Saturday, December 30, 2017



Wanda, Buttercup, Rick, Reese, Clarence, Buzz, Catina, Norman, Beauty, Doug, Tony, Obie ....  missing from photo but working hard, Lauren, Katie, Willie, Opie, and on the roof Peter, Paul, Perry, and Pat.

Good Morning !!!  I want to take a few moments --- out of that cold and the constant breaking up of ice and refilling water bowls -- to sit down here with a warm cup of tea and chat with you.  Opie seems to have taken over all the fun parts of running the refuge, like talking to YOU. 

The Three Little Pigs first winter !  Destined for market at four months old ... they'd never know the feel of snow under their hooves if it wasn't for YOU !

Did you know that in sub freezing weather, the humans here at Rikki's need to work thru the night to keep everyone safe and protected?  And they do it without a complaint.  They spilt up, they take shifts, they each take a section.  Water gets checked and changed every 4 hours ....  all thru the day and night.  

Did you know that, especially with elderly animals, going even a few hours without being able to get some water can harm their kidneys?  And what if somebody tosses somebody else out of the warm nest in the middle of the night?  

Being a cat is GOOD.  Not only do I have an all natural fur coat that keeps me warm.  I can just WATCH as the hoomans carry hundreds and hundreds of buckets of water to fill water when the hoses are frozen.  Did you know it takes 20 buckets to fill just one of dozens of livestock water bowls?

It's not just water ...  food consumption goes up the colder it gets.  Where do you get the fat and the fur and the feathers and the energy to burn to keep you warm .... FOOD !!!!   Be it corn ... oh so much cracked corn in the winter for the birds ....  or hay ... or canned cat and dog food.   Consumption all the way round is UP and the temp goes DOWN. 

By fall, Rikki's funds drop so low we worry every day, we beg, we borrow.  Giving picks up as the holidays approach and as end of year giving and getting for resolutions in the new year approach. 

Milo, our official unicorn (really, it was a botched home de-horning job before he came to know the safety of Rikki's Refuge) and CJ (who's been grinning ever since you saved her life) grinning at the snow !!

We must supply a steady level of care ... and lots of food ... all year round.  Not just the last month of the year!  We must keep up the feeding, medical care, housing and cleaning of the animals in the months our donors are vacationing and don't have spare money for the animals.  In the months they are struggling with bills.  When they're outfitting their kids to go off to school.  Every month is just as important as the next here at Rikki's. 

Seriously, Hooman?  YOU still have to scrub everything clean when it's snowing?  I'm glad I'm a cat.  Hoomans never quit workin round here!  Goliath ....  happy at Rikki's where he can run and climb trees and be a wild boy, at tried the adoption route and being indoors and it wasn't for him, returned and returned ....  till he made his way to HIS HAPPY HOME at Rikki's Refuge !!

And that is why we count on YOU to help us with the big end of year DOUBLE YOUR DONATION challenge.   The fund is calculated to get us thru the winter, to keep the pantries filled, to feed meals of hay and grain when there is snow on the fields, to keep every one warm and happy and well fed.  To provide for those emergency medical issues that come up so unexpected. 

Always together .... no matter what .... absolute loyalty and devotion ....  You find it in the strangest mixes at Rikki's Refuge where love blossoms in so many ways !

If you help us real our goal with this end of year challenge .....   together, we'll make it thru 2018 !!!

Thank you for always being there.  So many of you I miss being able to sit down and talk to.  Who knew when I left to "do" Rikki's almost 20 years ago .....  Yes, Aug 14, 2018 will be the official 20 year mark ....  that it would become the obsession of my life.

Do I ever get tired of it?  Tired of the hard work, tired of the long nights, tired of seeing the sad faces that come to us?  Yes, oh yes I do.  Tired of seeing those sad faces become happy, tired of seeing someone they said would never walk again out climbing trees !!  No, oh no I don't !!!!   And it makes all the hard parts so totally worthwhile !!!!

The geese never tire of any weather .... let it rain ... let it snow .... they LOVE nature .... and they love YOU for letting them live a beautiful natural life. 

At Rikki's, the Christmas Goose is a HAPPY goose !

