Monday, January 12, 2015

Good Morning Good News !!!! January 14, 2015

Come on in to Re-Tail !!!!   Have I told you about this Awesome Pawsome Re-Sale Shop ???  Just ask .... everybody will tell you it’s the best thrift shop EVER ....   Celebrating our One Year Anniversary of turning your donated items into nums for the animals of Rikki’s Refuge !!!!!

It’s scary taking on a big project like this.  So many “what ifs” about getting into a new line of business.  Luckily for Rikki’s, Melissa Felts had worked in retail for years .... so who better to start Re-Tail .....    need a new tail ..... or just about anything else .... please stop in and shop.

All Tails sold are currently attached to our adoptable cats !!!!  We have a lovely glass enclosed room for Rikki’s adoptable kitties.  They’re NOT in cages .... but have a big room to play in .... and YOU can come and play with them, get to know them, and how about giving one a home ?

Re-Tail is located in Fredericksburg at 3503 Lafayette Blvd.  Easy to find, lots of parking!  Open every day and accepting YOUR donations of all kinds of household items (everything except mattresses and baby furniture cuz of insurance restrictions related to liability) !!!!

What a great time to Re-Gift some of those extra Christmas items ....  or the things you’ve gotten new replacements for !!!  You’ll find a lot of our merchandise is new, overstocks, and quality lightly used. 

Quality furniture at seriously discounted prices ......  every day !!!!

It may be too cold for it now, but get it while you can -- a bike trailer! It's only $50 and is by Schwinn.  You’re gonna wish you had this when winter breaks out into beautiful spring days and you and the little one want to get out.   And gee .... I bet it works to take your woofer or kitty along too .....  haven’t tried ....  but ....  it looks like it encloses and could be safe for that.  Check it out ....

Tell ‘em Opie sent you so this sale gets converted into Fancy Feast and not hay or something like that !!!

A fabulous old player piano (please -- it is out of tune. If you insist on singing in the store while playing the piano, we ask that you be more in tune than it is!). What a treasure and wintertime project !!


And scooters ....  Yes !!!  Check this out ....  not something you see in Thrift Stores at seriously marked down prices very often .....

a mobility assist scooter .....  are YOU ready to GO ?

And an electric wheeled chair ......

Hurry and please get this out of our store !!!!   Everybody is coming to work early to get to scoot around the store before opening time !!!!!

Many home health aides and handicap assist equipment.

You just never know what’s going to show up !!!!

All kinds of animal products, cages, crates, carriers, many almost new, some even new ... they just got the wrong size and instead of taking it back ... donated it !!!!   Beds, climbing trees, leashes, collars, pet clothes and toys !!!!!!


Mini Pool .....  YIKES .... oh no  ....

you scared me ....  I was thinking pool with water .. you know ... water ... I don’t like that kind of pool .... no sireeee .... no water for me ....  but now this kind of pool ... yeahhhh balls to chase around !!!

Everything for the house .... everything but ....

.... hh yeah .... you do have some kitchen sinks, don’t you ?

Useful stuff, kitchen appliances, cool stuff, decorative stuff ...

Things to LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE !!!!

This weather sure is a good time to snuggle up with a cozy read .....   If only I could read .... but since I can’t .... you know what happens when YOU buy a book ?   That money buys ME a can of Fancy Feast .... so get on down to Re-Tail and tell ‘em you’re Reading for Opie !!!

For those of you who were born naked .... not with a nice fur coat like me .....  we’ve got some really nice winter jackets to keep

Clothes to work .... go out to play .... garden .... anything

Even get married !!!!!!     And what a deal on the savings !!!

Rikki’s Wear and other Rikki’s novelty items .... 

For the cat lover and stamp collector, 2 adorable prints!   Who do YOU know who NEEDS that for their Birthday ???  

And SO much more fabulous art work .... big ones .... small ones ....  we have a volunteer who’s whole job is to price and hang artwork !!!!

And keep your eyes open for some of the residents checking out the merchandise .....

You never know where they’ll show up next .....

During business hours, the residents, our adoptable kitties, stay in the glass enclosed command center aka the Kitty Room

HEY!!!!  Wait a minute !!!  Is that ME in there?  I’m NOT up for doption!  Am I mom? 

Helping  Paws
is just one more really cool thing at Re-Tail ....  we love to help others .... cuz all aminals everywhere need help .... so we have this special booth that different aminal groups get to use and they get to keep ALL THE MONEY they raise !!!!   How cool is that ??  I like to share !!!  It makes me feel good to know kitties and doggies that don’t live with me are being helped too.

Just ask anybody visiting Re-Tail what they think .... and they’ll tell you

It’s the BIGGEST .......

It’s the CLEANEST .......

BEST laid out place with the BEST selection ......   EVER !!!!

Rikki's Refuge Re-Tail
" A Pawsome Resale Shop "
3503 Lafayette Blvd.
Fredericksburg, VA. 22408
RE-TAIL on Facebook:
Store Hours:
MON-SAT: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
SUN: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

I had to call 911 this morning ....... mom wouldn't open another can of Fancy Feast ..... Fireman arrived with an extra can and we shared it ....

This guy didn't come to Rikki's named Fireman ... he came named A73249 ..... not so good a name, huh? So we called him kitty for a bit and then we learned about him and what he likes. He lives in Cat House #1 and he really likes to ride the firetruck and go on emergency calls .... so he gotted the name The Fireman !!!

Today, would you vote for The Fireman in the shelter contest ? Pleaz .... Rikkis Refuge, VA, USA right here

Or you can just click on the Fireman to vote !!!

... with your support we’ve been able to save so many animals ... it’s only with your continued support that we can continue to care for them each and every day ....  Thank you for your kind and generous support for food, medicine, doctors, cleaning supplies ... and love !!


Without YOU

none of us would be here

sharing this beautiful day  !!
THANK YOU !!!!!!
Your donations saved every one of us and will keep us all alive in 2015 .... we pray.  Please HELP US as we keep our pantries stocked  !!!!   Take the Opie Pledge and promise to work each and every day to make the planet just a little bit better.  If the pictures of the animals you have saved in this issue have made you smile, please take a few moments to make a donation so we can keep them smiling!!!