Sunday, December 27, 2015



Good Morning Friends !!!!! I think the silliest hooman thing I ever done heard of is giving all your moneys to this Uncle Sam guy ..... What's he do wif it? He feed da aminnals? He spay and neuter? He teaches hoomans to be kind and nice and good to aminals? I don't know much bout him, never met da dude .... but I heard he he just takes da money and takes da money. If you had da choice, wouldn't you rather give dat money to Uncle Vincent?

We all know what Uncle Vincent stands for ... love, happiness, compassion, helping aminals, ALL aminals ... not just one kind ... but so many aminals of so many kinds .... and he gibs home to 1300 aminals every day ... and helps others too .... and he speuters and TNRs and helps people to keep their aminals and teaches hoomans to be nice and kind and good to aminals and good to each other ....

I know Uncle Vincent .... he's my adoptive daddy .... and he was so kind to me when I was a scared little kitty learning how to make as a differently-abled little guy .... he teaches the whole big world to love and to be kind and to be good to the differently-abled ... not just like me and him .... but no matter what kind of earth being you are, no how big or how small, if you walk on two or four or three, if you can see or not .... just no matter what ... be good, be kind, be gentle to every single living being .... and to our planet too ....

We gotz sponsor who say ALL da money should goes to Uncle Vincent and not dat Uncle Sam .... he know that can't quite happen, cuz Uncle Sam will seek you out and get as much of your money as he can .... BUT our sponsor say there's ways ... and they be legal too ... to give Uncle Sam less than what he wants .... he's gonna make you spend it .... but my sponsor says spend it wisely .... help the animals !!!!

Cuz every penny you donate to Rikki's Refuge and to other 501c3 tax exempt rescues .... is a penny that Uncle Sam dude don't get .... It can make a big difference my sponsor say .... he looked at all his paper work and counting stuff .... and he needs to give more away this year to lower what Uncle Sam calls his tax bracket ... my sponsor say if you play the numbers .... you can really be a WINNER .... Making donations to tax deductible organizations like Rikki's Refuge and dramatically lower your tax bill !!! YES ...... that sounds like WIN WIN to me !!!

And that means YOU can see your tax bill go DOWN ..... and the animal happiness level go UP ....  nice animals given food, medical care, a home, and happiness .... Well what are you waiting for ? Make your tax deductible, tax saving DONATION today ..... and my sponsor is gonna HELP you .... he needs to save so much on taxes ... he'll DOUBLE what ever your DONATE from right this second .... until the last minute of 2015 !!!!

Pretty nice deal for all of us, huh?
So hurry and get in your last minute 2015 Tax Deductible Donation.

Or if you RUN RUN RUN to the Post Office TODAY you can mail it to
Rikki's Refuge
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960

Don't matter HOW you do it ....
just DO it .....
Make YOUR year end on a HAPPY HAPPY note !!!!
Every single penny ADDS up ....
let's see how much we can get our sponsor to give !!!
Donate a $1 now, or $5, or $10 if you can.
It will turn into $2 or $10 or $20 ....
Donate $50 and it turns into to $100 ...
Donate $250 and it's suddenly $500 ....
YEAH !!!!
and it don't stop there ....
donate sixty two gazillen and .... mmmmm ....
I'll need my sponsor to help figure that one out .....

But I don't need no help figuring out how much I LOVE YOU !!!!

I set the bait .... and I tried staying up for Santa ... I really was gonna catch him this year ....

And I waited and waited ....   and it got so late ... and I got so tired .... and
But when I woke up in the morning !!!!

It all worked out just right !!!!!

Thank YOU Santa and all my Santa elves who helped to make it a wonderful Christmas at Rikki’s.

Izzy loved out tree and kept guarding it and saying it was HERS

Kiki got a really nice lookin pressie

And she thought the muddy weather was a nice pressie too
Silly dawggie .....    she’d rather have had snow ... but not me ... no snow for me !!! 

