Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good Morning Good News !!!! May 26, 2012

We are Vincent D. Cat and adopted sons Opie and Timmy and we are here to make you happy! You are HEROES! You work hard every day and you deserve to smile every day! Those of you working to save us animals hear so very many very sad things. And there’s lots of very glad things too and that’s what we talk about here! All pawsitive all the time! We want our friends to be happy and smile and know there’s a lot of good - including YOU - in this world!! Be kind and pass it on! Please send us your Good New and Fun Stuff to share, personal or global. Let’s keep it fun and interactive!! After all, if we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane!
Happy, I’m sorry it’s a week late, Birthday my rescuer Barbara!!!!  Barbara is a real cat person.  You can't see her pointy ears or her tail in this picture.  She's always on the go helping somebody, and usually they have four legs.  TNR is especially dear to her heart.  So far in 2012, she's speutered over 250 cats!!!!  Now does that answer the question - Can one person make a difference?   Yeahhhh Barbara!

Good Morning - it’s Caturday!!!  I love Caturday!!!!  It’s made just for us cats!!!!  We get to play and have fun.  It looks like it’s gonna rain today.  So much rain lately.  It be crazy.  The grass be growing so much!!  It’s very long.  Da hoomans dey don’t go out there and mow it when it rain.  So it really be gettin high.  Den da tractor was in the hospital for two weeks and it couldn’t mow while it was sick.  

Nancy Mottershaw
Karen Friedel   
Greta Bollinger
Debra Berry 

for helping me to pay the tractor bill, only $387 more to go !!!!!

Will YOU help me too?

or for the DOGS:

Read all about the Tractor in the Hospital:

A little piece of not so Good News, OK?

Memorial Day Tour CANCELED
Well it looks like I'm gonna have to cancel our Memorial Day Tour cuz we didn't get the handicap porta potty in. We have to have that for public things now. We ordered it over a month ago and they said they'd send it as soon as they had the big truck in. It's lots bigger than a regular porta potty. We were hoping it'd be in for Vincent's birthday. And now it's Memorial Day and we don't have it. Pooo. Unless something happens tomorrow and I don't think it will - we have to cancel.  I’d share my potty with you but I don’t think it’s approve for hooman use!!!!

Thank you Larry Ramsey for paying for the rental and maintenance of the hooman potty, EVERY month !!!!!!   Dem hoomans is real happy Larry!!!!  

Let’s hope dat porta potty company get the new handicap potty here by the 4th of July Tour now.

I so sorry about this folks.

And something sad, the loss of a wonderful lady
Our beloved friend, Carolyn, has gone to be with Vincent at the Rainbow Bridge.

Carolyn A. Friedrich died suddenly May 15, 2012.  She was a serious cat lover and long time supporter of Rikki’s Refuge.  We’ll miss you muchly Carolyn.  Take good care of Vincent for us.
Here’s her memorial, pictures and her 84th Birthday Party at Rikki’s Refuge.

And NOW Back to the Good News !!

Meet Indigo, he’s a pit bull who got beat so bad it damaged is back forever.  He has a wheeled cart to get around cuz his back legs don’t work so well.  He’s our friend.  See my Daddy Vincent kissing him in the picture????   His mom rescues pit bulls who’ve been hurt.  Isn’t that nice?

Look what Indigo has to say!


Hi Everyone! I do not have a Birthday , I have a GOTCHA DAY. We celebrate the days we were Adopted like Birthdays. This year I am having my third Gotcha Day. Ruthie is having her FIRSTY EBER Gotcha Day. Instead of presents , or cards or well wishes, we would like anyone who can to please Donate To Our fwiends at Rikkis Refuge , in Honor of our amazing brudder Vincent.

*Pops wheelies and does spins and stuff* Ok so thanks eberyone who has sended me welly wishes toodaie, I lubs you bery much!!! Please if you would like to do someping speshul for me and Ruthie , hop on ober to our GOTCHA DAY CHIP IN FOR RIKKIS REFUGE, and leave them a little donation for our brudder Vincent, who is attending our Gotcha Day Partee from da rainbow bridge. We do not need pressies , but Vincent’s animal pals at da refuge do need all the donations they can get!!!!!

