Friday, April 15, 2011

Good Morning Good News !!!! April 15, 2011

I’m Vincent D. Cat and here to make you happy!  You are HEROES!  You work hard every day and you deserve to smile every day!  Those of you working to save us animals hear so very many very sad things.  And there’s lots of very glad things too and that’s what we talk about here!  All pawsitive all the time!  I want my friends to be happy and smile and know there’s a lot of good - including YOU - in this world!!  Be kind and pass it on!  Please send me your Good New and Fun Stuff to share, personal or global. Let’s keep it fun and interactive!!  After all, if we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane!

Oh Goodness Gracious!!!

It’s a Happy Day !!!

Let’s do the Happy Dance !!!

Look eee here !!!!!

Your votes have been counted !!!!

Your votes counted big time !!!!!

$5,000 to Rikki’s Refuge

I made second place in the Bissell Photo Contest
Vincent hooks up the goat cart for a trip around the refuge and around town to thank all his friends for all the team work and effort they put into the Bissell Contest. It was 12 long hard weeks and YOU all ROCK!!! Thank you for putting me here!!! I'm so proud of you for helping to get $5,000 to save the lives of more critters.

You DO know what April is?
It’s Official Cats vs Dogs Month!!!
Who will Rule the Refuge for the Next Year??

Don’t you think I deserve to win?
Please cast your vote for me, Vincent!
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If you must support the under dog
you can vote for Duke?
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Round the Refuge

Yeahhhh thank you James and thank you Ellie!!!  Last Friday a lady came and said she had a right of way thru our woods, meandering up and down and all around, to get to her property and she wanted to cut a big wide trail so logging trucks could go and come and cut down all the trees on her property. 

Before I could pick my jaw up off the floor, mom is saying, hmmmm, I don’t think this is a good idea.  I don’t think you can do this and I sure won’t give you permission to cut down trees on our property and kill the animals that live in the trees and in the creeks that would get run over and in the wetlands that would get filled in.  I need help to figure out what’s what.  And so that’s where James the best surveyor in town and Ellie, friend to the animals lawyer, came into play.  And they worked hard, day and night, with mom, searching deeds and titles and saying is it possible ... And they dug up all the history and they said no, it’s not right, the lady can’t come thru the refuge to do that.  Yeahhh. 

And so the nice lawyers sent a letter to the lady explaining why she couldn’t do that and it started out like this.... the Refuge was founded in 1998 and has become very well know in Virginia as a preservation oriented, habitat sensitive, no-kill, all species, peaceful animal refuge. During 13 plus years of operation, the refuge has worked to preserve it’s land. For an animal refuge, you will understand, the sanctity of the land is mission critical ...

Isn’t that nice?  I hope the lady understands and isn’t mad.  We just can’t let anybody get hurt here at Rikki’s Refuge.

Mom is working like a Dog
She’s laying out in the driveway sunbathing and making me do all the work around here!  I think you should vote for the CATS to rule the refuge!!!  But do watch out, don’t run over mom on the way in!!  I need those thumbs in fine working order!!

Foster homes needed:
Spring has sprung as the saying goes and with it kittens and puppies are being born at a frantic pace.  This early in the year, we’re talking little baby fuzzies!  Newborns galore, some with their mothers and some without.  These tiny guys and gals can’t be vaccinated for several weeks and are at their most vulnerable in a shelter setting where strays and ill animals also seek refuge.  Foster homes are most urgently needed for mother cats and kittens right now.  As of today, we have two feline families who need a quiet corner of your home in which to nap, eat and grow strong.  We have wire dog crates, litter pans, bedding and all the supplies ready to loan.  Please spread the word and the OCAS a call at (540)672-1124 if you can help.  

Cute marbled torbico up for adoption
Adorable kitten, about 5 months old at Rikki’s.  Had tested positive for Leukemia in a shelter.  Has been here for a month and is now testing negative!!!  Yeahhhhh.  It’s often something that leave antibodies in the blood from their mom.  She really wants YOU to adopt her now!!!

See how much your votes can mean?
The Shelter Challenge can mean
thousands of $$$$$
It’s so important!
vote every day thru Sunday June 19th   Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA
The Animal Rescue Site - Shelter Challenge
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There’s lots of ways you can vote
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Vincepurrational Visions
While most are dreaming of success,
winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it.
That’s right!  That’s all we have to do.  Want to win bad enough. And we will. Tell everyone you know to vote for Rikki’s Refuge in the Shelter Challenge.  Keep bringing money in to save the animals.  This is so very important.  Please help out!

Good Times in the News
Submitted by Walker

It was 99 years ago today that the worst maritime disaster in history unfolded in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. The Titanic was the largest, most luxurious   ocean liner of it's time, and was considered the safest ship ever built. It cost the White Star Company $10 million dollars to complete, and nothing was left to chance during it's construction. Except for one tiny detail that did not seem important when the mighty ship left Southampton England four days earlier - that it carried only enough lifeboats for 1/2 the people on board.

