Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Sandy Claws is coming to Rikki's Refuge

Twas the month before Christmas,
            when all through the Refuge,
The creatures were unhappy,
            cuz their debt -- it was huge!
Their stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that Sandy Claws would answer their prayers.
All creatures were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of tasty food danced in their heads.

Vincent hugged his mom, told her, "Just wait and see."
"I know Sandy Claws will answer our plea."
"I hope so," said Kerry, "this year's been so tough."
"It just makes me cry, cuz there's never enough."

As they held each other, a wonder appeared:
Sandy Claws with a sleigh, he was singing with cheer.
"Don't worry Vincent, I'm here to help out!"
"I'm filling your stocking, did you have any doubt?"
"I've got ten thousand dollars for matching donations.
Ask for contributions by December 20, and have a celebration!"

Vincent and his mom were beside themselves with glee!
Now they could feed all the creatures and be debt free.
They thanked Sandy Claws with all their might,
And said, "Merry Christmas to all,
                     and to all a good night."

Thanks to a wonderful and beloved donor and friend of Rikki's Refuge, YOUR donations, up to $10,000 will be DOUBLED if received by December 20th !!!!   Please help us meet this goal!!! 

With 1,300 animals of 22 species, it take everyone helping out to keep them happy, healthy and warm this winter!!!!     DONATE HERE

Thank you to the following supporters who are making our dreams come true !!!!

Bubba Bergstein, Good wishes to you Max!!
Susie Jeddygirl, Merry Christmas Vincent and Rikki's!
Kristina Zanotti, Merry Christmas, Vincent and Friends!
Kim Arrigo, May your days be filled with Fancy Feast!!
Laurie K, Happy Holly Days:)
Kimberly Lewis, I love you, Vincent!
Scarlettnjo Russell, Are we there yet?
Jamie DeSimone, Keep up all of your great work!
Miryha, For Vincent & Friends!! Have a Cool Yule!
Duke Thomas Peabody

Thank you for your support.  All donations are 100% tax deductible under IRS 501-c-3 ruling.  Rikki's Refuge is owned and operated by Life Unlimited of Virginia, Inc., an IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Virginia Corporation. Federal Tax-ID 54-1911042. Members: Combined Federal Campaign VA & MD #77674, Combined Virginia Campaign #3163, PetsMart Charities #1377, paypal.com (mail@rikkisrefuge.org), your donations provide direct support. A financial statement is available upon written request from the State Office of Consumer Affairs.

Sugarbabies - A Holistic Guide to Caring for Your Diabetic Pet

 Authored by Randi E. Golub CVT 


and $5 of the $12.50 purchase price will 
benefit the animals of Rikki's Refuge

Sugarbabies: A Holistic Guide to Caring for Your Diabetic Pet delivers the vital information required by guardians of dogs and cats living with diabetes. From a detailed description of diabetes — including signs, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring, nothing is overlooked. There are comprehensive sections on diet, exercise, how to give injections and more, based on the author's expertise after three decades of working with diabetic animals.

So many pet guardians are fearful of giving injections and having this process negatively impact their relationships with their beloved pets.But Randi addresses this in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner that will bring relief and confidence to both all involved in caretaking a diabetic pet.

A professional and compassionate guide, this book guides guardians or caretakers toward positive illness management. 

and $5 of the $12.50 purchase price will 
benefit the animals of Rikki's Refuge

Randi's new book 'Sugarbabies: A Holistic Guide to Caring for Your Diabetic Pet' provides support and guidance to be used in conjunction with your pet’s veterinary care. This comprehensive and reader-friendly book speaks to everyone concerned with understanding and treating diabetes, with quality of life as the primary focus. In this professional and compassionate guide, you will find the answer to many questions, such as:

  • What is Diabetes Mellitus?
  • What are the signs of diabetes?
  • What treatment options are available for treating diabetic pets?
  • How can certain diets and exercise maximize a diabetic pet's health?
  • What can be done at home to monitor a diabetic pet?
  • How will I recognize and handle emergencies?
  • How can I provide better care for my senior pet? When you learn that your beloved pet is sick, where do you turn? If the diagnosis is diabetes, this book is the perfect place to start!

  • and $5 of the $12.50 purchase price will 
    benefit the animals of Rikki's Refuge

    "Sugarbabies" is a holistic and positive guide for anyone caring for a diabetic dog or cat. This book teaches about the signs of diabetes, how diabetes is diagnosed, and includes information on conventional and complimentary treatments, monitoring treatment as well as creating a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. Compassionate decision making support is offered throughout the book.

    Sugarbabies - A Holistic Guide to Caring for Your Diabetic Pet

    Sugarbabies- Table of Contents

    1.   What is Diabetes?
    2.   The Signs of Diabetes
    3.   Diagnosing Diabetes
    4.   Starting Treatment
    5.   Treatment Modalities: Different Ways of Treating Diabetes
    6.   Keeping Your Diabetic Pet Healthy through Diet
    7.   Keeping Your Diabetic Pet Healthy through Exercise
    8.   Monitoring Your Pet &Treatment Assessment
    9.   Supplies Needed for Home Treatment
    10. How to Give Insulin Injections
    11. In Home Testing Procedures for Your Diabetic Pet
    12. Problems Regulating Your Diabetic Pet
    13. Ketoacidosis and Other Unpronounceable Diabetic Emergencies
    14. Getting Out of Dodge - Traveling and Your Diabetic Pet
    15. Taking Good Care of Your Senior Diabetic Pet
    16. How Will I Know It's Time? - End of Life Considerations


    Book will also include tear out sheets, including information for pet sitters, important phone numbers, a chart for monitoring and a form for charting home blood glucose curves.

    and $5 of the $12.50 purchase price will 
    benefit the animals of Rikki's Refuge

    About the author:
    Randi E. Golub is a state certified veterinary technician who brings more than three decades of experience to this book. Her specialty is the care of elderly, terminally ill, and diabetic cats and dogs. She has brought this experience to zoos, private and surgical practices, humane societies, and emergency clinics. As the proprietor of CatNurse on Call/CatNurse Cottage, she provides in home services to cats and dogs and feline exclusive boarding. The author, a world traveler and accomplished artist, resides with her husband and a tribe of rescued animals in Eugene, OR.

    Publication Date:   Jan 26 2011
    ISBN/EAN13:    1452808120 / 9781452808123
    LCCN:    2010905351
    Page Count:    196
    Binding Type:    US Trade Paper
    Trim Size:    6" x 9"
    Language:    English
    Color:    Black and White with Bleed
    Related Categories:    Pets / General
    BUY it HERE 
    and $5 of the $12.50 purchase price will 
    benefit the animals of Rikki's Refuge