                                                                                           photo compliments of Doug Deal
Cows are really just like all of us.  They have friends, mothers, fathers, siblings.  They love each other.  They want attention, they want love, they want to be cared about.  They play, they laugh, they have fun, they love, they grieve, they feel pain.  They want to live, they want to eat grass, they want to feel the sun.   If you never knew the cows you pass by out in the fields were so much like YOU ....  it's cus you never got to really know a cow !!!!   Come on out on an up close and in your face tour and meet cows and pigs and chickens and learn who they really are, that each and every one has it's own personality, just like each and every one of you, and each and every one thanks you for the opportunity to have life at Rikki's.  No cow ever wanted to be hamburger.  Not a single one.

Slurp Slurp Slurp ....
                                                                                           photo compliments of Doug Deal
Cows drink lots of water and that's why their giant 100 gallon water bowls need to be filled several times a day.  In nature they'd live near a river or big creek or pond and graze on the grass and then walk down for a drink ....  But here we have to fence them in.  If we let them wonder off to the creeks to slurp ....  some of the neighbors might complain when the cows stopped to eat their grass and their flowers and their bushes along the way !!!!   

Piggy is happy to see Melissa visiting today  !!!!
                                                                                            photo compliments of Melissa Felts

Petunia loves melons !!!!! 
                                                                                            photo compliments of Melissa Felts
Any melons ....  a cantaloupe is a two bite delicacy !!!!!

Can Petunia get the grapes before that emu swoops in and steals them ?
                                                                                            photo compliments of Melissa Felts
See how muddy Petunia is?  A muddy pig is a happy pig !!!  They love to roll in mud puddles !!!!   This rainy weather has been wonderful for them.

Lauren feeds the emus their own grapes.
                                                                                            photo compliments of Melissa Felts
So Petunia can have her bunch too.   This picture of Petunia, emus and a hooman really show you Petunia's size !!!   She's no little girl !!!!

Elvis gets a sweet potato !!
                                                                                            photo compliments of Melissa Felts
Don't ever ever ever toss any fruits or veggies ....   bring them out for the piggies !!!!   Donation Drop Off every Saturday noon till 2 pm ....  gate is open at the Life Center just waiting for you !!!!

THIS is what Up Close and In Your Face means !!!
                                                                                            photo compliments of Melissa Felts
Experience real life with us !!!!

Yup, they're big animals.
                                                                                            photo compliments of Melissa Felts
Some people are scared of them cus they think they look like dinosaurs ....  But really do they even have first hand experience with dinosaurs ?  Or is it like sharks that everybody is all scared of ....  even though they've never seen a real one .... or only seen one behind glass at an aquarium ...  if you swim with 'em and behave yourself, they're not gonna bother you.  So behave yourself around the emus and they won't hurt you either !!!!

Now the story changes real quick when you try to "do" things to emus.  Things like capturing them and putting them in crates and giving them medicine.  Mom got it really good .... maybe I should say bad .... by holding one to give her eye drops one time.  It had to be done, she'd hurt her eye and needed drops several times a day.  Her eye healed up and she got well, mom stopped limping but can still show you the area of broken veins all on her knee !!!   And it was years and years ago.

So feed the emus when you visit .... don't chase 'em, don't wave sticks at them, though we'll probably throw you out before the emus hurt you if you do ....  don't try to give them pills or eye drops or trim their nails ....  you just feed them and be polite and they'll be nice to you too  !!!!!

Silly horsey !!!  
                                                                                           photo compliments of Melissa Felts

Two vultures stopping in for a visit.
                                                                                           photo compliments of Melissa Felts

Drying off after a swim !
                                                                                           photo compliments of Melissa Felts

Oh !!!!   Petunia !!!!!   You silly girl !!!!
                                                                                           photo compliments of Melissa Felts

Once again !!!!   Cindy SAVES the day !!!!
                                                                                            photo compliments of Clarence Deal
Look at this food !!!!   Dry food for us .... we were OUT !!!!   And canned for the doggies !!!  Yippie !!!!   Now we'll all get breakfast tomorrow !!!!   Thank you Cindy !!!!

Clean Litter Boxes with Fresh Litter Makes for Happy Cats
                                                                                            photo compliments of Clarence Deal
We need your help ...   It's been about 6 years since we last replaced the litter boxes ....  they have a lot of rough use ...  lots of kitties climbing in and out ....  scrubbing every other day ... some of 'em every day .....   the cold weather .... the heat ....   eventually all that a toll on the plastic and they start to crack and have sharp edges and split where they can't be used. 

We have 79 litterboxes of this size in use every day.  Seriously.  We keep twice that many on hand so when it's time to change the litter, about every other day, it goes into a clean litterbox and the dirty one goes out to be sterilized.  It's awfully hard when we don't have a full second set.  Each cat house has several boxes, so it means you can dump a couple, go wash them, dry them and bring them back to re-fill. 

It's a lot easier and saves a lot of time, to be able to change them all out on morning cleaning rounds - often while it's still too cold to even really wash things outside.  Then in the afternoon take everything and wash up for the day in the afternoon sun !!!!   Much better.  And much more time conserving to let them dry naturally than to have to dry with towels that then have to be washed, or with paper towels that get thrown out. 

Right now we need about 50 more boxes to meet our goal of keeping two for each station on hand.  One in use, one in the wash area.  Won't you help us?

We get them a Lowe's and they are $5.75 each ....  so 50 of them becomes $287.50 .....  Buying all of them at once is like BIG BUCKS ....  Yikes ....     But could you maybe buy us just ONE ?   Just leave a note that your kind donation is for litter boxes !!!  Thank you.   

Or if you like ....  you can stop by your local Lowe's and pick one up to bring to Donation Drop Off next Saturday !!!   It's called MacCourt Drywall Mud Pans and it's Item # 19251 Model # AT2606 .... they're over where the drywall mud is.

Mouky says you probably think this is a lot of cat food .....
                                                                                          photo compliments of Doug Deal
But it won't even last 3 days !!!!   When you have over 500 cats .....  well it takes a LOT of cat food !!!!

Furniture like this is what we use in all the cat houses.  All kinds of this plastic Tiny Tyke stuff ....  play houses, picnic tables, castles, and so on.  
                                                                                            photo compliments of Opie
Mom says it's really hard for us to tear up and it's really easy to keep clean.  So it's ideal for kitty play !!!!   If you have any your hooman kids have outgrown, or you see any cheap at yard sales this spring, please grab it and bring it out on Donation Drop Off Days ....  that's every Saturday from noon till 2 pm. 

And then it was board meeting time.  The hoomans bring snacks for while they be talkin and listenin to me ........   And Ben kept stealing potato chips ....
                                                                                             photo compliments of Melissa Felts

Love, Opie 
                                                                                            artwork compliments of Wayne Morris
Thank YOU for making it all possible !

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