Thank you so very muchles! XXOO Indy , Ruthie and Familee.

Thank you Indy, Ruthie and Familee, that be very nice of you !!!!!   Love, Opie   PS I can come party too, pleeezzzeee?

I still have three cows in West Virginia who need a ride.  They want to Mooooove to Rikki’s Refuge and they need your help. 

Comments from Kathy
I'm so bummed. Appalachian Bear Rescue came in 2nd in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Challenge so they don't get the truck they need to haul baby bears. At one point they were way ahead of the pack.

Makes me nervous for June 6th when Rikki's Refuge will be in the running for the truck. Is everybody ready to vote for Rikki's on that day? YOUR VOTE COUNTS.

Opie -- don't know why I didn't think of this before, but I turned Rikki's Toyota 100 Cars for Good Challenge poster into a PDF. The link is now here:

Everyone, print it out and SHARE. Even one extra vote can make the difference. Where can you post it?

Here’s the QR code
Cary it with you EVERYWHERE - and ask everyone you meet to point and click!!!!

Sign up for YOUR reminder on June 6th and/or to read all about the contest, our needs and see the Video of Why Taco Needs New Wheels!  

Remember we were voting for GW and Ben to win a handicap accessible van?  Well they’re in the FINALS.  It’s up to the company offering the vans now, they’ll make the final selection for the Ultimate Winner!  Keep those fingers crossed and prayers coming.  Let THEM win, please !!!!!

Been in Faulconer Hardware in downtown Orange lately?  Well stop on in. They’re open Saturday and Sunday too, so when you’re visiting Rikki’s ....  visit Faulconer’s too.  They’ve got a great new section they all the “Yard Sale Items”.  It’s like a wonderful perpetual new cool stuff all the time yard sale with great yard sale prices.  Some really cool and interesting things, from little do dads to lovely furniture.  Check ‘em out.  And tell ‘em Rikki’s Refuge sent you.

My daddy Vincent always did so good in the shelter challenge, can you help me win too?  We’ve won a week and if we can now move up two slots and that’s only 0.16% we can be in line for one of the GRAND PRIZES and lots lots more money !!!!!  

Can you help me??


It’s easy and it’s free !!!!!!!    Tell all your Friends!!! 

Friends Write In
Sweetness is home from the animal hospital. She is getting better after being in there a week she was ready to spring out of there. She still needs to poopy though so she will need the Vincent poopy dance!!    -----  Ashlee Lee

Ok every body - do the poopy dance for Sweetness !!!!!   We’re so glad she’s doing so much better.  She was terribly ill and in the hospital for several days.   ----- Opie

I was awakened on a morning when I could sleep as last as I like to whisker kisses and paw taps. Who could get mad at that??  -----  Tracey Jacobi Brabant

Oh Tracy, that be nice!!!  ----- Opie

The autograph quilt will be at Petco on Route 3 in the Harrison Crossing shopping center, today from 10:00 until 2:00 (longer if the sun does not kill me!)  -----  Melissa Felts

Oh this quilt is SO pretty!!! Have you see it??  Check it out!   Stop in and visit Melissa at Petco if you’re in Fredericksburg.  Bring her something cool to drink!!  Tell her Opie sent you!  ----- Opie

It's sunny and warm for once!  -----  Phoebe Hitchcock Poulin

Yes it is Phoebe!!  Been so much rain and clouds.  Nice to see sun.  And it’s real warm here!!!  I think maybe hot.  ----- Opie

The rug at my office was shampooed and deodorized yesterday. A clogged overflow pipe backed up into my massage room...not good!   -----  Nora Eldridge

Nora be real good massage therapist, mommey really like her.  She pretty good with kitty cats too, I love getting patted by Nora!!!  Visit her in Fredericksburg  Daddy’s Day is coming - maybe get in a Gift Certificate!  ----- Opie

Pretty Patches

struggled for her life ..... now she’s happy and healthy .... and ready for a home all her own .....  read her story tomorrow .....  is there room in your heart and your home for her?

