Monday, April 21, 2014

Good Morning Good News !!!! April 21, 2014

Easter Cats !!!

Thank you Melissa Felts, Melanie Hansford and Nora Eldridge for giving a lovely Easter Day Tour !!!!   And thank you Paul Erhard for capturing it all in photos !!!!  Thank you Cindy Wright for cleaning up Doggy Downs on Saturday !!!

Thank you Melanie Hansford for bringing Easter Nums for us !!!!!

The SHELTER CHALLENGE is back !!!!
Help us win the grant to buy a pallet of cat food ....   please vote today and every day thru June 29 !!!   It’s easy, simple and FREE to vote ....   you just go to this link
and enter Rikkis Refuge (no ‘ ... see ??)  in VA in the USA and that’s it ...  they’ll ask you to copy in a secret word ....  sometimes it’s a cool word ... like feast ... and some times it just a bunch of letters !!!!   But if you can copy it right .... than you’ve voted right !!!!   Thank you

My Uncle James Caught the Easter Bunny
“I caught the Easter Bunny sneaking around my garage! Fed her some high class salad greens and then took her to live at the nice park close by !.!” 

Girl Scout Troop 527 -- you are awesome !!!!!
You’ve earned your BRONZE AWARD !!!!

Have YOU earned yours?  To earn the Bronze Award, Girl Scouts have made a promise to help others, to improve their community, and to become the best that they can be !!

That’s a pretty awesome oath, don’t you think ?

Thank you for choosing Rikki’s Refuge as your Take Action Project !!!

You got skills ????
We’re looking for a few good volunteers with good handyhooman skills.  Carpentry, roofing, repairs .....  If you got your tools and you can travel and you is creative and can work with materials we have donated ....  we need your help !!!    You got to be independent, able to work without guidance and able to figure it out !!!  We gots lots of things that need fixin after the winter ....  I don’t know much about these things being a cat and all ....  So I need to point to it .... and say ...  see, it don’t work .... you can fix now please ???     If you can think on your feet and help us out and have the tools and the time and can either scrounge thru our materials ... or can scrounge the community for them ....  please let me know !!!

Also we still have a LOT of field fencing that needs to come down about 15 miles west of Rikki’s Refuge.  It’s pulling staples out of fencing and then rolling up the fencing.  If you can transport it, that’s great ... if not, that’s ok, we got somebody with a trailer who can help too.  This is independent study !!!!   You can do it at your pace on your time ....  will you help us get this fencing for the sheep ?

One of our staff hasn’t shown up for the last three days.  It’s really critical as his counterpart is on vacation so we were really depending on him.  So we have a real 8 am to 5 pm, five day a week (ah yup, you gotta work weekends and holidays, but you’ll get two days off during the week) paying job open. 

You need to have two skills, or be willing to learn them.  You need to work on meds, giving shots and pills and bathes and so on to all kinds of animals.  So you can’t be scared at all !!  No sireeee, can’t be scared of holding down a feral cat and cleaning his ears and popping him with worming meds !!!

AND you need to be a handy hooman, handy with the hammer and saws, or at least willing to learn.  Helping Doug put up fences and fix roofs and all that kind of stuff. 

If you’d like to apply for a job with us, please arrive at the Education Center at Noon on a Saturday.  21410 Constitution Hwy, Rapidan VA 22733 ... at the corner of Constitution Hwy and Quarterhorse Ln.  Orientation starts at noon ....  please do not be late !!!  All applications must be in person !!!

And lastly ...  the grass is growing ...  though the sheep would probably love to get to eat it all ....  and we sure wish they could .....  we need help mowing what isn’t fenced in ....  if you’ve got mowers or weed whackers you can bring out (gas powered ...  no electric cords are long enough !!!!)  and help us mow and trim ....  please let me know !!!   Another week or two and all the animals will be lost in the jungle !!

Tis the Season every one in rescue dreads .....

It’s kitten season.  And puppy season.  And .....  First of all, please remember to spay and neuter ALL your animals.  As long as animals are dying in shelters because there are simply not enough homes ....  please don’t bring any into this world.  Every birth will mean a death in a shelter.  And yes, your clinic and spay even in advanced pregnancy.  It’s sad, but it’s far less sad than living animals dying in shelters.  Please SPEUTER and please tell everyone you know to speuter.  All yours “fixed”, think about donating to “fix” one for someone who can’t afford it.  At most SPEUTER CLINICS you’re only talking about $25-$30 for a male cat and $50-$75 for a female.  A little more for larger dogs.  You can donate to Rikki’s SPEUTER fund, or to the Pana Speuter Clinic in Guatamala, just put a note on your donation so it goes to the right place.

Second ...  if you think this kitty is cute drinking from a bottle ....  your local shelter has orphaned kittens right now and they’d love your help raising them.  When you foster you take care of the kitty or doggy for a while.  A few weeks or months, until they’re old enough to be “fixed” and adopted or till a foster home is found.  There’s not an adoption organization out there that doesn’t need your help.  Please pick up that phone now and call your local shelter and help them to save another life.

Thirdly ....  if you can possibly take in one more real live full time forever resident ....  adopt someone today.  That purrfect kitty or doggy is waiting there for you ....   Just one more ....  if each of us could adopt just one more .....

Please help the animals !!!!

Thank you

Opie’s Wisdom
If you’ve got a good one you’d like to share, please send it to me !!!

... with your support we’re able to help so many into their new furrever happy homes ....  and to give that life long home to those not quite so fortunate ...  Thank you for your support
Without YOU none of us would be looking forward to Spring!!

Love you bunches,
I’m headed out to enjoy this weather ...  gonna chuck my jacket in a bit !!!!  Sun’s out and it’s NICE !!!!   See ya ......