Kiki loves to play in the snow ...  and she loves to play in the mud and run and jump in puddles and roll .... how disgusting ....  that’s what dawggies do ....

And she loves pressies of bread most of all ...  she’ll get some and haul it around with her all day ... and you better not dare try to touch her bread !!!!

Just like I think boxes and bags are the bestest pressies of all ... well except for Fancy Feast ...  Kiki thinks a bag of bread is the bestest of all !!!

Look who got REAL lucky for Christmas !!!!!

Claudia has been waiting at our Adoption Center at Re-Tail for over a year ..... waiting for a real home of her very own ..... TODAY her adoption contract is signed !!!! Congratulations Claudia ... you got a wonderful home with Mama Melissa... I think you've been waiting for that all this time ... and that's why nobody else snapped you up.

This is this best Christmas Present EVER for kitties everywhere .... your local shelter is probably closed to day .... but why not make this week the time to adopt someone .... your purrfect new friend is waiting behind bars and begging to go home with you !!!

Make somebody else's Christmas REALLY bright !!!! Even if it is a few days late ....

I you can’t adopt ...  then help us help animals find new homes ...

We had a lovely Christmas Day at Rikki’s
There’s been so much rain and things are so muddy and they were calling for rain on Christmas ....  do we cancel the tour ... or does the show go on !!!!   We decided to give it a shot and if it was too rainy let everyone decide for themselves.  Some people look so forward to Christmas Day Tours that they reserved months in advance and would be so disappointed if cancelled.

Others have just heard about Rikki’s, like Heather and Jennifer who learned about us at a benefit in Scottsville just last week and got all excited to see what it’s really all about !!!

One couple had wanted to come every Christmas for four years.  But she had to work the last three Christmas Days ....  and was she ever happy when she managed to get off this year and come on a tour. 

Jim has been following Rikki’s Refuge for several years from Seattle ....  He learned about us on the animal rescue site ....  and loves that we have so many different kinds of animals ... we don’t just help cats or dogs or horse ....  we help everybody we can ... we’ve had dozens of species of animals living here long term ... and even more that we’ve helped to find homes for ....

He saved up his money and came to visit his daughter and grandsons in Hampton, Virginia ....  on the promise that she bring him to Rikki’s Christmas Day Tour ...   so the family got up at 6:30 on Christmas morning so they could let the kids open pressies ... then they loaded into the car for the three hour drive to Rikki’s ....  and they LOVED it ....   you’ll see one of the boys feeding an emu later on the trip ....   tell me this wasn’t the best Christmas experience this young man will ever have !!!

Ken, Robyn, Melissa and Jan led a wonderful tour .... 

Melissa took the photos .... and here’s what she had to say ...

I had a WONDERFUL day at Rikki's!! I came home COVERED in muddy paw prints. It's a wonderful way to spend Christmas! And lots of other people enjoyed it, too!!

Santa even came! He posed with Mickey, first.

The cows are saying "hurry up! Bring us nums! We know you have them...we see the bags!" And their wishes were granted.

There’s something about cows --- everybody loves cows --- they’re always surprised how big they are ... how friendly they are .... how they act just like doggies wanting a treat and they want to lick your face !!!  But watch out ... that huge tongue is very slobbery and a little lick can about knock you off your feet you tiny little hooman you !!!


and Beauty

(... who says she’s a little leery ... her job is to keep the animals safe and chase off people and animals she doesn’t know .... but Santa said these folks are good .....) said that this weather is for the birds....they want snow!

And the ducks loved the rainy weather!

Bubba and his goose friend,

as well as Petey (the little gray goat)

were happy to get some attention, too!

And look at Betty with her new friend!

Betty was named Bitey when she arrived at Rikki's, because she bit an animal control officer. She was freaked out at the shelter and wanted out of there. Luckily, she was able to come to Rikki's. Otherwise, she would have been killed.

Her new friend was glad that she came to Rikki's!!  And I think he was glad that a trip to Rikki’s was the highlight of his Christmas too !

