Tuesday, December 31, 2019

December 31, 2019

Finally !!!   I’ve got a few minutes to sneak in here, get my jacket off, have a cup of warm tea and tell you what’s going on !!!   

Many families like to volunteer at Rikki’s Refuge.  Love of animals often runs in families.  Parents bring their kids.  Kids bring their parents.  One of our wonderful families have FOUR generations that love to come out to Rikki’s together when they can. 

They came out a few days ago to visit and to bring us some very special and exciting news.  They’d thought long and hard about what they wanted to do for Christmas.  A family cruise, an exciting trip to somewhere exotic and far away ???   When one of the youngest and most adorable ones said, “Why can’t we just visit the animals at Rikki’s and take them presents?”

And one by one their faces lit up as they thought of all they could do for all the animals of Rikki’s Refuge !!!! 

And this very exciting year end double donation challenge is what created !!!

This family will match ALL DONATIONS through the end of 2019 UP TO $32,425.


If we can meet this challenge and match our donor family dollar for dollar, that would provide feed and total care for ALL of our 1,300 residents for FIFTY DAYS!!

What a great way to start the year!! Feed 'em for Fifty!!www.RikkisRefuge.org/Donate


They came out today to see how we’re coming along.  And I had to admit we’re not quite half way there yet. 

So they’re cracking the whip on me !!!  As soon as I’ve had time to sit down today, they’ve made me sit here and write to you to beg for your end of year help ....  and YES it’s tax deductible too !!!  

After I talk to you, they’ll let me finally have some breakfast before getting to work on my regularly scheduled paper work that should have been finished by the end of the year ....... 

So .....  I ask you, from the bottom of my heart, to join this kind and wonderful family in


Thank you for taking Rikki’s Refuge into 2020 !!!

Love to every one of you and may you have a wonderful and happy New Year !!!


ps ...  I’ll be back later tonight and get a proper newsletter up on the blog.  You’ll be able to tune in later tonight, or in the morning and see the Christmas Videos of the animals and other fun photos !!!

I'll be back later tonight with more photos and stories ....  for now here's the live videos from the Christmas Day Tour !!!   Enjoy

Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas Flyer 2019

Meet PIPEN (PIP for short). This handsome guy is a mini Sheltie and is about 12 years old.  He is also deaf and partially blind.  He came to us from a sad situation but seems very happy with his new friends and caregivers at Rikki’s Refuge.  He spends his time in the Med Room with our staff and he especially loves men, as his former owner was an elderly single man. PIP loves to wear sweaters and the staff has already bought him an adorable wardrobe.

THUMBELINA and ASHLEY, two formerly feral cats, have formed a close bond at Rikki’s Refuge.  While they don’t like to be held or cuddled, they love to be admired and they enjoy posing for photos (seriously!).  So of course we oblige them! 

Who do YOU want to help today?  Would you like to give a special gift to one of our animals you’ve read about today?  Make a donation to give someone new a chance for life at Rikki’s?  How would YOU like your funds to be spent?  Just tell us !!  DONATE ON-LINE at www.RikkisRefuge.org/Donate

FRANK, one of our amazing peacocks, surveys his kingdom at Rikki’s Refuge. He likes to tell our visitors “Always be yourself ~ unless you can be a peacock ~ then be a peacock.”

This handsome boy is CAMELOT (do you love his mustache?) and he has captured the heart of everyone at Rikki’s Refuge.  He came to us with leg issues, but for now they are just fine - still no surgery required - and he is a lovebug. Oh, and he loves for his favorite human Tina to hold him and carry him around like a baby (although he gets around by himself just fine too!)! He might be a bit spoiled!
                                                                The happiest part of the day for BUZZ and WANDA
is in the morning when their caregiver arrives. 
It’s a joyful time for them! Our caregiver Lauren
reports that it’s the best part of her day as well!!

Is your online shopping benefiting Rikki’s Refuge??
You shop online. Rikki’s Refuge gets a small donation.

