Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Morning Good News !!!! March 24, 2011

I’m Vincent D. Cat and here to make you happy!  You are HEROES!  You work hard every day and you deserve to smile every day!  Those of you working to save us animals hear so very many very sad things.  And there’s lots of very glad things too and that’s what we talk about here!  All pawsitive all the time!  I want my friends to be happy and smile and know there’s a lot of good - including YOU - in this world!!  Be kind and pass it on!  Please send me your Good New and Fun Stuff to share, personal or global. Let’s keep it fun and interactive!!  After all, if we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane!

Round the Refuge
Hi folks.  Been one of them great busy days !!!!  I only got a few secs here but did want to stop in and say hello!!! 

I got a friend here in Orange, Virginia who wants to start a plant business.  She’s got the know how and the entrepreneurship and she needs a partner and some equipment.  Interested?  Have a big wood chipper, band saw, wood mill and or 40-45 hp tractor you’d like partner with, sell or even give to somebody to start up a biz??  If so let me know and I’ll put you in touch!!! 

If you’re interested in working on Rabbit Rotunda Roof II, I believe it’s been changed from Saturday to Sunday - contact me so we’re sure to get you in on the right day!!! 

Coming to Volunteer Appreciation day Saturday?  Please RSVP now!!! 

I hear more thunder out there!!!  So so so much rain last night.  Happy Ducks!!!

Ron donates lumber for Cat House Number One Expansion

Ron, Director of Serving Cats, teaches building skills

At Rikki's, there always a cat right when you need one

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Always happy, even with congenital eye defects, Duke is a Spokes Dog, inspiring hope in handicapped animals and humans everywhere.  Duke is as sweet as he is cute!!!   


Vinspirational Visions
While most are dreaming of success,
winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it.

The Cats of Cod
Artwork by Wayne H. Morris of New York
photography and art
visit to see more of his spectacular work

Wayne loves to study an animal and capture their essence which he then turns into a whimsical work of art depicting them at work or play.  Your pet’s whimsical custom portrait available for only $300 (donated to Rikki’s Refuge). Contact me and I’ll put you in touch  Prints available, 8” x 10”, on heavy stock, suitable for framing, $25 each, resolution may vary so you may want to ask first.  Specify which print you want and shipping address.
Carmen Tina, Stewardess
Tabby Air’s New Flight Attendant

Music and Motion

Never, Never Trust the Dog!

Because I Love YOU
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