Friday, February 15, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! February 15, 2013

Hi there, Vincent here.  I enjoyed watching that TV interview if mom that I shared with you yesterday and learning some things I'd never known, and so last night I was sitting around reminiscing with mom, all about the early days of Rikki's Refuge.

But did you know there was actually a time before Rikki's Refuge?   Wow!  I guess I just never knew, that was before I was even born!  That was like, a really, really, really long time ago.  But then again, mom is really, really old.

And so I asked her to tell me about things before Rikki's Refuge.  We sat up all night talking, and now I'm going to tell you the story .......   oh, but it's really long, so it's too much for my paws to type all up one day, so I'm going to have to share with you just a few chapters at a time ...  Hope that's okay with you. 

So here's Chapter 1 from my interview with mom.

Vincent: So I understand there was life before Rikki's Refuge.  Even a business you ran to help animals.  That business is the parent of Rikki's Refuge today, and it's called Life Unlimited of Virginia.  Tell me about that and what you did before Rikki's Refuge?

Mom: Life Unlimited of Virginia, Inc. was formed with the dream of making the planet a more friendly place for all the inhabitants. Our focus would be on what we humans usually call “the animals”.  But when we divide the planet down into its basics, animals, vegetables, minerals, we find that the humans also fall into the category called “the animals”.

Over the years, I have found that you never touched the life of an animal without also touching the life of at least one human. Perhaps only yours, but in most cases an entire family or even more. As humans begin to care about another, be it another human, a cat, dog, pig or horse, it stirs their heart into caring, into helping, into kindness, and this kind of spreads forward in other areas of their life. And so for every animal volunteers the world over reach out to help, they're helping the entire planet become closer and closer to a state of kindness, compassion and caring.

Life Unlimited of Virginia, Inc.’s first project was a radio show - “A program dedicated to the health and well-being of animals everywhere - especially the ones in your life” - called Animal Update.

This was an upbeat, encouraging, up lifting, all pawsitive, all the time drive-time call-in talk-show where we featured interesting guests who were involved, one way or another, in the animal world. People who ran rescue organizations, sanctuaries, veterinarians, holistic medical practitioners, animal communicators, natural pet food stores. We frequently featured particular animals on the show, cats or dogs for adoption, iguanas, frogs or snakes.  People would call in with questions about their own pets, about helping animals in need, with general questions about the species of animal we were featuring.  These questions would lead to very interesting and informative discussions which our rapidly growing and loyal audience thoroughly enjoyed.

We used the advertising time on the radio to support organizations, announcing their adoption days and their fundraising events.  Our paid advertising time featured businesses who were animal friendly or who were helping animal rescue organizations in one way or another.

The show always ended with trailers encouraging people to get involved and do something good for the planet!

Remember - each new day is full of opportunities, possibilities, and potential.  Make the best of every day.  Start today.  Thanks for being with us tonight.

Remember - Nothing happens unless it's first a dream.   Keep dreaming and join us again next time.  Thanks for being with us tonight.

Remember - The best way to predict the future is to invent it.  Have a great evening and join us again next time.  Thanks for being with us tonight.

Remember - Cats are nature's way of telling you your furniture is too nice.  Have a wonderful evening and tune in again next time.  Thanks for being with us tonight.

Vincent: Well, that sounds interesting, and I'm certainly glad you are teaching people the right thing about cats! 

Tomorrow we’ll hear about what had led mom to a point of wanting to educate people about animals and why she was interested in running a business to help animals.

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