Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!! June 16, 2010

Only one month till the Golf Tournament and Festival !!!! You ARE
coming, aren't you?

I think my bestest news today is that Senior Mister Peacock got caught
yesterday. The hoomans have been working and working on this. He had
something on one foot and was limping. The hoomans are really silly
trying to catch a bird. They aren't very good at sneaking up on them to
start with. And when they do, before they pounce, the bird flies away.
Now if they'd let ME have a chance to try ....

So they've been coming up with all kinds of hooman minded traps and
ideas. They did catch every other peacock. But every time they'd get
close to getting him - he'd fly to the top of the tallest building.
Once the hoomans were so silly they even got a ladder. Are you already
laughing? You know what he did? He waited until they scrambled on the
roof - and took off flying for another roof. Silly hoomans, they must a
been vegetarians before somebody invented grocery stores!!

So yesterday he walked into one of the areas rigged as a trap and Brian
snuck up and - slam - shut the door. It was a long piece of string
wrapped all around his feet and in and out of his toes. They cut it all
off. It'd been tight enough that there was a bit of swelling and a
couple cuts, but lucky it wasn't deep or bad. They cleaned it up, and
he even behaved pretty good and didn't fight too hard. He's mad, cus
he's on bed rest for a couple days just to make sure all is ok. As soon
as they let him walk he wasn't limping anymore so this is very very good

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I'm an elephant today!! Let's see, what characteristics of an elephant
can I take on today? Did you know an elephant eats 300 pounds of
vegetation and drinks 100 gallons of water??? Even I can't keep up with

This is kind a cool !!
Check out the picture of their feet!! The x-ray actually. They walk in
their toes!!! I'd like to have a trunk! Then I could reach up on the
counter and slurp up all the food mom was making for everybody !!!!

Sisters Return $18,000 Found in Duffel
Jessica and Michelle Pientka went out for groceries earlier this week
and came home with nearly $18,000. They noticed a black bag in a
shopping cart in the parking. "I got out of the car and picked it up and
put it in my trunk." The girls bought their groceries and headed home.
There they opened the bag and discovered gym clothes, water bottles, a
wallet with Ben Huntsman's driver's license, and $17,811 in cash.
Michelle knows; she counted it.

"I was shocked," she said. "I've never seen that much money in cash."
Earlier that night, Hunstman called the Police to report a missing
duffel bag. A police statement released Thursday doesn't say whether
Huntsman missed his gym clothes or his water bottles, but he sure missed
his money. A car salesman, Huntsman hadn't had time to deposit that
day's sales, so he shoved them in a side pocket of his duffel bag.

Fortunately for Hunstman, the Pientka sisters are honest. Because the
amount of money was so great, the girls decided to call the police,
rather than Huntsman. The police contacted Huntsman and returned the money.

Gessss that was awfully nice of them. they didn't even keep any of the
money for Fancy Feast !!! What would I have done???

Looks like a nice cool overcast day! What are you doing today? Share
your news with me!


PS If you don't want your Daily Good New, just let me know! A couple of
you have said you only want Hairballs with out the Good News!! That's
ok! Just tell me. I'm here to make you happy, just tell me how! If
Good New don't make you happy - I could always start Bad News, but, as
you hoomans say, why reinvent the wheel - that's what you've got tv and
newspapers for !!!!!

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