Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adopt-A-Pet Contest
It’s FREE and NO you don’t have to adopt to vote!!
We’re listed as Rikki’s Refuge, Orange 22960

The "America's Favorite Shelter" Contest, sponsored by Care2, ASPCA, and, is a chance for animal lovers to rally behind their favorite shelters. These shelters are often the last chance and refuge for thousands of animals. Now's the chance to celebrate the work they do and help them win crucial funding. What makes your favorite animal shelter special? Say it loud, say it proud, and help them win $15,000.

Benefits:  Rikki’s Refuge $3, 000 - $15, 000  for the entire contest
                $500 randomly selected each week
                 YOU can win too!!!  If you’re one of the top 20 Recruiters 
                 YOU win $50 gift certificate
                     In the upper right by the orange block,
                     where it says enter YOUR zip code ENTER 22960 
                           it really means OUR zip code
                              remember zip code is OUR zip code, not yours!

Scan down to the Rs for Rikki’s Refuge - Click on Rikki’s Refuge

answer the questions
enter the jumbled up secret code
click on the green block that says REQUEST BALLOT

THEN: You will then get an email
From: America's Favorite Animal Shelter Contest
Titled: Finalize your vote for Rikki's Refuge!
            click on the link in the email: verify your email address
            and you’ve successfully voted

NOW: Select the option to email your friends (orange block to the right) about this contest and you’ll become a recruiter and they’ll give you a link that you can share with your friends.  Even if you don’t want to email friend now, clicking will give you your recruiter link which you can pass on.

YOU CAN WIN $50 as one of the top 20 recruiters!!

Or if you don’t want to be an official recruiter, Let Vincent do the recruiting for you! 
Just share his link with all your friends and co-workers.