Thank you for loving the animals like I do .....  You keep sending those funds to make this happen, and I'll keep scooping that poop, breaking up that ice, carrying the sick ones to their doctors, and sending you photos of the smiling faces YOU have given that second chance of happiness !!!

Nooooooo ..... DADDY .... what IS that horrible white stuff all over ??? Don't make me step in it !!!!!!! Mouky, who came from Egypt a couple of years ago, once paralyzed hind legs, now leaps to tall shoulders in a single bound when he stepped out this morning and discovered .... snow ..... !!!!!

May your 2018 be as wonderful as the 2018 YOU will give to Rikki's Refuge !!!   Back to the salt ice mines!  Kerry

The Rikki's Refuge LIFE CENTER will be open for last minute donations ($$, food, goods for our thrift shop!) from 11:30 - 2:30 pm SATURDAY (Saturday, December 30).
We are at 21410 Constitution Hwy, Rapidan, VA (at the corner of Route 20/Quarterhorse) with a row of mailboxes in front). The gate will be open!!

Drop off your check for the End of Year DOUBLE Your DONATION Challenge! thru your paypal account
or mail a check dated in 2017 to
Rikki's Refuge, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960, USA

When you visit the Vincent D. Cat Memorial Life Center for Donation Drop off on Saturdays between 12 and 2 AND drop off your donation ....  you can visit with the cats there, and with the sheep and goats and horses and the cows !!!!  It's not a full a tour, but you can bring treats of fruits and veggies to feed them ... well not the cats ...  but only healthy natural fruits and veggies ....  no bread or cookies please !!!


Would you like a year-end tax deduction that may SIGNIFICANTLY lower your tax obligation AND help Rikki's Refuge too?

Consider donating stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

When you give a gift of publicly traded stock that you have owned for more than one year and has increased in value, you may realize greater tax benefits than by giving a cash donation.  YOUR charitable income tax deduction becomes equal to the fair market value of the appreciated stock.  You may also avoid paying capital gains tax on any increase in the current value over the original cost of the stock.  AND because you are transferring ownership of the stock, not selling it, you may save the brokerage fees, too.

When you donate stock directly to Rikki's, your contribution and tax deduction may instantly increase over 20%.  When you donate bonds or mutual funds, the same rules apply.

It's a win-win strategy!

You get a tremendous tax break and the 1,300 residents of Rikki's get food, shelter, medical care and lots of love!  Get out that portfolio and put your stock broker or accountant to work at the end of 2017!


          HELP KEEP
—Donate now at !!!—
We have a generous sponsor who is wants a tax break as much as YOU do! They will DOUBLE all donations UP TO $52,775 NOW through December 31 at 11:59 pm! Wouldn't you rather donate your money to Uncle Vincent Cat at RIKKI'S REFUGE (yes!) than to Uncle Sam?!

Donate now at !!!!

 Hurry Hurry Hurry
HELP Rikki's Refuge No-Kill Life-Care Multi-Species Sanctuary raise the funds they need to continue operations in 2018.
All Donations thru 2017 will be MATCHED and DOUBLED by special donors.  to donate on line right now ! if you'd like to go thru your paypal account
or mail a check dated in 2017 to
Rikki's Refuge, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960, USA
These funds are absolutely vital to our on-going efforts to save lives each and every day in 2018 !!!
Please, won't you help?  NO donation is too small.  Just $1 feeds four meals !!
Please help, donate and SHARE .... urge all your FRIENDS to help and SHARE TOO !
Thank you from the almost 1300 animals of 22 species who call Rikki's Refuge HOME !


It's gonna be a COLD one folks !!!!  And it might be white!  Absolutely positively last chance to sign up for the traditional wild and wonderful, all pristine, get lots in the woods, nature hike !!!   Not for the feint of heart or if you're not up to serious trekin!  Noon on New Years Day.  RSVP


Thank you for making Re-Tail ....  Rikki's very own thrift shop so very successful !!!  We thank you for your gently used donation of furniture, household items, toys, clothing and equipment !!!    It's been a wonderful success selling your items so we can buy food for the animals !!

                       DON'T  YOU  THINK ?



Don’t forget to SAVE A LIFE TODAY !
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And please come see me soon !!

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