Friday, March 02, 2012

Good Morning Good News, March 2, 2012

GOOD MORNING !!!!!    It's a nice sunny day!!!  A bit chilly, but gonna warm up !!!!   I have lots of exciting adventures lined up today. 

Did you VOTE???  I really need your votes.  Every day!!!!  The end of the contest is coming and I’m way behind cuz I’ve been to sick to remind you to vote for me.  So please please every day VOTE and please ask all your friends!!!!  Help me win money to pay some of these bills.  We win $1,000 again in this contest if we can get the votes up.

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I get to drive the great big new van for the first time today!!!!   A nice hooman gave us their old van to make it easier to go to the vet.  Well me, I'm fine driving the pick up truck.  But the pick up truck don't got much inside space and it's hard for several of us, or for big doggies to go riding!!!  So the big van, well I could almost ... almost ... take India or Petunia for a ride. 

Mom’s gonna have to figure out how to secure my car seat in the van, just in case the traffic is too much or I get scared driving such a big thing

Today I have to take Buddy with me to go to the doc.  So Lena will come too.  Oh don't worry, she's feeling good, she just is the dog lady and she'll help with Buddy to hold him if he needs x-rays or stuff.  I be getting acupuncture today.  Help me out please, try to help me from biting the nice doc.  Mom's explained that this is one of those good for you things, so I'm supposed to be nice and not bite.  Grrrrrr  nobody said I can't stick claws in her did they?

Buddy is a real old guy, he's very gentle and nice.  He came to us in the fall when his people died.  He's almost blind and likes to walk around in circles.  He's real nice.  I can curl up on him and sleep and he's real warm.  He's a rottie chow mix and really really nice.   He's got a lump on his belly and mom is worried it's something really bad.  Paws crossed it's just something easy to fix. 

I gotta go see my friend Gordon the pharmacist today, it's time to get another week of my antibiotic shots and that's $200 for a week!!!!  Yikes !!!!!  I think I'm lucky mom loves me enough to buy me what I need.  I'm gonna have to get back to work soon helping to do fundraising.  I took most of February off working on getting well.  So I gotta get back to my work now that I'm feeling better.

Next week I'll get a blood test again.  So please please keep up the prayers that my red count is going up up up.  Last week was 18.  Unless doc thinks I'm looking bad today, I'll just get acupuncture and not blood taken.  Vampires!  But next week ....  I gotta get a number bigger than 18 !!!!!   Please please please !!!!   I wanna be in the 20's at least!!!!

I think I can stop taking doxycycline after Sunday ....  I hope I hope I hope ....  It makes me kind a pukey sometimes.  And the antibiotic shots for my bladder I hope I can stop after they do a bladder test next Friday, they be costing $200 a week - yikes !!!!!     So we save money and I stop getting stuck!  

So keep your paws crossed for me driving a great big van, for me not biting the doc, for Buddy's lump being something ok, and for me having enough money on the credit card to buy my $200 bladder meds!!!!  If you'd like to help me you could add a little to my account here or you can call my doc and help with our bills there, Culpeper Animal Hospital 540-829-9085 !! 

Thank you and I love you and I hope you're having a wonderful wonderful day!!!  I love you, very very much !!!!    Vincent