Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January 10, 2018

January 10, 2018  - Opie's Diary of Daily Doings at Rikki's Refuge

The birds are enjoying the thaw !!!  The more mud .... the more puddles .... the happier they are !!!!

The hoomans enjoyed the warm temps today too !!!!  Just a few months ago the 60's were sweatshirt weather ....   after the last couple weeks of not above freezing .....  the highs in the 40's gets them stripping down to sweatshirts !!!!

Goodby to a Rikki's Alumni
In 2015 one of our very special volunteer who'd been transferred half way across the country was praying to find a kind hearted beagle in need of a home.  Rikki's heard about one locally in dire need of quick rescue.  And Buddy came to stay with us at Rikki's for a while till he could make it half way across the country to his new home. 

Buddy was a special dog, always full of love and gratitude.  And he was strong for a 13 year old! 

Last year Buddy and his hooman retired and moved back east to live close to Rikki's Refuge so they could visit and volunteer often. 

What no one knew was that Buddy was hiding a serious liver problems, but on Monday night he no longer could hide it from the angels and he passed over the Rainbow Bridge. 

Buddy will be remembered by all who spent time with him.  He was an angel on earth.

We're so thankful that the last years of his life were spend in love and happiness being absolutely adored by a kind and gentle Rikkite !!

Obie says, Hey look !!!!   I found new wheels just sitting around !!!!  
This must be for me !!  They even put a nice layer of comfy pine pellet cat litter in here !!!!

Beauty is jealous that Obie got new wheels !!!

I introduced Lilith Lori to you when she arrived three days ago .... terrified .... She'd been trapped with her mom, mom was friendly and her little baby was terrified.  Mom was adopted out. This poor little one sat in a cage with the option of getting friendly or dying. Luckily she was brought to Rikki's Refuge instead of being killed.

Three days later ..... she's allowing finger pats and starting to lick a finger ..... I think she's going to do just fine !!!!!

Titan loves his Cindy. His sidekick Buddy thinks she's pretty cool, too!!
Cindy and her brother saved Titan's life.  They saw him every day in a pasture by the road they to their house.  They got to know him and would stop to feed him carrots and apples.  When they heard he was being sent to market they negotiated to buy him instead.  Not being quite equipped to care for a cow at home, Titan came to Rikki's to live out his natural life in peace and happiness.   Cindy and David stop in to visit him a couple times a week ....  and they always bring treats for Titan and his buddies !!

Nice people making happy animals !!!! 

We were out of canned cat and dog food today.  So we shopping and bought two shopping cards full.  But did YOU know that will only last a day and a half !!!   Around here everybody really likes to eat !!!  Especially in the winter time. 

Sanctuary Manager Doug says we're really quite desperate for sweet feed, senior horse feed, canned dog food, fabuloso (floor cleaner), dry cat food and canned cat food.

Did you know every Saturday from noon till 2 pm we have Donation Drop off?  You can swing by and drop off some donations!!  Won't you think about picking up a few items on our list and stopping by?

And bring some apples and carrots too !!!   You can meet Titan and his gang and feed them.  You'll also get to see the horses, sheep and goats and can give them treats !!!  It's not a full tour, but you can meet and pat and feed the animals in the pastures around the Life Center. 

Life Center, 21410 Constitution Hwy, Rapidan VA 22733 ....  Constitution is Route 20 and we're at the corner of Quarterhorse and 20, turn on Quarterhorse and immediately left into our gate .... come on down to the Life Center between noon and 2 pm on Saturdays for Donation Drop off !!!

Everybody is happy for a night where we won't dip down to freezing !!!!  
It's feeling like summer out here and we're all happy !!!!    And resisting being rounded up for the night and put to bed !!!   We want to play outside and party all night long !!!
  good night
Love, Opie 

ps.  If you missed a day of our adventures, you can find all my Diary posts on my blog !!!!