Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Good Morning Good News !!!! Tuesday, April 28, 2015

*yawn and big stretch*  

Hi Everyone!  Kiki here. 

I'm the chief of security for the refuge. 

It's been a long night, and I need to take a cat nap.  But, I need to talk to you first. 

As you know, it is at Rikki's.  It's a big, important fundraising event.  It's big because not only does it help put food in our dishes, pay for our health care, and pay for the people who make sure all of this happens every day, but it also decides who will rule this beautiful sanctuary for the year -- us dawggies  (*bats eyes*)   

or those pesky cats.

Now, that little orange dude can tell some stories. 

Contrary to what he tells you, we do not sleep all of the time. 

I've earned this nap. I spent all night patrolling the property, keeping hawks from scooping up the guinea pigs; chasing away foxes who want to eat our chickens; and making sure skunks don't spray any of our precious kitties -- who are so vain that they worry about what they smell like.


They spend hours grooming themselves so that they look their best.     


They need to relax and have fun. 

Don't they know that rolling in the mud is cool and refreshing? 

The pigs know. Petunia taught Beauty and me about it!       

Anyway, it's time that us dawgs get recognized for all of our hard work. 

Who alerts the hoomans when a stranger is on property?     

The dogs. 

Who shares their food when others are hungry?     

The dogs. 

Who forgives you, no matter what you've done? 

The dogs.  

Does this face look forgiving?  

Who helps you exercise by accompanying you on walks, or playing ball?  

The dogs. 

Whose talent do you show off to your friends? 

Your dog's.

And, we're honest.  Oh, sure, there is something called a "wall of shame", full of pictures of dogs who have been naughty.  But, you can look at their faces and tell that they did something wrong. 

Dogs don't lie. 

Have you ever seen a picture of a cat who is ashamed of something they've done?


It does not exist. 

Cats will look you straight in the face and lie.  

But not us dogs. We own up to our mistakes.

And dogs have a sense of civic duty.  They use their innate bravery to help humans.   

Lucky is a retired police dog. He even took a bullet to the hip trying to take down a bad guy! 

Have you ever seen a cat with a police badge? 


A military uniform?


A seeing eye cat? 


*shakes head*

So,  please.   Help us dawggies get the recognition that we deserve.   

And so I plead .....   

And remember ......  DOUBLE YOUR DONATION is still going on !!!!!   We’re only halfway to that goal of DOUBLING ALL DONATIONS .....   NOW thru APRIL 30 th ......   HURRY HURRY ...... the deadline is closing in !!!!!


and SEE YOUR DONATION DOUBLED .....   just be sure to add a note in the comments “DOUBLE MY DONATION” and our special friend WILL !!!!

So there you have it ....  the dog’s version ...

Mmmm Hummmm .....   Well mom said equal time to the species ...... 

I just say

the Official Spokes Cat at Rikki's Refuge and his support team, Timmy and Sylvestra
and I sure hope you'll vote for ME and MY KIND before the end of April -- vote as often as you like -- so I can remain the Ruler of the Refuge for another year !!!  Thank you !!!!