Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!! September 21, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!!

Only 90 voting days left !!!! Remember you can, and need to, vote
every day and the rules allow you to vote once on each computer, at
home, at work, at the internet cafe, at the library, at school, on your
notebook and on your phone. Teach everybody at school and at work how
to vote too!!! This is really important!!! If you help me win world
wide I'm gonna throw the best

TO vote go to my web site www.RikkisRefuge.org and click on the $100,000
then enter "RIKKIS REFUGE" in "ORANGE" in "VA" in the "USA" then click
on "search", then "vote" then for verification, identify your animal of
the day and click "confirm vote". That's it. Vote every day to help us
win our share of that $100,000 !!! AND if you'd like, you can set it
up so The Animal Rescue Site sends you a daily reminder to vote!!!

I don't get it. Mom says she's having a bad hare day but she seems mad
at us pussy cats not at the rabbits.
She made a cup of coffee to have while she fixed breakfast for us.
Angus like to help fix breakfast too. Today he decided to try her
coffee. He liked it so she was letting him drink some. It was actually
warm soy milk with coffee and vanilla in it. Angus said yum and was
slurping away. He had his head down in the cup when Louie (remember
Louie from a few months back who was so horribly sick with a blocked
bladder?) smacked Angus on the head so he could see what Angus was
pigging out on. Angus jerked his head up and the coffee went spilling
all over. Really all over. Mom cleaned it up and said, well Angus, you
can explain to everybody why their breakfast is going to be late, cuz
I'm not starting till I go get another cup of coffee.

She only had one cup of soy milk left and she made coffee. She could of
just licked tuna juice if she'd gone ahead and made our breakfast, but
no, the hooman had to have coffee. She came back and surveyed the room
and put the coffee up on a high shelf so Angus wouldn't get it.

She started doing what hoomans are made to do - using her opposable
thumbs to crank that can opener and get breakfast ready. Angus was
wired from the coffee he'd drunk. Doesn't do that good for mom. I've
never seen her leap about and climb the shelves. Yup, that's what Angus
did, climb up the shelves right to where the coffee was and jump with
one foot right in the cup.

Uh Oh this is when mommey started to get mad. Then poor Bobbin howled
and - soaked in coffee and dripping - started running and jumping on top
of the fridge and all over the room. Luckily the coffee was only warm
so Bobbin didn't get hurt. But he did get scared. Terrified in fact.
Mommey caught him and had to give him a bath. Bobbin doesn't like
baths. Mommey was bandaging her arm when she heard somebody really
howling a distress meow.

Grannie was out in the Day Room and apparently couldn't get in thru the
wind tunnel and had her hands up on top of it and was really screaming.
It was dark out and mommey is a hooman so she can't see good in the
dark but it sure looked like Grannie was in serious distress, maybe had
her hands stuck in something.

Mommey started to run out to get her and noticed BJ wasn't around. BJ
wasn't feeling good last night, he had the runs, but no other symptoms.
Mommey is always worried about him cuz he was born with problems. So
then mom looks around frantically and thinks, oh no BJ is really sick
and stuck in the wind tunnel (that's this maze thing that goes from the
kitty doors in the 9th Live Center out to the Day Rooms to keep the wind
from blowing in) and she looks, but can't see him - or anything - from

So mommey runs out to save Grannie. Turns out Grannie was fine but
wouldn't go thru the wind tunnel for some reason. So mom carried her
in. She has no teeth and has to eat canned for breakfast so she had to
be in. Well Grannie freaked out and scratched mom up. She got away and
went back to screaming at the wind tunnel. Mom grabbed her again and
held on tight. Usually Grannie is really nice and would never scratch
and knows hoe to go in and out to the Day Room. I don't know why she
was upset this morning.


As mom tried to open the door to get out the Day Room - hoomans have to
use the back door cuz they can't fit in our wind tunnel or thru the
kitty door - Baby Siam (a big red point biter) got out into the
ante-pen. Mom couldn't catch him while she was holding screaming
wiggling scratching Grannie, so she left him there - it's safe, it's the
airlock from the Day Room to the outside world. Just about the time
mommey walked past a bunch of sleeping dogs - and she was trying to let
them sleep - Tippy woke up and let out a woof that started all the dogs
going woof woof woof.

This really scared Grannie and that's when she clawed up mommey's chest
and neck. Struggling to get the door open to the 9th Life Center and
hang on to Grannie gave Anibus a great out - and he bolted out. He's
not allowed out. He needs treatment 2x a day so mommey makes him stay
in the 9th Life Center so he's sure to be there to get them. Once
Grannie was safely inside, mommey went out to look for Anibus. It's
really too bad she's just a hooman cuz she was making all kinds of
noises about finding black cats in the pitch dark. The flash light was
barely working cuz she forgot to plug it in last night. She's forever
forgetting this and not remembering to do that. I should trade her in
at the pound and get a fresher younger model.

