Saturday, May 02, 2015

Good Morning Good News !!!! May 1 & 2, 2015

Good Morning Good News !!!!  Friday, May 1, 2015

Hi ... Good Morning !!!  Welcome to May on Planet Earth ...  the Bestest Planet to be on !!!    I was planning on getting started with my exercise program so I could be fit for summer ....  NO ..  no no no ....   not to put on a bathing suit ...   no way ....  I'm not getting anywhere near the water ....  and if I did ... trust me ... I'd skinny dip ....  naked is the way to go !!!!!  

It's a ducky kind of day today .....   we gotted two new babies in ....  some kidz bought them at a store selling chicks and ducks ... and gee .... when they got home their mom said ....  NO WAY .....   so now they'll live happily ever after in the safety and comfort of Ducky Diggs at Rikki's Refuge No Kill Animal Sanctuary ...

Now if I'd taken 'em home to my mommey ....  Not MOM my hooman substitute ... I mean my tummy mummy Nellie ....  she'd a had a different plan ....   but I'm not allowed to talk about my natural instincts  .......   especially now ....   that

I AM THE WINNER OF CATS vs DOGS ....   and I shall be the RULER OF THE REFUGE for the next year .....   so I have to live the part .... 

kindness to all and all that ....   but I still get my Fancy Feast .....   aside from that ... I take the vow of vegan ....  I will wear no clothes made out of animal ....  if I can help it I will wear no clothes ....   my parties for hoomans shall only contain animal there to enjoy the fun .....   I'll be kind to every one .....    no matter how many legs ... or how long their ears are .....  

THANK YOU ALL for your VOTES !!!!   It means the WORLD to me .  I shall do my best to serve you and to care for all the residents of Rikki's to the very best of my ability. 

Peepers enjoying the spring

I hope to see some of you at the various events going on this weekend and on into the summer at Rikki's and at our off site events.  Please raise your hand to volunteer !!!  Don't wanna scoop poop?  That's ok ... me either ... I leave it for hoomans ....  join us at events and festivals ... Why just TOMORROW I need YOU helping at the RESTON PET FIESTA ...  You can learn more at our web site ... just click on UPCOMING EVENTS  

Or on the blog and click on

You can see the upcoming events and all the fun fun fun   ...  stay in touch ... stay informed !!! 

I try to remember to tell you everything .... but my brain is only so big and sometimes I forget ....

Wanna help shear sheep?  I need YOU on the 15th and 16th .....

Come to Donation Drop Off at the Life Center tomorrow ... or any Saturday ....  and don't forget that Fancy Feast !!!!

If YOU do wanna scoop poop ....  I'm interviewing for more Helping Hoomans every Saturday at noon at the Life Center ...  Yup ....  we've got a couple staffing positions still open. 

Petunia loves the rainy weather

Want to help .... but not every day ....  well then be a volunteer !!!  Come and mow grass, clean up and help us build and repair things !!!!   

We have so much fun at Rikki's ....   come ... be a part of it ....

At Rikki’s you can let your animal side show  !!!

And keep your eyes open for something very special that will last 24 hours ....   starting at 12 am Tuesday May 5th and running thru midnight ... YUP a very special Cinco da Mayo  .....  Its happening ONLY one line ...  I hope YOU will be here with us !!!!! 

Cus I'll be right here with YOU !!!

... gotz to run ... da breakfast bell is ringing ....  remember

I LOVE YOU ALWAYS .....    Opie  

Good Morning Good News !!!!  Catturday, May 2, 2015

OOOpppsssss  mom made me get off puter before I got my note out to you yesterday .....   bad hooman

Well Good Morning !!!   It's a busy day.  Join Uncles Paul  and Ken and some of my volunteers at the Reston Pet Fiesta !!!   Can you believe the summer circuit of events and festivals has started??  Get ready .... and hey .... why don't YOU think of volunteering to be at Rikki's booth at events all over the sate !!!   You can do events representing Rikki's no matter where YOU are too !!!   Just ask us how !!!

I don't get to go to the Pet Fiesta ... they have live music and lots of doggies .... everybody brings their dawggie ....   and one of them might not understand that I AM THE RULER .....   And Duke can't go either cuz loud noises agitate him and if he gets real agitated he has seizures.

Shaggy is slowly learning to love visitors .... 
he had a hard and difficult life before coming to Rikki’s

So I'll be staying at Rikki's all day.  First I'll stupervise da hoomans cleaning up da poo in the morning.  Then I'll do donation drop off from noon to 2 pm with Auntie Lolly. 

And I'll be interviewing very special people who want a job working at Rikki's.  You gotta be real special to pass my approval test .... 

I time how fast you can scoop cuz I don't want no dirty box .... yick ... no way .....  my personal assistant must be there to keep it clean for me .... and to keep my plate full of Fancy Feast ...   ummm hummmm.

Then I gotta put on my business suit .... I gots to go to my first Board Meeting as the new Ruler of the Refuge.  Did I say thank you for voting for me ?   Well THANK YOU !!!!!   

After the meeting ... Iz got to go off and sneak me some Fancy Feast as the rest of the board watches Chef Ron grill up veggie burgers ....  

Then we'll be going on the Full Moon Walk ....  that's where we walk around in the dark with nothing but the moon to look out for the lions and tigers and bears that might want to eat us ..... wait a minute .... do I want to go on this walk?  Maybe I better stay home and let mom and dad lead it.   Oh !  If they getted eated by a bear or something .... will you dopt me?

Right now the weather looks like the walk won't be so good ....  it's supposed to start getting cloudy at 6 and be pretty cloudy by 8 pm and it doesn't got dark till 8:30 or so.  If it's as cloudy as last night, we can't do the walk.  Weather hooman better be wrong .... it better stay bright and moony .....

Here are our newest babies ....  
Thank you for being my friend !!

bought at a farm store by a teen .....  parental units most upset ....  given up the next day ....   probably a pretty familiar scenario for little ducks and chicks sold in stores as days old babies ...  I wonder what the average life span is for somebody who's life is valued at about the price of a large bag of potato chips .... and as readily available ....    Thank goodness their teen owner cared enough and was responsible enough to look for rescue ..... so many many end up dumped outside .... helpless .... alone ....  just waiting to be a snack for somebody coming along .....    

I'm glad these babies got saved ... even if mom won't let me play with them ....

Ohhhh   I guess I have to tell you my secret for Tuesday - don’t I ?

And I gotz a secret for Monday too .... well it’s not so secret !!!   GGP and Uncle James will be coming on Monday !!!  I so cited to see them !!!


Sally had eye surgery this week.  She’s healing nicely.  She’s getting eye meds several times a day for a couple weeks before the stitches can come out.  After four days we could no longer keep her locked up.  She’d found every possible way to bust out,  Finally just about totally destroying the pen and hurting her eye in the process.  Now we chase her down and catch her for the meds each time.  PLEASE Sally ... hurry up and heal !!!!

Without YOU

none of us would be here

enjoying the beautiful greens of spring  !!
THANK YOU !!!!!!

Calvin and friends loving the fresh spring grass

Your donations saved every one of us and will keep us all alive in 2015 .... we pray.  Please HELP US as we keep our pantries stocked  !!!!   Take the Opie Pledge and promise to work each and every day to make the planet just a little bit better.  If the pictures of the animals you have saved in this issue have made you smile, please take a few moments to make a donation so we can keep them smiling!!!

I hope you have a wonderful Catturday !!!! 

the entire Spokes Cat Team at Rikki's Refuge THANK YOU for voting them in for another year of service.