Have you ever wanted to hug a cow up close and personal? Have you ever wanted to feed an emu?  Have you ever wanted to just sit and hang out with a goat? We have some real characters here at Rikki’s Refuge and they are all ready to meet you!!  Get up close and personal with our amazing animal residents and schedule a tour with us! You must have reservations so be sure to email us for more information! We look forward to seeing you!!
RSVP by emailing  Tours@RikkisRefuge.org

LUCY and PRINCE are two of our oldest residents. 
They are each in their thirties now but are doing great!
They came to Rikki’s Refuge from two different situations,
but have bonded completely and are never far from each other. 
They love visitors and treats, but mostly they just love each other.
CHARLIE, one of our farm pigs,
enjoys nothing better than a good
mud spa!  Those ears!!
This guy is BULLY, a rambunctious, playful Belted Galloway steer.
Bully came from a New York petting zoo dispersal rescue.
He actually escaped the auction pen and ran amok in New York
for a week or so! Luckily he was spared and found his way to a
nice farm in Virginia where he lived for a few years....
and now he calls Rikki’s Refuge home!

Did you know that EVERY meal, for EVERY
animal, EVERY SINGLE DAY here at Rikki’s
Refuge, is provided by donations from YOU,
our caring, generous, and AMAZING supporters!

Happiness is being a cat at Rikki’s Refuge!!
Kerry’s Korner

Thank YOU for spending another year with us at Rikki’s Refuge. Thank YOU for being kind hearted, caring and doing something to make a difference on our planet. It’s taken every one of you to keep the dream of Rikki’s Refuge living on. What a wonderful planet we’d have if everyone was like YOU !!! 

Your generous donations throughout the year of money and supplies give the animals food and medicine, medical care and safe housing. The gift of your time gives them love and hope; clean homes and care. Together we have created a wonderful safe haven of happiness and joy, filled with love; the kind of world we all want to live in.

We still have our sad times. Giving our animals a home for life, means someday, the end of their time on earth comes. This year we said goodbye to life long resident Petunia pig, our first farm pig, who came to us as an 8 pound little baby, and grew into the beautiful pink 800 pound ruler of Piggy Paradise over the next couple years. Her longevity amazed her doc, who’d cut her toenail, ok hooves, every six months as she got older. 

Jessie goat came with his brother Joey when his beloved humans reached an age they could no longer care for them. People told them to just put them down, they were so old, they likely wouldn’t live out the year anyway. Their people who were going to a home where they could live out their natural lives, felt Jessie and Joey deserved the same.  And so they brought the goats to Rikki’s. And they lived another 9 and 10 happy years here. They slowed down, they spent more time sleeping in the sun, they stole snacks from visitors. Joey left more than a year before Jessie and we weren’t sure Jessie would survive the heartbreak. Yet after a few months of extra love and special treats, he rallied and had another happy year being the first in line to search visitor’s pockets for treats!

Danny cow had started life as a bottle fed-pet-a zoo baby, grew too big and was headed off to the hamburger factory when a loving family bought him as a pet. Downsizing after years on a farm, the family found Rikki’s for Danny’s retirement years. Though Danny was with us only a couple years before his heart gave out, he was happy and loved.  His friendliness, gigantic size and glorious horns made him an icon and the one everybody wanted selfies with on tours !!

The natural cycle of life means we can welcome new residents desperately in need of safe haven.  A family of 9 elderly angora goats came from an elderly couple much like the ones who loved Jessie and Joey enough to let them have so many wonderful retirement years.  Though Elvis and Lizzie, at 19 years old, recently passed away, we hope Mozart, May, Edie, Miley, Gabby, Fiona, and Maggie have many more happy years here at Rikki’s.

Eddie the elderly mini horse had lost all his barnyard friends to age. It wasn’t the right time for his family to get more animals, but wanting Eddie to have friends for his retirement years, they brought him to Rikki’s. This tiny little guy bullied the big horses, riled the goats into head butting arguments, chased the sheep, would Eddie ever find a friend at Rikki’s?

Then Lucky the black angus cow came and took one look at the big cows and said Mooooo get me outta here! Lucky was hand raised by a precious young lady as a project to be sold.  As she learned the fate of cows, she did not want that for Lucky. Her grandmother was the high bidder, found Rikki’s Refuge, and now brings the young lady to visit Lucky.  Who has   become Eddie’s absolute best friend and follower, despite being many times Eddie’s size! 

