Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! March 28, 2013

      Mr. Turkey finds a new love !!!!

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Little After Sunrise Easter Service
at Rikki’s Refuge No-Kill Sanctuary
Easter Day, Sunday, March 31, 2013 at 8 am

I sure hope you can come !!!!
I have a few slots left so if you meant to RSVP and haven’t yet -
please DO IT NOW !!!

Service by Rev. Theresa Spears,
non-denominational, spiritual, everyone is welcome.
Blessing of the Animals following the service
as we tour Rikki’s Refuge and you meet all the animals.

RSVP ASAP, limited space, Service under cover followed by the tour which is an outdoor event, dress for the weather, and the animals (which means that for your safety, no sandals so your feet don’t get stomped by big hoofed animals, no short pants / dresses / skirts or bare shoulders so you don’t get scratched, no jewelry nothing shiny or dangly so the emus won’t injure you by grabbing), admission is $12.50 per person or a case of canned cat food!  If this is financially difficult for you let us know.       
Call 540-854-0870 x3 or

Lots of Fun !!!
Easter Fun last weekend was lots of fun .....   egg hunts, contests, prizes ....  everybody from the youngest to the oldest had lots of fun ... and we were graced with lovely weather.

Easter Bonnet Winners
Winner: Kelsy in the the Girls Division; Snoop in the Dogs Division; Nathan in the Boys!

HEY !!!!   Who let the boys in the dressing room !!!

After the festivities of Easter Fun  
          ... E. M. Duck waddled off to meet and greet the residents of Rikki’s Refuge .....

View the photo album of how the different species reacted to a giant duck .....

Congratulations Meredith Vargas

-- we all love you whole lots !!!!  Youz the bestest doctor on the whole big planet .... We couldn't do it without you !!! Thank you for being the Official Doc of Rikki's Refuge and solving all the crazy issues and problems we manage to find !!!!

So many critters everyone thought would never have a chance .... and YOU fixed them up and made them happy and healthy and they got a great life !!!! Thank you from our thousands of critters you've saved !!!!

Culpeper Animal Hospital is celebrating ten years of wonderful service under Dr. Vargas.  Stop in and check them out -- a full WEEK of celebration .... and best of all FREE nums .... Oh and a drawing for a free bath ... well .... ha ha ha ... I'm sure not signing up for that .... but maybe Oscar should !!!!

I Needz Gushyfudz Pleaz
I you can’t come to our Easter Service and bring some nums .... you can donate so I can buy?  Please click on the kitty above and share a meal with me !!!!   Thank you!!

Love you bunches,

2013 is the Year of the Purr ....

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