Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good Morning Good News !!!! March 20, 2011

I’m India D. Cow and here to make you happy!  You are HEROES!  You work hard every day and you deserve to smile every day!  Those of you working to save us animals hear so very many very sad things.  And there’s lots of very glad things too and that’s what we talk about here!  All pawsitive all the time!  I want my friends to be happy and smile and know there’s a lot of good - including YOU - in this world!!  Be kind and pass it on!  Please send me your Good New and Fun Stuff to share, personal or global. Let’s keep it fun and interactive!!  After all, if we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane!

Great Big Red Alert!!!!
HI, I’m India, and I’m the biggest critter at Rikki’s Refuge, so I think I deserve my say.  It’s not just cats and dogs around here.  They seem to get all the press.  But what about us cows and goats and horses and sheep and pigs?  We have rights too. 

That little black and white cat friend of yours seems to be slipping on the job. 

Did you know we are only three hairs ahead of that doggie only rescue trying to tromp us?

Well, that’s a total outrage!  More species, more animals, more wonderful voters !!!  You’re not gonna let them get ahead are you??  Last contest you pulled us so far ached we had nothing to worry about.  This time, we’re flapping in the wind.  What’s going on? 

And we only have till midnight Pacific Standard Time.  That’s 3 am tonight, well actually tomorrow morning.  SO YOU GOTTA VOTE, INDIA !!!!   Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA

It is SO easy, SO simple, SO quick, even I voted this morning and I’m a cow !!!  You can do it.  We need your vote.  We need all your friends to vote.  Call everybody you know with a ‘puter and walk them thru the steps.  VOTE.

Get us far enough ahead today that Mom won’t be compelled to stay up all night begging friends all over the world to vote - PLEASE - she’s a grouch when she has to stay up all night and then I don’t get my apple in the morning.  So this is really important.

And just to seal matters and make sure we’re gonna win - well - I had to take drastic steps.  Don’t worry, I haven’t stepped on HIM ... yet!  I’m holding Vincent hostage, until I’m clearly the winners of the Shelter Contest.  Hush up little kitty, you can live on hay like the rest of us out here!!

Want to see Vincent eat Fancy Feast again?  Well get your votes in!!!  Want to even see that wrascly little varmint again?  Well get your votes in!!! 

Us cows is usually mellow grass chompers, but when we get annoyed we get FIERCE !!!!  Trust me, don’t test me!!!

Vote now, win this contest, and you’ll see your beloved little black and white pal back tomorrow.

OR .... well mom says this has to be friendly and upbeat so I guess I can’t say ....   Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA

Round the Refuge
Mooooo tooooo youuuuuuu.  We need volunteer help Tuesday afternoon.  Mid afternoon.  Mike is driving up to Pennsylvania for a huge load of cat and dog food.  Worthless stuff.  You’d think he could get corn and oats and hay.  But no, it’s cat and dog food.  Ick.   That little black and white cat friend of yours promised Mike he’d get volunteers out to help unload all the nums.  If that cat hasn’t won his freedom it’ll be up to me to fill his obligations.

So please put Tuesday afternoon on your schedule.

Come out RIGHT NOW to help with Rabbit Rotunda II.  Hey, why aren’t we building Bovine Boulevard II?  What is it with all these little animals.  And next SATURDAY more work on Rabbit Rotunda II.

Tour today at Noon!  Bring lots of apples and carrots and celery, I just love celery!!!  Alfalfa cubes, yuuummmmm.

Lots of wonderful volunteers were helping out yesterday.  So much getting done!!  Spring cleaning in Rabbit Rotunda, Cat House #1 extension.  Thank you Beth for the donation of the cages for the new quarantine building!!!   That’s really taking so much longer than planned.  It’ll be so nice when it’s finished and it’ll make more space in the 9th Life Center.  Not that I’m allowed thru the door to the 9th Life Center - not that I’d fit thru .....

Thank you Ron for the truck full of lumber for Cat House Number 1.  Thank you Dave for the great big huge truck full of lumber for Rabbit Rotunda II.  Where’s the lumber for the new cow barn and spa?

The full moon was lovely last night.  Them hoomans were touring about watching the critters and they didn’t even need flash lights.  WE cows NEVER need flash lights to get about at night. 

As lovely as the moon was last night, there was a sadness too.  Mountain, my favorite howler, crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  I could hear him howling his beautiful blue tic howl all the way up at Bovine Boulevard every night, maybe it was the moon, the deer out and about, a cat walked by, or he saw a star.  Mountain loved to howl. 