Charlie pig, being auctioned off for BBQ, was bought by a compassionate soul who found Rikki’s. Joey the sheep, who had no idea what a sheep was, came and is totally bonded to Doug, the human sanctuary manager, and follows him every where. Cow Sully was raised from a baby by someone who loved him dearly. She had to move and found Sully a “wonderful” home. But sometimes wonderful isn’t. Sully ended up in a slaughterhouse lot, was spotted as friendly by a rescuer who bailed him out, and ended up at Rikki’s. He was named Corgi here and has a distinct face, which his original mom recognized when she saw him on facebook. By then she’d found out he was no longer in the “wonderful” home. After months of searching and worry, she was once again happy Sully has a life long home and lots of cow friends. Chicks still come every year from school hatching projects to live out happy chicken lives. Sad, abandoned, elderly dogs, like Atticus, Laden and Pip, so missing the humans they loved and were abandoned by, come to Rikki’s to find love and happiness and a place in the sun for the rest of their days. Special needs cats like Gigi, Mookie, Mystique and Pepper make frightening trips from far away states, even other countries, to find the help, therapy, medical care, peace and happiness they’ll have forever at Rikki’s. 

With YOU and your never ending support, the cycle of life will go on forever with generations of animals that come to us sad, abandoned, alone, hurt and sick to be transformed into healthy, loved, and oh so happy to be alive animals.

Please help us make a difference to the Petunias, Jessies, Joeys, Dannys, Elvises, Lizzies, Mozarts, Mays, Edies, Mileys, Gabbys, Fionas, Maggies, Eddies, Luckys, Charlies, Sullys, Atticuses, Ladens Pips, Gigis, Mookies, Mystiques and Peppers of the world, with your generous end of year donations. 

We COUNT on YOU for their very survival.

Love to you and yours,

Kerry  and all the ones YOU saved



In late August, we welcomed a small potbelly pig to the Rikki’s Refuge family. To our complete surprise, she gave birth to these five adorable little piglets on September 1.

LITTLE MAMA is doing great with motherhood and the piglets,  each one completely different in appearance and personality, are healthy and getting bigger and stronger every day, although they don’t want to be far from their mama! 

 This guy ~ he quacks us up!!

MILO and his little buddies ~friends come in all shapes and sizes at Rikki’s Refuge!!

Milo joined us after someone rescued him from a petting zoo as a sick and injured baby. Soon they realized it wasn’t much of a life for him to live all alone in a small fenced area. So he came to Rikki’s Refuge where he gets to eat leaves and have lots of friends. At Rikki’s Refuge we believe nobody should have to live alone as one of a kind.

YES, you’ve seen this photo floating around the web ..usually as a “cat lady organizer” or the like.. the picture was taken right here in the 9th Life Retirement, Assisted Living and Psychiatric Center at Rikki’s Refuge Animal Sanctuary ... it’s early one morning, about 4am, and our founder Kerry snuck in and got the photo before turning on the lights. She’d worked on getting this shot for over a year, sneaking and trying to catch everybody before they woke up and started begging for breakfast and jumping down to greet her .... finally one day ... SUCCESS!! And it’s now the most famous photo of Rikki’s Refuge on the planet!!

“Why does Rikki’s Refuge have so many black cats?”
To save their lives!! Did you know that many shelters don’t even try to adopt black cats out? So much superstition about them still abounds. It’s really silly. Black cats are just like the rest of us. But the little black kitten in a litter will often never get
chosen. We think it’s really important to spread the good word about black cats!
SUNDAY, the goat, was found abandoned in the woods behind our Re-Tail Thrift Store. She was scared and skittish. Our store staff set up a feeding station (finding out that she prefers grapes over EVERYTHING). They put grapes out for her daily, and wildlife cameras in order to establish her schedule. Soon, she began to wander to a neighboring business to visit her “friends” (she was seeing her reflection in their windows). However, this was causing a distraction to drivers along the very busy road and was not safe for Sunday. Animal control was called many times, but they were never able to capture her. Since she was looking for a friend, Re-Tail staff put a mirror in the woods so that she could see herself (thinking it was a friend) and she loved it! So, the experienced staff out at Rikki’s Refuge was called in to help and Sunday was caught safely and brought to Rikki’s where she has made new friends, both animal and human and will be able to live out her life safely and loved.  We LOVE happy endings!!

Meet LARS and NELS.  Our turkeys continue to be  game-changers for so many who visit us at Rikki’s Refuge. Seeing their gentleness, their playfulness, and their amazingly friendly and funny social behavior ~ it catches many of us off guard. And then we wonder how we ever thought otherwise. Two great reasons pictured here to consider adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

Are you on Facebook?? Did you know you can give to the animals of Rikki’s Refuge Animal Sanctuary for free? All you need to do is create your own Facebook Fundraiser! It’s fun, it’s easy to do, it gets your friends and family involved in a cause that’s important to you, and it makes a big
difference to the animals! And if you set one up, let us know and we can share it on our social media pages!