Finally she got Anibus and brought him in. Then mommey washed up her
scratches from Grannie. She's very careless about herself and is
always running around with scratch and bite wounds. Next she had to
seek for BJ. She was so scared and worried about him. He's always in
the 9th Life Center in dark and always meowing for breakfast first thing
in the morning and he was no where to be seen. She searched to center
and then figured he must be out in the Day Room. She went out, made a
mental note to collect Baby Siam back out of the ante-pen before anybody
got in for work, and began to search. We have lots of cubbies and
little houses to hang out in. So she was going look here, look there,
BJ BJ where are you?

Finally she looked in one house and there he was. Just sitting there.
The only cat out in the Day Room. It was really cold this morning -
in the 40's. He felt cold and she was worried maybe his body temp was
low. She brought him inside and he didn't try to climb up on her
shoulder or purr. She set him up in a cage. His body temp is normal
and he ate a jar of warmed up baby food. He's got to stay in the
hospital cage for observation today.

So mommey finally got back in the kitchen and back to fixing breakfast.
Angus and Louie had knocked over all the cans mommey had already
opened and everybody in the safe zone was chowing down. That's when
mommey slipped in a puddle of coffee and remembered that mess she had to
clean up. She said something stoopid about wishing the fall had knocked
her out so she could get some more sleep even if it was in a puddle of
coffee and cat food. We all began to howl even louder in protest about
having to wait even longer for breakfast.

She said cuz it was cats who made this mess we could just sign for our
breakfast for as long as it took her to clean it up. She can be a very
inconsiderate at time. Very rude, don't you think?

The Good News is that finally, finally after like three rolls of paper
towels, she got back to her original job of getting breakfast on the
platters and handed out. Yum Yum Yum it was so good to finally get to
eat. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rikkis_refuge/4902394366/

So I've been trying to get this out to you all for hours now. Several
hours. Nothing is working right on this puter. I hope I just fixed
mommey's puter. It started running really slow. I mean so slow. I found
this thing called PremierOpinions running and eating up all the
resources. It was in the start up stuff and I'd never seen it before. I
looked it up on google and it looks like it's a bad thing, spyware.
Sometimes it's called pmropn.exe, pmropn64.exe and pmservice.exe too.
I've uninstalled it and hope it stays that way. So if youz running slow

Another puter warning - lots of email going out, sometimes look like
they come from friends and there's nothing but a link, watch out, they
are bad things. Not really from your friends, they just got that
address. And I'm seeing another one today trying to trick me, but this
is one smart kitty. It's an email from somebody who says something
like, see the attached invoice, I'm forwarding the info, your report is
here and then there's a link or an attachment - bad, bad, bad.

You stay safe and have good puter driving!!!

So I saw the doc yesterday. Boo. The swelling in my ears is down and now
they can see the polyp that's making me snot. I don't get it, ones my
ear the others my nose but that's what the hoomans said. It's too deep
and too small for surgery now so I'll be getting - oh joy for joy - meds
to manage it for now. Hope they make it go away. In the mean time,
forgive me please if I sneeze! Like isn't this great, sometimes I poop
on my friends by accident and now I might snot on them too. Will you
still love me?

I'm looking deep into my crystal ball

and I'm seeing some hoomans getting bit if I have to keep taking meds!

Hey Walker! I have a really good idea for you while we're at the
Vegetarian Festival in Charlottesville on Saturday

Can you learn to do this?

This lovely Painting of Zach is up for auction. Winky's mom really wants
it and we're tag team bidding for "Team Shannon", if you'd like to add
to the bidding so Winky and her mom win that'd be awesome!!!! Or if you
want to outbid us and have this wonderful painting for yourself! 35% of
your bid will benefit Rikki's Refuge too!!

Gilda Cellini: One of my cerebellar Hypoplasia kittens was adopted
today. Drexel, the gray and white kitty, is on a trial visit to see how
he does. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for him. Darby and Devon,
the two black/whites still need homes.

Yippee it's so wonderful to hear of special needs kitties and doggies
getting homes!!! It's so wonderful to think that we're becoming
socially acceptable!!!!

It's getting time to raise funds for the Pana Guatemala Speuter Clinic
that Dr Vargas will head up in December. She's asking for volunteers to
help with a Dog Wash and Car Wash on Sunday at her office in Culpeper.
If you can help, please call her 540-829-9085 and let them know.

Remember to be somebody's HERO today. Any act of kindness, no matter
how small, is very special.

Thank you my best friends, thank you!!!
Love, Vincent

PS If you don't want your Daily Good New, just let me know! A couple of
you have said you only want Hairballs with out the Good News!! That's
ok! Just tell me. I'm here to make you happy, just tell me how! If
Good New don't make you happy - I could always start Bad News, but, as
you hoomans say, why reinvent the wheel - that's what you've got tv and
newspapers for !!!!!

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