Oh, my! Who's that?

A duck that has hair just like Donald Trump!!! lol.

The pigs LOVE the mud!

They wish the weather was like this all of the time! Patrick and Preston were bobbing for apples! Petunia was happy with the apples and potatoes,

and the emus were thrilled with the broccoli!

This little boy says "I'm not used to doing this" ...

well not many folks are unless they visit Rikki's frequently. This really shows the force that the emus peck and pull on that broccoli ...... and exactly why you cannot wear shiny, dangley or sparkly jewelry in Emu Estates .... just imagine what would happen if they grabbed your earrings, nose ring or eyebrow studs with this force .... It'd certainly end up in a bloody mess leaving you looking like a scarred up tom cat .... even necklaces are a hazard ... though you'd probably only get a good jerk or maybe abrasions ... it's doubtful the yank would be quite enough to sever the neck .... but why test it out ?

Then, the rain came down a bit too hard to safely have my camera out for doggy downs
Hey YOU ...  touch one of my bills and you can make it double ....   pleaz ...   

and the cat runs.

But, back at the Life Center, Wally lounges on Robyn Schnellenberger's lap,

while Sylvestra gives herself a bath on a friend's lap.

Well, that was my Christmas. How was yours??   Melissa !!

If YOU were one of the lucky ones who visited Christmas Day ... send me YOUR story and pictures !!!

Santa was back at our Thrift Shop (if you haven’t been by, stop in now for fabulous buys and savings, Re-Tail, 3503 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA) this year taking photos with friends !!!!   Some were hooman .... and the others were an array of species !!!

Just like Rikki’s, our Santa doesn’t discriminate .... no matter what your species ....  Santa wants YOU to mark your 2016 calendar NOW to get your photo with him next year !!!

Not all cats appreciate getting out to go visiting

But the doggies really do !

This duck gets a story read by Santa every year !

This was the littlest guy who came to Re-Tail for photos !!

Don’t YOU forget ... visit the store in the mean time ....  and be there for photos next Christmas ...


Help us fill the pantry to overflowing, stock up on necessities, and make it easier for us all to get thru the winter when the feed bills are so much higher !!!

If you share a $10 between NOW and the last minute of 2015 ....   our generous sponsor will do this

Let’s keep him dropping those notes in !!!


Thank you for being there for us !!  YOUR tax deductible end of year donations will ensure our happiness into 2016 !!!

Don’t forget to SAVE A LIFE TODAY  
Rikki’s Refuge
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Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christms


Click and play the music in the background, while singing along with us ..........

On the Twenty-Eighth Day of Christmas
Look What Came to Rikki’s,

Twenty Eight 
Ferocious Fanging Ferals,

Twenty Seven 
Versatile Volunteers,

Twenty Six 
Dogs a Drooling,

Twenty Five 
Delightful Donors,

Twenty Four 
Plump Pigs a Plundering,

Twenty Three 
Goats a Butting,

Twenty Two 
Sheep in Need of Sheering,

Twenty One 
Chickens a Cackling,

Puppies a Pooping,

Rebellious Roosters,

Litter Challenged Kitties,

Emus Escaping,

Dangerous Ducklings,

Peaceful Pigeons,

Peacocks Plotting,

Humans Helping,

Temperamental Turkeys

Pouting Pussies,

Crotchety Creaking Canines,

Grumpy Geese,

Kicking Kittens,

Guinea Fowl Freeloading,

Lizards a Lazing,

Guinea Pigs a Gnawing,

Elderly Equines,

Burly Bossy Bovines,

Rabbits a Mating,

and a Chukar in a Cherry Tree.

that makes OUR Christmas BRIGHT


All of us LOVE all of YOU very very much !!!!
May your day be beautiful and joyous !!!


Thank you for being there for us !!  YOU have made not only our Christmas but our very lives possible thru your kind and generous donations !!!! 

Don’t forget to SAVE A LIFE TODAY  
Rikki’s Refuge
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960