Learn how to set up your own fundraiser in just two minutes here: www.facebook.com/fundraisers

You can find us listed under

And hey, while you are on Facebook, be sure you have liked our Facebook pages:

Each “like” and “share” of our Facebook posts as well as “likes” and “follows” of our page help us receive more exposure. More exposure can result in new supporters and allows us to continue to say YES to animals in need.  THANK YOU!!

We are so grateful to you for all you do to create a kinder and safer world for the animals! 

Everyone should have a place to feel safe and loved. You have helped us create that at Rikki’s Refuge!

This is DOLLY. She was a scared little girl that lived in a cage for five years. Now that she is at Rikki’s Refuge she is slowly starting to understand how awesome it is to have cat friends and that humans are not so scary. She is loved.

$7 will care for one cat for a week - Will you sponsor Dolly?

PRESTON is the very proud CCO of Rikki’s Refuge ~ that is our Chief Cheerfulness Officer!  He takes his job very seriously! 

At Rikki’s Refuge, the snuggle is real!
                                                                         BURT, a muscovy duck, is a loner and prefers
to be alone, but he has one regular volunteer
who he loves to “talk” with and share treats with.

THANK YOU to everyone that picked and hauled pumpkins to Rikki’s Refuge this year!! Lots of pumpkins makes for very happy animals!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

December 22, 2019

 Happy Holidays !!  Merry Christmas !!  Happy Solstice !! 

Here we are, almost at the end of another year.  I want to THANK YOU for all you’ve done to make this planet a gentler, kinder more wonderful place again this year.  YOU have made the world just a little bit nicer for the animals of our planet with your hard work and generous support. 

I bet YOU have no idea how often I think of YOU and thank YOU ....  with every life I see saved I know YOU and your support is behind it, with every story I read of kindness to someone somewhere I know your hard work is behind it, with every litterbox I scoop I know that kitty would not be alive without your kindness, feeding that bale of hay reminds me of where that cow or goat would be if it wasn’t for you. 

I certainly don’t make the time you deserve to let you know how much I appreciate your support of Rikki’s Refuge.  I hope when ever you visit, or you see pictures of these wonderful happy critters of all sorts, your heart feels good and just a little bit warmer, knowing it is YOU and your support that has saved another life. 

Every single day that you make the time to volunteer or you earn the money to support Rikki’s, you make this dream possible.  Our animals are the most important thing in the world to us and it warms my heart to know they are to YOU too ! 

Every time you reach out a hand to someone, help someone, pick up a stray, feed someone who’s hungry, fill a feeder for the birds or leave water out for someone, you making the world a better place.  Thank you.  

I've been trying all year to get my ducks in a row ...... there's just always something else falling into the equation and messing up my work load ..... and now ... just when I think I'm getting close to having my ducks in a row ....... I find out they're geese ......

We also reach out across the world helping to share your love and caring.  Because YOU CARE we are able to help someone in danger of losing their beloved companion with that little bit of something that means their animal can stay home with them.  Be it medical care, food, help while they’re sick, a dog house.  What it is doesn’t matter ......  what was done matters.  That loving bond wasn’t broken, that animal stays home, that person keeps their beloved companion.  THAT matters.

Look down the path ... way down the path .... who do you see???   At Rikki’s Refuge everyone is welcome to dinner.

Your support makes it possible for us to bring the love of Speuter around the world.  What a gift to give !!!   To stop generations of animals from being born on the streets, suffering and dying.  So simple with a quick little surgery.  So life saving.  YOU have expanded our Speuter Commuter program to help grass roots programs in needy areas of the world.  Funds you donate specifically for Speuter Commuter help people in Guatemala, South Africa, Poland, Chile, Indonesia, and India provide care for homeless animals with the focus on bringing Speutering to the forefront, with the plans of someday making a Spay/Neuter Clinic available to the people.  The clinic we helped get up and running in rural mountainous Guatemala almost ten years ago is now virtually self supporting !!  YOU made this happen.  Your caring will make it happen over and over. 

But let’s talk about the animals right here at Rikki’s !!!   Twelve hundred and something wonderful souls who rely on YOU for their food, their medical care, their clean beds .....  every single hour of every single day !!!!  
Some of our residents think this rainy wet fall has been just ducky !