Everyone knows what happened that fateful night the Titanic struck an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland, but few people know the role a Newfoundland dog played in saving a boatload of survivors. Rigel, a big, beautiful Newfie was the pride and joy of Titanic's First Officer Murdock, who went down with the ship. For three hours the faithful Rigel swam in the icy waters where the Titanic went down, apparently looking for his beloved Murdock. As dawn broke, the rescue ship Carpathia pulled up looking for boats, rafts and other survivors to pull out of the icy water. Lifeboat #4 drifted under the Carpathia's starboard bow and was dangerously close to being run over, the terrified and exhausted occupants too weak to shout for help. That's when Rigel sprang to action! He swam up to boat #4 and started barking so loudly that he caught the attention of Carpathia's Captain Rostron, who immediately ordered the engines to be stopped. Rigel then grabbed the rope and pulled boat #4 to the starboard gangway, saving everyone on board. Care was taken to pull Rigel out of the water, but he seemed fine after his long trip in the icy ocean. In fact, he stood by the railing and barked and barked, undoubtedly for his beloved Murdock, until Captain Rostron called Jonas Briggs over to take the dog below deck. Seaman Briggs fell in love with the heroic black dog immediately and took him home once the ordeal was over to live happily ever after.

So Vincent D. Cat, who says dogs don't make history?   

Dear Vincent
.......put your question here?
Lots of you have questions about Rikki’s Refuge.  I’ll pick one or two a day to answer here.  Ask your questions in the blog comments or sent to me at

Dear Vincent-
I know that you kitties far outnumber the dogs (or any other species, for that matter) at Rikki's.  That's if you count heads...and that's what makes you think Fancy Feast is the most important food for folks to bring to Rikki's.  BUT.....what about if you count pounds?  Who weighs more, all the dogs put together - or all the cats?  Since you cats win most of the contests at Rikki's, I thought this might be one the dogs could win!
And no fair eating extra fancy feast to pack on the pounds, Vincent!  That wouldn't be fair.....
A Friend of Rikki's Refuge

Vincent Responds:  
Hmmmmmm  659 cats x 7 pounds average = 4,613 pounds of cat !!!!!  Gee barely two cow !!!!

43 dog x boy they vary a lot more in weight, from 10 pounds to 120 pounds, probably average -- Oh I know I'll look at their hartworming chart, that has weights - 2,410 pounds of dog !!!

Heee Heee Hee we still win !!!!!!

Love, Vincent

Upcoming Events
SATURDAYS            DONATION DROP OFF,  noon - 2 pm,  got something to drop off quick?  The gates will be unlocked.  No tour at this time, just drop off.  Donation Drop Off will be available every Saturday from noon - 2 pm in 2011

SUNDAYS            TOUR THE REFUGE - NOON, mini tour, take a walk around and see the animal neighborhoods.  Every week on Sunday you can join a mini tour where you can walk around from animal neighborhood to neighborhood, from Piggy Paradise to Horsey Haven and see the animals.   One tour only, starts at noon.  Please be prompt.

SATURDAYS ON OR BEFORE THE FULL MOON            FULL MOON WALK, Bon Fire, vegan bbq, pot luck
4/16, 5/14, 6/11, 7/16, 8/13, 9/10, 10/8, 11/12, 12/10

April 16, 2011                SATURDAY     Bunny Bonanza 1 pm - 5 pm   We need Volunteers for the day, help with set up, clean up, bakers for the bake sale.  Please contact Katarina if you'd like to help out or if you want more information about the event!!   Admission is $3 in advance or $5 at the door per person.  Game booths with fun and exciting prizes for the kids.  Buy a tasty treat at our Bake Sale!!  Game Tickets 1 can of cat food each or $.50.  The Great Baldo Baldini will be performing his Magic Show!  COME CELEBRATE SPRING WITH THE 1200+ ANIMALS AT RIKKI’S REFUGE, ESPECIALLY THE BUNNIES!!  Face Painting, Hair Coloring and Tattoos!  One of a Kind Easter Egg Hunt starts at 3:00 Hint: Be prepared for lots of confetti and fun!  Donations made at this event will go directly to care for the 1200+ animals at
Rikki’s Refuge. Thank you for your generosity and see you there!  For more info and to purchase your tickets please visit our website  or call 540-854-0870 x3, 10910 Barr Ln, Rapidan, Va 22733.  This is an outdoor event don’t forget to dress for the weather!!   Rikki’s Own 5’ Tall Easter Bunny Will Be There for the Kids.

April 16, 2011                SATURDAY     Waugh Harley Pet Day 9 am - 4 pm - come visit us or volunteer to help us out.  Meet the animals and have some fun!!  Too Hot for Spots safety thermometers will be on sale, stop by in the morning so you can make Bunny Bonanza in the afternoon!   385 Waugh Boulevard (and corner of route 20), Orange, VA 22960  (540) 672-5550

April 17, 2011                SUNDAY          DOG DAY CHANGING OF SEASON - Clean out the winter bedding and prepare for the warm weather.

Dear Uncle Sam
Dear Uncle Sam, my name is Vincent D. Cat.  I have not received my tax refund.  Will you please send it to me now.  I desperately need to cast MY vote for CATS in the April Cats vs Dogs event at Rikki’s Refuge.  Please send me a check immediately, Vincent D. Cat, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960 or deposit my refund into my account for CATS

PS: This is my second letter to YOU

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Because I Love YOU
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