Saturday, April 04, 2015

Good Morning Good News !!!! Saturday, April 4, 2015

Today’s edition is brought to you by the Cows of Bovine Boulevard at Rikki’s Refuge  !!!    So I turn puter over to them now, Opie.

As you know, April is Cats vs Dogs at Rikki’s Refuge.  Many of you ask why us cows or the sheep or the rabbits never get the chance to run as Ruler of the Refuge.  

Well .... we simply would not get involved in such politics.  What nasty business !!!   All this arguing and fussing about who’s gonna rule !! 

No thank you ....  we just want our peace and quiet.  We’ve all been saved from fates that would make you cringe. 

Now we’re happy eating grass, laying in the sun, and knowing no one will ever ever eat us.  

Before I tell you our opinion and who we’re all voting for ....  let me catch you up to date ....

The very first vote - in the way of a donation, yes sireee this is a put your money where your mouth is kind of vote - came in for Duke of Doggy Downs !!!  Sure did, and from Cindy, and it was a big one folks.

So big it had the Little Orange guy crawling in his skin ....  you know how cats are ... they can’t stand not being in charge. 

Luckily for Opie, the next donation came in --- matching the first --- and voting for him !!!

So right now ... Cats and Dogs are in equal standing !!!!    That doesn’t happen often .... and YOU can break that tie ....   Make a click to take your pick !!!

Now LISTEN UP .....

We cows urge you to vote for the Little Yellow Dude ... Opie ... as in CATS ...  yes we do ...  And we’ll tell you why. 

The cats never want to chase us and bite at our heals.

Opie and Vincent kept us stocked with hay all winter long ...  yup ....  they gave up eating at times ... so we could much out.  Pretty decent of the little fellows. 

Lots of kitties come in and visit with us and snuggle with us .....  those dawggies kind a scare us ....   I know some of them are ok .... but we like them on the OTHER side of our fence !!!!

So we urge you to take our advice and

Now Look Here

I want to tell you about a wonderful young lady

Look what Bridget Kemp did !!!!    Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

Bridget turned 10 years old on March 28.

For her birthday, she asked for donations for Rikki's INSTEAD of gifts.

There was sooooo moooooouch it would not all fit in the shopping cart when she came to Re-Tail to drop off her donations !!!!


Ya know .. it’s kind a hard for us to do it the hand way ... so we give kisses for HIGH FIVE !!!

Seriously my friends, casting your VOTE in the Cats vs Dogs contest is VERY VERY important ....   You see at Christmas time we get lots of donations and that helps to get us thru the winter ... 

Though I think I heard the hay man complaining that he still wants to get paid for the last couple loads of hay that came ....   and we were telling Doug the other day that the grass is growing nice ... but not fast enough yet and we’re getting hungry and he’s gonna have to get one more truck full of hay for us ...

Did you know one truck of hay ...  that feeds us all for a week ....  all us hay eatin critters at Rikki’s ... us cows and the horses and donkeys and sheep and goats and even rabbits and guinea pigs .... it costs $800 a week ....  yup .....  

And that Orange Opie helps us to earn the money to buy that hay ....

And that’s why we say .....


But seriously ....   the Christmas money is long gone now ....  and we need to ask you to be generous in April to raise enough money to feed us and take care of us for the next few months ....   We never ask for much ahead of time ....  and we only want our basic needs ... that’s all ...  no fancy cars for us ... no fancy barns ....  no vacations ...just the basics ... enough to eat and enough to keep us happy and comfortable.

And so I beg you to give us hoofed critters a hand this month and help us out !!!

It doesn’t matter how much .....   if you can’t afford a dollar or two .... bring us a bag of carrots ... ok ok Opie ...  and some Fancy Feast so we can share with the cats ....   geesh as nice as that Orange Dude is he can be a pain in the tush sometimes !!!!

We’d planned to work for a living

and not have to mooooooch off of you .....  