It takes about $1.25 a minute to protect and provide for all those animals !!!   Yes that’s like 1/10 of a penny per animal per minute !!!!   WOW .....   That seems so little to not only save a life, but keep that animal happy, fed, healthy and LOVED !!    Looking at the task of supporting all of the animals can be quite daunting.  But like everything, when you break it down bit by bit, it’s really so simple to make the world a wonderful place for them !!!! 

$12.50 provides for all the animals at Rikki’s for 10 minutes.   $75 cares for ALL THE ANIMALS  for an hour. 

Gee that makes it seem so simple !!!   

I hope you got our printed winter newsletter in the last week or so.  You can read the online version here https://rikkisrefuge.blogspot.com/2019/12/christmas-flyer-2019_23.html   

If you don’t get a printed copy, and would like to, make sure I have your mailing address. 

Keep up with us on facebook.  We’re able to share so many photos and stories there.  You’ll find us in lots of places, start with

Just send me a message and I’ll link you up to the different pages you’re most interested in, Vincent, Black Cats, Alumni, Farm Animals, etc.  You’ll find us here and there on other social media.  With more and more people no longer interested in email, I’ve let that taper off over the years.  If YOU do still want to hear about Rikki’s in email, please let me know.  I keep trying to find a good way to stay in touch with all of you so you know what’s going on at Rikki’s all the time !! 

Meet nine of the most wonderful human beings on this planet.  From left to right: Hannah with Aurora, Tony with Penelope, Clarence with Garfield, Jason with Superman, Joey with Loki, Tina with Camelot, Doug with Wanda, Lauren with Goliath, Shaun with Buzz. Belle and Rapunzel the goats joining the party, and Beauty escaping from the picture !!

Every day and many nights, these are the people taking care of the animals at Rikki's Refuge. If their hands aren't busy working, they're using them to love the animals. So no wonder it just came natural to pick one up when their work was interrupted for this picture !!!  

All they want for Christmas is for YOU to be most generous and kind to the animals of Rikki's Refuge. And NOW thru Christmas Eve, donations for every dollar YOU donate for food, a kind and generous donor will donate a dollar for hay (up to $4,800), so it's a purrfect time to make a donation in honor of one or all of these fabulous human beings !!!!

Rikki’s Refuge multi-species no-kill life-care heaven on earth

You have an idea how much work must go on all day every day to keep Rikki’s Refuge providing loving care for all the animals, large and small.   Yes, there is the routine, 600 pounds of poop to clean up every day, fences to repair, food to deliver, water bowls to scrub, litter boxes to scoop, laundry to do, fields to mow, poop to clean up, medicine to be given, hooves to be trimmed, trucks to be unloaded, poop to clean up, a ton of trash to haul to the dump, dinner to be served, poop to clean up, sick ones to stay up all night with ........ 

Doug came to Rikki’s one cold Feb day 8 years ago looking for a job.  Rikki’s didn’t turn out to be a job for him .... it turned out to be a life.  Doug lives Rikki’s in every sense.  His love and compassion for the animals is evident in every breath he takes.  It’s reflected back to him in the eyes of the animals who follow him around, who cling close, who snuggle, who light up when he’s in sight. 

Doug doesn’t talk about his love for the animals, or shout out about how others should behave, he simply demonstrates what true love and caring are thru his actions, both big and small, every day.  Every concern of every animal is important to him. 

Doug is the Sanctuary Manager and every day makes sure that every single animal is cared for, the hoomans are doing their jobs well and their needs are met and all is well on every front of the refuge.  He’s as quick to help a hooman in need as an animal, well almost !!!  Doug isn’t the kind of person who asks if you need help, he’s the kind of person who sees you need help and just gives it.  You won’t find a kinder more helpful and polite man anywhere. 

You’ve heard those quotes about people who truly care and have compassion for animals:

“Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character ...”

“You can judge a man's true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.”

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

“The moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.”

“You Can Easily Judge the Character of a Man by How He Treats Those Who Can Do Nothing for Him”

Doug is the poster person for quotes like this.  Thank you Doug for coming to Rikki’s Refuge to see what it was all about those 8 long years ago.  You have been a blessing every day since. 

Lauren is Rikki’s Medical Manager.  You’ll find her in the hospital dispensing medication; holding someone who is sick and feeling miserable; crying when someone dies; out in the field trimming hooves; catching, and being bitten, by that feral cat who’s injured an eye and needs drops put in; drawing blood for tests; giving shots; cleaning ears; being bitten, clawed, stomped and butted; up all night with a sick one who needs her; reassuring new and terrified arrivals in quarantine. 

