Monday, March 30, 2015

Good Morning Good News !!!! Monday, March 30, 2015

I hopez you had a great Monday !!!!  It was good here on the ranch.  A new guy, Rick, joined my hooman team today !!! 

We’z still lookin for a few good hoomans.  Hoomans who don’t know where the animal world ends and the hooman world begins.

people who can understand us and love us ......  and do all the hard that is needed to keep us sanitized for our protection

and Feed Us .....
I know the feeling, dude ... I know the feeling ......

Finally ..... a tractor trailer of Fancy Feast arrived today .... I've been eating and eating .... don't think mom will be trying to rule this roost anytime soon !!!!!!
Opie resting on mom after dinner!

I'm planning a sailing trip with GGP ......

Ah ha ... a mount of my very own .... no more nagging the goats to take me to town and the all you can eat sushi bar !!!!
Hey !!!!   It's MONDAY ...  We can have some fun .... can't we !!!!

Absolutely mom's idea !!!!! 
And a Piggy Bar-B-Que is roasting corn and other goodies for them !!!!

And for those who support Rikki's Refuge and make our lives possible.


PS:   Why do we bring you fun and laughter and good times?  Cuz we’ve already had all the hard times and the drying and the pain we can stand.  Being in rescue isn’t easy.  You know that.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the rescued or the rescuer.  You’ve shed a lot of tears.  You’ve seen a lot of sadness.

Our rescued come to us sad, hurt, in pain, both physical and emotional.  I could take picture of their sad little faces.  Pictures of them peeking out at us in terror.  Snap photos of them when we didn’t know if they’d live or die.  Those kind of pictures that make great “befores” in the before and after albums. 

I find no dignity in that.  In exploiting their pain and their suffering. 

Nor is that how they want you to know them.  They have overcome horrible obstacles, they have suffered from neglect, some have deliberately been harmed.  They have cried.  They have been ripped away from the ones they love with no chance of ever seeing them again.  They have been hurt, alone, unloved, depressed. 

They are not victims.  They are heroes.  They have overcome their pasts and they are now happy at their real live forever home .... Rikki’s Refuge.  They’ve formed bonds, they have families, they belong, they are loved. 

They have friends of many species.  They have love and comfort.  They have respect as the individuals they are. 

They want to be know as happy fun loving guys and gals.  They have forgotten the bad times, they live for the good times.

Our Rescuers have seen it all.  They work hard long hours to make lives better.  They see horrible things.  They see the sadness and the loneliness and the despair in the world.  They help the rescued to learn to love again.  They do their best to help them heal.  Sometimes they can’t, sometimes the damage has been just too much.  Our rescuers cry.  A lot.  But then they must smile, they must go on to make the lives of others happy and carefree.  No one is carefree without somebody backing them all the way, somebody who loves, who cares, who is there. 

Our rescuers can look at every animal and remember the poor sad soul that arrived on the doorstep .....  and they can smile at the happy carefree critter they are today.

We all need more happiness in the world.  We need to smile.  We need to face the bad times and be able to go on.  We need to let the unhappiness go, and keep the happiness.

And that is why we bring Good Morning Good News .... good news about the animal world and especially about the residents of Rikki’s Refuge.