Monday, July 03, 2017

Happy 4th of July

     From Opie and Obie
And have we got a day planned for YOU and for all the critters !!!!!

We would like to take YOU on a tour of Rikki's Refuge so you can meet all the wonderful animals who's lives YOU saved and who YOU care for each and every day !!!!!    We'll leave the Life Center at noon on the 4th .....  so HURRY HURRY HURRY ....  get your tickets now .... 

Please email us at and I'll send you out a package by return email.....   I'll need you to read about visits and tours and make sure you're ready for the excitement, walking and animals !!!  You'll need to fill out a few things and send it back ... quick quick ...  I know ... it's so late ....   I told Obie to do it last week and he left it for me ....   geesh ... I guess that's why us Cats always win as the Rulers of Rikki's !!!!   

But anyway ....   if you email me right NOW at  we can work out those tickets for July 4th !!!!!    But I do have to make a deadline of receiving them by midnight tonight, so I can send you info and you send it back to me no later than 10 am on the 4th.  I so sorry I be such a late kitty ....  I do better next time.   We just gotta get your info and then issue tickets so our gate trolls will let you in !!!!!    Cuz we really wanna see YOU !!!!!

THEN at 3 pm we're gonna have a celebration pot luck and fun get together ....  you can come to the tour and then join us or you can just come to the get together if you're not up for walking the tour this time of year.  It is HOT ....  but it is SUMMER !!!!   For Tour time it's going to be about 90 with about 60% humidity and 15% chance of rain ....  so be prepared for the weather ....  and about a two mile hike thru the animal areas.  And the chance of rain increases for gathering time, though we do have indoor space available if the weather gets too wet.

If you want to come to the gathering at 3 pm, let me know asap at and I'll get the info out to you, so you can fill it out, get it back to me, and I can get you tickets so you can get in the gate !!!!!

HURRY if you can make it out tomorrow !!!!!   Reservations must be confirmed and you gotta get your ticket !!!!! 

Ever wonder what the animals do midday on a hot midsummer day ?

What will I be doing?  Oh, just sitting around. Golarus

We'll be laying around in the shade .... letting that silly cat Opie do all the work.  Obie and Goliath

I'll be livin it up in water !!!   Donald

What?  That is a CAT tree?  I don't think so, I think it looks like a fine place for a unicorn to rest on a hot summer day.

DOUBLE your DONATION in MEMORY of YOUR beloved Furbabies ~~ A wonderful donor has given us a $2,000 challenge in memory of her wonderful fur-kids who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Make a donation in memory of your beloved(s) and include their name(s) and your donation of ANY amount will be doubled!

Lazin round chewing my cud ....  that's what us cows do on summer afternoons ...  Freckles

Just sayin ....   thanks for helping us to get sheared .... sure glad all that wool is gone now !!!!   Ahhhh that breeze feels good !!!

I'll be howling for you to come and adopt me!!!  All 18 pounds of me.  And HURRY ... they're trying to make me smaller around here .....   SAVE ME ..... and FEED ME now !!!!    Libby

We'll be cuddlin up with buddies in a cool shady spot. 

Opie and Obie are working together to have a cook out for all the animals of Rikki's Refuge on July 4 .... they have a wonderful day planned for everybody .... but they don't have nuf nums to go round .... you can help PLEAZ ???

You'll find me lounging in my favorite place .....   unless you bring some fresh fruit ... then I just might get up to take it from you !   Gracie

I'll be teaching my friends here that now with their wool gone, they need to rest in the shade in the middle of the day, don't want to get sunburned, us white critters have to worry about that.  Honors

Hmmmm??  Me?  What will I be doing on the 4th?  I'll be on happy pig wallowing in mud up to my ears !!!  Preston

Remember ....  all food you bring for da gathering must be free of animal parts ....  Friends don't eat Friends !

NEW !!!  Come out to see the wonderful colorful new murals that adorn the refuge !!

I'm gonna find a cool place to snuggle in and take a nap.  Baby

You'll find me just hanging around ....   Buzz

Water?  We'll be in the water !!!  Let it rain !!!!   Gertrude and George

Save the date, dear friends! We will be having a Celebration of Life for our beloved Bob Hilliard (aka GGP or Great-Grandpa) at Rikki's Refuge, midday on Saturday, July 15, 2017. for more details and let us know if you'd like to attend !!!

               DON'T YOU THINK !


Don’t forget to SAVE A LIFE TODAY !
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And please come see me soon !!

In the mean time, Keep up with us on Facebook and you'll get the minute to minute details about what's going on at Rikki's Refuge .... you'll be the first to see the new residents .... and the first to know about up coming events !!!

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