How happy we were when Lauren came to Rikki’s four years ago with a vet tech background, a huge dose of common sense, a strong work ethic, no fear of doing anything with any animal, filled with compassion and a truly deep desire to make life better for the animals.  Thank you, Lauren, for giving the animals the best possible care.

Tina is Lauren’s assistant in the hospital.  Compassion and empathy are the words that describe Tina the best.  When ever possible, Tina, has somebody in her arms, on her lap or on her shoulders.  Tina is really serious about taking her work home with her !!!  The ones who need bladder expression round the clock go home with Tina so she can tend to them 24/7.  So do the diabetics who need to be watched, someone she’s concerned about after surgery, or someone who’s just lonely and frightened after losing their family.  Thank you Tina for the love you give every animal here.

Jason not only sees to the animals at Rikki’s, as Rikki’s Staff Manager he’s in charge of the people.  He recruits new people, explaining that working at an animal sanctuary is WORKING and working hard, it’s not just playing with animals and having fun, it’s hard physical labor, in every kind of weather.  Oh my it’s super hot today, do we still have to clean up the poop?  But it’s -20 out there and sleeting, we still have to be out there all day working?  Snow storm is coming and I might not be able to get in to work tomorrow, so you mean I have to stay here over night?  Yes, yes and yes !!!   No matter what, Jason sees that everyone is doing their job to take care of the animals.  And when they simply don’t?  Well then Jason and Doug double up and make sure everyone is taken care of.
Foggy Foggy Cows

Tony is a very dedicated hard worker who especially loves the dogs.  Always ready to raise his hand and stay till late in the night to unload a truck of supplies, or make sure the animals are all right thru the night during a snow storm.  Tony cuts fallen trees off fences, repairs fences, and does a lot of mowing.  Tony has tried working at a couple other jobs while volunteering at Rikki’s.  But he always comes back to Rikki’s full time.  He just can’t get enough animals anywhere else. 

Clarence volunteered one summer a couple of years ago, putting up miles and miles of fencing.  When a position came open he joined Rikki’s full time.  Clarence is a cat man and you’ll often find him at Feline Fields making sure his best friends have everything they need and are happy.  It’s rare to see him without a cat on his shoulders.  Clarence’s construction skills are amazing and he can repair or build just about anything we need. 

You’re calling THIS dinner?

Shaun is easy going and flexible and happy to work which ever animals need him for the day.  He’s worked at Rikki’s a couple days a week off and on for a few years.  We sure wish he’d turn that into full time !!! 

Joey joined Rikki’s in the spring of this year.  He says it’s the best job ever and an honor to serve the animals. 

Hannah heard about Rikki’s and joined the team at the end of summer.  She loves working in the 9th Life Retirement, Assisted Living and  Psychiatric areas as well as the hospital.  She says this is her dream job and she hopes to be here forever !!!   We hope so too !!


HAY!!  A very generous donor has a challenge for YOU!

He will pay up to $4,800 of our hay bill (which hopefully will get us through the winter months) IF we can raise $4,800 to fill the pantry for the other animals!

In other words, every $1 YOU donate towards food also means $1 towards hay!!

IF we can meet this challenge and fill the pantry, it would cover 2 weeks of food for all of our residents so that we have an emergency stash in case of bad weather and we can't get out!

$3,392 = $8.48 each for 400 cases of canned cat food
$842 = $8.42 each for 100 cases of canned dog food
$599.40 = $9.99 each for 60 sacks of sweet feed
$249.75 = $9.99 each for 25 sacks of cracked corn

Opie meets Stuart at a special event at Re-Tail, Rikki’s store in Fredericksburg.  Watch out calendar for upcoming events!

Thank YOU for being a part of Rikki’s Refuge !!!


Kerry & Opie

THANK YOU for your kind and generous support !!!

Keep up to date with Rikki's Refuge and check often so you never miss a fun event !!!

Let your friends know they can become a Rikki's Family Friend, just like you, share this newsletter with them.  If you'd like to change your subscription options, just "reply" or email mailto:Vincent@RikkisRefuge.org with your request.  Rikki's Refuge is owned and operated by Life Unlimited of Virginia, Inc., an IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Virginia Corporation. Federal Tax-ID 54-1911042. Your support provides direct care for the animals. A financial statement is available upon written request from the Virginia State Office of Consumer Affairs.  Donation drop off every Saturday from noon- 2 pm at 21410 Constitution Hwy, Rapidan VA 22733.  We love canned and dry food !!