Tuesday, May 01, 2012

BOS Hearing May 8, 2012

I would very much appreciate your support for this project.  Our attorney has asked us to invite folks to come and speak or to write in.  If you've review the above document you'll see that two neighbors are rounding up opposition against us.

SO I NEED YOUR HELP to be allowed to use these trailers.

If you can make the meeting 7:30 pm Tuesday the 8th of May, one week from today, and you can speak for up to three minutes I'd greatly appreciate it.

You only need to say what you know.  Something as simple as "I've been involved with / supported Rikki's Refuge for x years and I'd appreciate you approving this request so they can use the trailers for much needed space.  thank you" is just fine.  If you'd like to say more you can.

The point is we need to show the community there is support for what we do.  You do NOT need to be a local resident.  Just a Rikki's supporter.   Support from far and wide and half way around the world is most welcome!

If you can't make the meeting but would like to write in your comments
you may address a letter to
Board of Supervisors
PO Box 111
Orange VA 22960

or email our district supervisor
James K. White

Thank you very much,