Saturday, March 03, 2012

Good Morning Good News, March 3, 2012

So yesterday Iz go to doc. 

It's the first time in a month I be wanting to scoot all over and see who's in every room and talk to everybody!!!!   Doc say, Hey look there!!!!  Our boy got a gleam back in his eyes!!!  

And then you know what she do to me????   She stick me with THIRTY FIVE acupuncture needles!!!  Yeah  35!!!!  And I'm just a little kitty cat.  Is this fair?  Even between my toes!!!!   But that not hurt, it feel funny.  Couple on my back leg hurt a little, but really not bad. 

I wanted to scoot around and show everybody how I look like porcupine, but they make me sit on table and wait. 

Doc said how about trying some good natural holistic nums, cuz I was hungry, I was all excited when I saw the can coming, but pop, and she give me some and sniff the stuff and I say WHAT, WHAT is this??  This no num!!  Num is Fancy Feast, that's the best num for me.  She tried three different kinds of good holistic nums and I say no thank you, I get my Fancy Feast when I get back in the car!!!  That's the RIGHT nums for me !!!  Yes it is !!!!!  

I be sorry, the news not so good on my Buddy doggie.  He be very old and the lump on his belly is not good.  You no wanna hear gory details, but it can’t be operated on.  But the good news is he don’t know it’s a problem now and he be comfortable and be his good old self for now.  Mom and Lena they gotta watch it for growing and causing him problems, so we hopes that be very slow.  For now he’s happy walking around the farm enjoying life and retirement.

Well it’s Caturday and there’s lots to do so I gotta go.  Maybe tonight I can get the pics of me looking like a porcupine on the puter for you to see!!!

Have a wonderful Caturday and remember

PS did you know that you can buy me Fancy Feast here and the nice mail man bring it to me!!!!!   He don’t open the cans, but mom is good for that.  AND you can even sign up to send me a monthly subscription????
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