After all YOU rescued us and saved our lives.  We were born to mom’s who weren’t allowed to give us milk.  They took our mom’s away and we cried.  They said there’s only one use for baby boys born on a dairy farm .....  and it’s something horrible called veal .... 

It makes me really sick to even think about what that means  .....  if you don’t know, I’ll let you look it up on the puter .... it’s a horrible fate for baby boys ....  far worse then just death .... trust me ....

And so you saved us !!!  And we came to Rikki’s Refuge to live for ever and ever and to be happy and to never get eaten.  And we thank you !!!  Oh we thank you so much !!!

And we wanted to get a job ....  but soon we found that the only “jobs” hoomans offer cows ... are ... well ....  really unspeakable evils things ....  Horrible things .....   No one should be forced to have a job like that .....    

And so thankfully Opie told you about us .....  and you’ve been taking care of us ever since !!!!!

You’ve given us the GOOD LIFE

and we’d like to give you something back.  Every day we send our love and gratitude to you. 

We invite you to come sit under the trees with us during a tour this spring .... just drop a note to to schedule a visit to meet us .....  please don’t forget to bring carrots and apples !!!!


More FUN This Year Than Ever Before !!!
Re-Tail’s ONE Year Anniversary / Cats vs Dogs
Bake Sale / Storewide 20% Savings / Raffles
Opie & Duke Giving Kisses for Votes
And So Much More !!!

All taking place at our Fredericksburg store, Re-Tail, on April 18th
Haven’t visited our store yet?     Stop in and see why Re-Tail IS the new buzz word in town !!!!     Visit the Adoption Room!     Find a new friend!
Please PLEASE join us for this day of excitement and fun !!!

Special Cat and Dog cupcakes and cookies
Very special Cat Cake and Dog Cake being raffled
Come on in and have a blast
Meet the Candidates and cast your vote !!!!

We won’t be allowed to go to Re-Tail for this event

something about city ordinances or something ....  we sure hope to see you at Rikki’s Refuge some time soon !!!

Come ....  Let us tell YOU somethin  .....

We are really urging you to vote for the cats ....  It’s not just cuz Opie said we had to tell you that.  It’s cus he really works so hard to keep things going at Rikki’s Refuge.

I bet you have no idea what a struggle it is for him.  Getting all the work done, everybody fed and everybody cleaned up.  And we aminals ... we make a lot of mess ... I mean that’s what we do, you know?  We poop all over the place .... it’s just the way it is.  But da hoomans don’t think that’s good and so Opie has to haul out about 600 pounds of poop every day ... yeah ... EVERY DAY ....

And the amount of food for all of us !!!  Oh my ...  Opie has to coordinate trucks coming in and out .... and he goes off begging for donations of nums ......

And he has to beg for donations of green paper to pay for doctors and medicines and oh my ...  I see the light on in his office long after all the rest of us have gone to bed .....   and again early in the morning .....   Opie just never let’s any of us do with out .....

And between all that work .....  Opie drives the goat cart to take us to the doctor .... and to visit fans ....  and people in nursing homes and to schools and ....

Gee ... I don’t know how that poor little guy does it all ....

Now Duke, he’s a nice guy ....  he is ... he’s really nice ....   but I seez him layin in the sun ...  playing with Boomer .....   I don’t see him at the puter much.  I know he’s blind and all ....  and so it’s hard for him to use the brail puter ....  but really ....  we just have to give our vote to the CATS in order to be sure we get fed for the next year.

So won’t you please vote for Opie?

But if you really can’t .... or if you want to donate to Duke to make him not feel love too ... that’s ok.

The important thing is that you do your civic responsibility and VOTE !!!!    Just remember .... if YOU don’t VOTE .... it’s against the law to complain about who wins !!!!


I sure hope I’m gonna see you at our special Cats vs Dogs - One Year Anniversary of Re-Tail Event on April 18th !!!!

And I really really hope you’ll vote for me   (your click is your vote)

But if you hate me .....   please vote for Duke