The Mount Everest of Hound Dogs
by Cindy Wright
On March 19th, the handsomely rotund and perpetually optimistic blue tick coon hound from Dog Run #6 passed over to the Rainbow Bridge under the big full moon at Rikki's Refuge. He was about four years old and had been suffering from bone cancer. Mr. Mountain never met a human he didn't love (to beg a treat from) or a cat he didn't want to chase. One of his favorite ways to charm extra treats from people was the "sit down and shake your hand" trick -- a feat he could accomplish with either his left paw or his right paw. The sweet boy was an ambidextrous hound. And he was a skilled escape artist -- working in conjunction with is partner in crime Ms. Summer, he could sneak out of any gate on the farm. His next door neighbor Mr. Navigator often said "his nose just knows how to defeat a gate latch!" He spent most of his adult life in the Doggy Downs neighborhood of Rikki's Refuge, where he and Summer liked to spend their days eating treats, receiving head pats and ear scratches, and melodically baying at, well, almost anything that struck their fancy. Mr. Mountain was abundantly affectionate to everyone he ever met, and his dark yellow eyes always shined with love and gratitude. With a heart the size of a mountain, he was one unique blue tick hound that remained true to his name until the very end. 

VOTE TODAY   Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA
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Every Species at Rikki’s Refuge
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Bissell MVP Contest
Vote daily Wednesday March 16 thru Tuesday March 22nd for Sugar
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Your daily vote could win up to $10,000 for Purr Angels
Click here to Vote for Sugar
Sugar is a therapy cat for my 12 y/o Asperger's Syndrome son. He teaches my boy it's ok to have emotions and taught him about body language. He is 4.5 yrs. old and neutered. His organization is PURR ANGELS.

Guess what?  Duke starts running on Wednesday!!!!

My Favorite Quote, Today
Life is better when you were happy.
But life is at its best when other people are happy because of you.
Be inspired and share your smile with everyone.

You will be happier if you VOTE today!!!   Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA

Vincent, do you have anything to add?

“Yes, everybody, HELP, you’ve got to vote, you’ve got to win this one for me, India is holding me hostage at Bovine Boulevard and making me eat, ukkk, hay!!!  HELP, vote and prove you love me and India will let me go unharmed.  Gosh have you ever seen how big her feet are???  It’s scary in here!  HELP, I need YOUR VOTE RIGHT NOW!  Thank you, I love you, I hope to see you again soon.  Vincent”   Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA

The Cats of Cod
Artwork by Wayne H. Morris of New York
photography and art
visit to see more of his spectacular work

Wayne loves to study an animal and capture their essence which he then turns into a whimsical work of art depicting them at work or play.  Your pet’s whimsical custom portrait available for only $300 (donated to Rikki’s Refuge). Contact me and I’ll put you in touch  Prints available, 8” x 10”, on heavy stock, suitable for framing, $25 each, resolution may vary so you may want to ask first.  Specify which print you want and shipping address.

Hilary Dressed to the Hilt for Winter

Tails of Trivia

A scallop has 35 eyes and they are all blue. Their eyes can't see shapes, but can detect light and motion.

Greyhounds have the best eyesight of any breed of dog.

Goats do not have upper front teeth.

Beavers have orange teeth!

On this Day
Did you know that today is, March 20th is the Great American Meat Out Day?  Do you know what that means?  It’s a day when we ask you - no we beg you - don’t eat any of us today.  I’m a cow.  I say Moo.  I like to eat grass.  I like to lay in the sun.  I like lots of the things you do, like to be happy, to feel loved and cared about, to have my life free to be me ... not to be MEAT ....    I wouldn’t eat you.  Please don’t eat me.  We’ve never tried to bring violence on you, please stop this violence on us, because if it goes on sooner or later ......

The 24th Species
Rikki’s Refuge’s Human Habitat
Rikki’s brings cooperative marketing to local businesses

Upcoming Events
SUNDAYS            TOUR THE REFUGE - NOON, mini tour, take a walk around and see the animal neighborhoods.  Every week on Sunday you can join a mini tour where you can walk around from animal neighborhood to neighborhood, from Piggy Paradise to Horsey Haven and see the animals.   One tour only, starts at noon.  Please be prompt.

March 20, 2011              SUNDAY            RAISING THE ROOF AT RABBIT ROTUNDA II  8 am till 4 pm, strong individuals willing to listen, learn and take direction, need 8 people

March 20, 2011              SUNDAY          JOIN THE PEACOCKS - Celebrate the Vernal Equinox, and watch as Mr Peacock's fancy turns to…Mrs Peacock, hens, roosters, dogs, sheep, lawn mowers. Watch him fan his magnificent tail feathers and shake them at any potential mate. 

Because I Love YOU
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