Thursday, June 09, 2011

Rikki's Refuge Vegan Meetup Day!

UPDATE June 9, 2011

I’m sorry everyone in the Meetup Group.  I've never used this kind of sign up / format.  I feel like a moron for not knowing how to contact any one in this group except Doug. 

I posted a comment but the length of comments is very limited.  So I’m doing it here on my blog for that reason.

I’m used to working on group activities thru RSVP and collective emailing to make the plans.

I don't know how to pull off a day of events without firm planning.  I needed RSVP’s by June 6th to line up any projects, tour guides, volunteers etc to be able to offer you a day of fun.  I haven’t seemed to be able to get that level of planning going between us.

This is the problem I’m having with the scheduling, that I'm not sure how to work out, maybe some of you can help me since you have experience with these kind of events.  I'm used to doing events with very rigid timelines / activities.

We can't have people unaccompanied on the property for both their safety and the safety of the animals.  This is why we keep in groups, unless there are several volunteers running several groups.

For each different event I was proposing there needs to be planning and lining up the right volunteer and it needs to be done group wise.

To date I don't have any volunteers available since I haven't had any head counts for specific times and specific number of people, etc.

That was my reasoning for needing it all figured out by June 6th and why I proposed some different ideas.

For example working on the boundary markings requires not only guides very familiar with the survey lines, but also once a group goes out to the woods, finding them to add another member would be a problem - we're scattered on almost 400 acres.  

There may be some way to do a day where people arrive at different times and are doing different things, but I've never set up something like that.  Jan does run open houses that usually require 30-50 volunteers around the property to interact with the visitors.   Yet I don’t have that kind of volunteer support line up for this Saturday.

I'm not sure I can put together anything that does not have specific arrival times, scheduling, etc.

Unless we can somehow really get everyone arriving together and get settled on what activities we're doing - and then I can see if I can line up the volunteer support - I think we should reschedule.

I'm so sorry but I'm lacking the volunteer power to have it open arrival or even to have some one sitting at the gate waiting for arrivals so they can let them in.   The gate is ½ a mile from the complex and we can’t hear anyone up there.

I guess this is more complicated that I'd thought, I'm sorry.

If any of you want to try and do this Saturday please be in touch via email so we can work out details - otherwise maybe it’d be best to cancel.


Saturday, June 11, 2011
10:00 AM
Selected By: Doug Gellman
Who's hosting? Doug Gellman
How to find us:
Hi Everyone!
This is an all day event and a Farm Animal Sanctuary, but you can come for only part of the day or evening if that is all the time you have available.

Here's all the pertinent details from Kerry Hilliard of the sanctuary:
More info about Rikki's
Put 6/11 on YOUR calendar. It's a special Vegan Meetup Day!
Schedule for the Day
  • Farm Animal Day of Service - from 10 am throughout the day , volunteer to help the farm animals, pigs, chickens, cows, goats and sheep. To early to know for sure what the chores of the day will be (if we knew well in advance how many and there were several skilled folks raising a new barn would be a possibility) building / improving / repairing Bovine Boulevard, Chicken City, Piggy Paradise or another animal neighborhood, hoof trimming, feeding, muck out, painting (any artists who'd like to sketch and paint a mural? Chicken City, Horsey Haven and Rabbit Rotunda have giant blank canvases), planting trees (possible if we have confirmed head count and fences can be built around them to protect them too), washing up and so much more.
  • 1 pm, special Nature Hike just for your group thru the woods and wetlands of our 297 acres of preserved land.
  • 3 pm, special tour of all the animal Neighborhoods of Rikki's Refuge just for your group.
  • Approaching evening, vegan bar-b-que and potluck. We'll have a grill available and a bonfire to light. Please make sure you RSVP by 6/6, so that we have an approximate head-count and we'll have vegan patties, buns and condiments available and our special Chef Ron, Director of Serving Cats (oh no, not at the bar-b-que!! That's not what I mean. Ron's our man in charge of Feline Fields and our cook out Chef) Bring your favorite vegan dishes to share and veggies to grill.
  • Dark - we'll light the bonfire. Bring vegan marshmallows if you like!
  • After Dark and Moon Rise - we'll take a Full Moon Walk and see the critters of the night. Listen to the emus boom, the geese honk, the roosters crow, the dogs howl and the wildlife call.
Other items:
  • Depending on the collective braveness of the group the walk could be around the Animal Neighborhoods or off into the woods.
  • Bring small flashlights and learn how to spot eye shine. Have YOU ever seen a spider's eyes glowing bright blue in the dark night?
  • Camp out - those who wish to pitch a tent or sleep under the stars for the night are welcome to stay.
  • Make a weekend of it - if you wish to stay over and volunteer on Sunday or hike (unescorted) in the woods, we'd love your company.
  • VEGAN - means no milk or egg products or derivatives. Those of you used to any vegetarian events, please check all labeling carefully and ask me if you have any questions. This day will be strictly vegan.

Thank you, and look forward to seeing all of you!