Monday, April 28, 2014

Good Morning Good News !!!! April 28, 2014

A Special Day

I know lots of you know that April 30th is my dad, Vincent D. Cat’s, birthday.  It’s also the day he crossed the Rainbow Bridge two years ago.  But did you know it’s my Grandma, Kerry’s, birthday too?  Maybe that’s why she and Vincent had such a special bond ....  they shared their birthday.  Though Grandma had been on the planet about a hundred and elebenty years before Vincent was born. 

They, Dad and Grandma, had the same dreams ....  the same beliefs ....  and the same worries ....  

They both dreamed of a world where everyone was nice and everybody loved everybody and all were kind to each other no matter what.  No matter what species they were, no matter if they were differently-abled, no matter anything and everything.  A world where us aminals were treated kindly and with respect.  And a world where hoomans got along with each other and worked together to make the planet nicer for all of us who share it. 

They believed in doing nice things, in helping each other out, in lifting a paw to be kind.  They believed if everyone would just lend a paw instead of point a finger ..... the world would become a kinder more loving place.  And that helping would snowball.  Every time somebody helped somebody .... somebody else would help somebody else ...  and it would be come contagious.  There’d be no bad talkin and nobody hurting nobody ... cuz everybody would be helping everybody !!!

And they worried about having all the resources they need every single day to take care of all us aminals at Rikki’s Refuge.  They worried about that a lot.  Even though, with all their hard work, they’d worked out a system so it only cost $1 a day per animal ....  they still have to worry about where that $1,300 is coming from every day.  With 1300 hungry animals every morning, they have to worry where all those meals were coming from.  With so many individuals at our sanctuary having special needs, they have to worry about giving them all the care they need, every day.

And so for April 30, with so many memories, happy and sad, I’d really like to walk in my Dad’s footsteps and be a great big huge help to my Grandma as she takes care of all the animals.  I’d like to reach out like my Dad always did and try to make the world a kinder, happier and more helping place.

Would you pick one of these things to do, to help me make it a great day?

Give some extra love and kindness to someone.  Extend kindness to someone differently-abled, to a different species.  Help make peace some where, some how ....  Smile to add kindness and love to your world.  Be nice to everybody you meet.  Be the first domino in a chain of kindness, do a random act of kindness and say a little prayer that it will continue thru the next person and to the next and just keep on going ....  on and on and on .... forever !!!

Or lend a paw where it’s really needed.  Do some volunteer work.  No matter what you like, us aminals, hooman kids, babies, great great grand folks, the environment .... there’s something somewhere close to you where your helping hands can make a difference.  Pick an aminal up off the street, help a neighbor, bite your tongue when you’re tempted to make an unkind or critical or harsh remark and instead reach out a hand to that person and help .... or smile ... and reach out and help someone .... anyone.  If everyone did one kind act of lending a paw every day, what a wonderful planet we’d be living on !!! 

Or help Grandma make ends meet at Rikki’s Refuge.  She always worries so about having enough nums for us all.  My pantry is low again.  That’s the cat department.  It’s always low cuz all 600 of us have great appetites !!  So I’d love to buy a pallet of canned nums to help stop some of the worry from Grandma’s mind and to give her a night she could sleep without worry.  Would you help me with that?  I found a deal where I can get 22 oz cans of nums for $1 each ....  That’s $12 for a case .... And $1452 for a pallet.  A pretty good deal if I do say so my furry little self !!!!     But I gotta order on April 30 to get this special Birthday Deal  ....   Would you help me buy a can ...  just $1 ... or a case $12 ... or two $24 ... or ten $120 ...  ??  If you’ll help me it’ll make me so happy and I’ll feel like I’m really doing my job as Ruler of the Refuge ....  it makes me feel so good to help Grandma make ends meet and keep all us aminals fed and happy at Rikki’s !!!
Thank you,
     Love, Opie
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