Thursday, November 04, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!! November 4, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!!

My planet is wet and soggy today! How's yours? I think the trees and
the grass and all the plants are very happy. They've been very thirsty
for a long time. I wouldn't like it if I didn't get water every day.
Unless of course I got tuna juice!

Thank you for voting for me every day. It's really nice of you!! It
makes me feel so good to know I have so many friends. I'm still leading
Virginia. And I'm still 6th in the nation. But I'm losing ground, the
percentage of the votes I'm carrying is sliding d..o..w..n ....

Let's pull together and reverse this!! And let's win most votes in the
week this coming week - remember we did that last contest and we haven't
done it this one yet.

It's an all out battle - vote vote vote, ask everybody to vote, let's
have the most number this week and win that $1,000 !!!

YEAH Vincent's Voters !!!! I love my HEROES !!!!! Rikkis Refuge of VA, USA

At Rikki's Refuge we never do things in a small way!! No way !!!! We
make happy news all day, every day!! And that brings more and more
happy news to us!!!

Mike got a call from the litter packaging plant - 47 pallets, 86,000
pounds, 40 week supply - donated - FREE !!!!! Yippee Yippee - Happy
Dance !!!

I was so excited I ran right out to hook up the goat cart. Nanny
wouldn't stand still. I was telling her to hurry hurry cuz we had to
haul it all out of the plant within two weeks and she had a lot of
trotting to do. She laid down. She wouldn't get up. She said now if
it was 86,000 pounds of oreos .....

So I was in a real dilemma. Taco and me thought about stealing mom's
truck ...
.... but it's kinda a little truck and wez get scared driving on the
big highway. The bad state police might arrest us. Here in Orange they
just send the nice lady from animal control to make us go home. But
what if we gotted arrested in the big city and they put is in the pound?

Mike and Melissa and John are going to rent big trucks BUT they need
four trucks. They can rent four but they need a driver! That truck is
too big for me. It's a 24' Budget Box Truck - would you drive?

Melissa is the lady who hauled in all the litter when we got a whole
rail road car donated way back in 2001. She's a BIG truck driver. Back
then she was driving for Anheuser-Busch and picking up corn at the rail
road station and hauling it over and then hauling the left over mash to
a pig farm. Too bad that wasn't Rikki's!! They let her borrow a
company truck and haul the litter.

The people she's working for now aren't as nice. BUT Melissa and her
husband John are going to rent trucks along with Mike I just NEED ONE

it's coming I need EVERYBODY to come help us unload!! It's gonna be a
great big huge delivery!!! And I NEED you. Please tell me if you'll
help me?

Please let me know
Can you drive a 24' box truck, on day during the week?

Will you come to Rikki's to help unload?

I keep forgetting to show you these wonderful pictures!
These are the winners from our calendar photo contest!!!!

Mom's working on the dates for all the events for 2011 so she can get
them on the calendar!!!! Then she'll tell you how to get one!!!!

Keep you eyes open - there just might - just maybe - be a Vincent

George just got back from a trip to the Galapagos Islands - he shared
his pictures with me

and a movie while diving

Makes me glad to be dry, but mom says she sure wishes she could go!

Special Announcement !!!!
Our very own mural artist, Rene Luther, will have this toolbox on
display with about 40 other local artists this Friday, November 5th at
the McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville from 5-7:30 pm. FREE
admission! This is a fundraiser for Charlottesville's Habitat for
Humanity's Women Build organization. They will be auctioning off artwork
and artists will be judged.

You can just go and browse the artwork for a fun night out without
donating if you'd like.

McGuffey Art Center is located near the downtown mall and Martha
Jefferson Hospital at 201 2nd Street NW, phone 434-295-7973. Thanks!

Just like last year at pumpkin season I'm seeing Candy EVERY DAY !!!
Please help her haul pumpkins - don't make her do it all alone !!!
Please get in touch now and lend your pick 'em up ability even if you
don't have a vehicle to transport!! The
pumpkins save us thousands of dollars in feed and it's very very healthy
for the animals.

Bob has rounded up 14 more rolls or hay for us !!!!

Fresh Walnuts and Chestnuts
REACH will be selling black walnuts for $5.00 for 6 oz bag. Also we will
be selling chestnuts $6.00 for a 8 oz bag. Proceeds will go to Rikki's.
We have a limited number so tell people to get their orders to us ASAP.
The nuts will be gathered, dried and bagged by the REACH team members.
REACH is a program for students with intellectual disabilities ages 18
to 22 and is a Post Secondary Program provided by Spotsylvania County
Schools. It is a program that teaches life skills and transitions team
members from school life to adult activities. One aspect of the program
is to teach community involvement and Rikki's is one of the
organizations we work with. Just providing a little info. on our program
you might need. Dennis & Crystal Bane

Hi Vincent,
Just wanted to pass this along...if you sign up for the newsletter they
will send you a coupon for two free cans of Halo food which you can
download more than once. They donate to shelters (Ellen D. is a
co-owner) so it might be worth sending in a request for a donation. fyi
They sell it at Petco but not Petsmart.;
I hope all is well, Allyson
PS sign up and send me, Vincent, your coupons!!!!

Did you get yours yet?

Well I better say by now cuz time is a flying!!!

Love you,

PS If you don't want your Daily Good News, just let me know! A couple
of you have said you only want Hairballs with out the Good News!!
That's ok! Just tell me. I'm here to make you happy, just tell me how!
If Good New don't make you happy - I could always start Bad News, but,
as you hoomans say, why reinvent the wheel - that's what you've got tv
and newspapers for !!!!!

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