Got it?
Got your Signature Quilt Raffle Tickets:  

Horace the poetry writing dog, next royalty check for Rikki's:

2012 Cats vs Dogs :

Carolyn Friedrich Memorial:

Get Well Tractor, $387 to go:

Have a wonderful Caturday!!
Lots of love,
     Opie !!

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Get Well Tractor

Did you know that there's a hospital for tractors?
Our tractor had to get "fixed" and was in the hospital for a week. A whole week. I don't know why Grandmom wanted to fix tractor? She always saying we need more than one tractor to do all the work here, so why she don't want it to have baby tractors? If they don't got no tractors at the pound we can take home, then it be ok to have baby tractors, no? I don't get it.

And now she who thinks kitties can do everything, walk in and throw this bill on my desk, $662 for tractor to be fixed, and she say, Hey ya Opie, here's something for you to take care of.  Can you get that taken care so I don’t have to spend your cat food money on it?

That's more expensive than the speuter clinic. And what's I spposed to do to "take care of it"?

Can you help me maybe?    $387 to go ........
And you can get double your value.  I learned about double your value from my dad Vincent!!  He always gotted the biggest bang for his buck!!! 

SO here’s a deal you can’t resist !!!!!

Did I say that right?  You can VOTE for ME in Cats vs Dogs AND I can pay the tractor get fix bill!!  How’s that sound?  Can you help me?

What?  Oh KiKi says I always have to do fair representation.  So I have to give you the choice to VOTE for DUKE, and he said if you do he’ll help and use that money to fix tractor too.  He be nice doggie.

Thank you, it’d be so cool if tractor be all paid for fixing a for grandma takes my cat food money.  Maybe then she let me have some time off and not make be work so hard in this office!!! 

Thank you for helping me to prove I am a good hard working kittah !!!!

Nancy Mottershaw
Karen Friedel   
Greta Bollinger
Debra Berry 

only $387 more to go !!!!!

or for the DOGS:


Our beloved friend, Carolyn, has gone to be with Vincent at the Rainbow Bridge.


Carolyn A. Friedrich died suddenly May 15, 2012.

She was born July 1, 1926, in Canisteo, and was a long time resident of Williamsburg, Va., as well as a former resident of Pittsburgh, Pa.

She was a very devoted wife and loving mother, avid Kingsmill golfer, sharp 500 and Pinochle card player, cat fancier/animal lover, flower lover and gardener. She also known for her quick wit and clever humor.

Carolyn was preceeded in death by her husband, Robert J. Friedrich.  She is survived by six children, Reba (Craig) Friedrich (Walker) of Richmond, Va., Robert (Tina) Friedrich of Bear, Del., Kurt (Kathleen) Friedrich of Redmond, Wash., Faith S. Friedrich of Williamsburg, Va., Karl (Melissa) Friedrich of Austin, Texas, Christian (Paula) Friedrich of Richmond, Va.; her brother, Roger (Shirley) Stocum of Watson Town; her sister, Nancy McMindes of Canisteo; 13 grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews.

A private funeral and burial was arranged for the family on Saturday at Cedar Grove Cemetery in Williamsburg, by Bucktrout of Williamsburg. The family requests that memorial contributions in Carolyn’s name be made to Rikki’s Refuge Animal Sanctuary, P.O. Box 1357 Orange, Va. 22960,

Carolyn at Rikki’s Refuge
A few years ago when Carolyn’s 84th birthday was approaching, her family asked what she wanted.  She said, A TRIP TO RIKKI’S REFUGE.  Carolyn and her daughters Reba and Faith have been supporters of Rikki’s for a very long time. 

Bless your soul Carolyn, you will always be in our hearts.  Look after Vincent for us.

Thank you to those who have contributed to Carolyn’s Memorial Fund to help the cats of Rikki’s Refuge

Sharon Biegel - In honor of Carolyn Friedrich, a true animal lover and cat fancier, who will be greatly missed by her family, friends and cat.

Faith Friedrich - In memory of my mother, Carolyn Friedrich of Williamsburg, VA