Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Good Morning Good News !!!! August 26, 2014

Dawg Day?  Seriously, mom?  I’m supposed to ask for dog food?
This is a joke, right?  I mean .....  let them write the ne.....
OK OK ... I get it ...  ask for dawg food on Dawg Day
or I don’t get my Fancy Feast ?
Right !  This is bribery, you know.

Hi, everybody !!  Opie here.  Well today is Dawggie Day ....  And I’d be so happy if you’d like to feed a Dawggie today ...  I’d be happier if you’d like to adopt one ....
Click on any Dawggie in this photo, and give him or her $1 or more and I’ll make sure they get something nummy today !!!

NOT my Fancy Feast ....  but some kind of Fancy Dawg Dinner, ok?
Thank you, Opie.

Oh Oh .... on Morning Medical Rounds, poor Brownie was walking funny and looking uncomfortable.  She sure didn’t seem too sick as she lead the capture chase back and forth, up and down, giving the hoomans their exercise for the day.

Once in our hospital, we learned her udder was swollen, and to our untrained eyes, it looked like a case of mastitis.  Time to call the doc. 

Poor Brownie got loaded up, and headed out in the Toyota to the goat doc, over the mountains and thru the woods.  Many a trip has the trusty Toyota made with many different species riding along.

Sure was a beautiful day for a trip over the mountains.

Home again Home again ....  It's GOOD news !!!!   Brownie does NOT have mastitis !!! 

She does have a hormonal imbalance that is making her udder swollen and leaking a brownish fluid.  It can be just one of those things that happens sometimes, or she could have eaten too much clover that has a lot of estrogen in it (mom says, anybody ever tell you to eat clover?  Doc told me to eat soy for menopause, but never mentioned clover.) 

Doc gave Brownie a hormone injection and said she should be ok in a few days.  If not call.  Sometimes they need several shots in a row.  Sometimes it could take more to "reset" her system.  Brownie isn't going to be happy, cuz till it clears up she's got to get her temp taken every day.  If it gets high she's gotta go see doc again.  Sometimes this can cause mastitis.  But most likely she'll be all fine now.  

So glad to be home  .... Jessie gets nums for Brownie

At home with Betty the cat and Bee-Bee the Donkey.

The tank of gas to go to the vet cost $38.27 and the doc's bill is $66.50 ....   poor Brownie is asking for help with the $104.77 she now owes ....   And says she'd be happy if somebody would toss in a few extra bucks - the green kind - so she can have some alfalfa cubes as a treat !!!  

If you're willing to keep Brownie off the street and stop her from going door to door to ask for a hand out ....  Please give her a buck or two towards her bill !!!   Thank you so much, ... I gotz a big nuf job feeding cats ...  I can no gotz da green stuff nuf to help Brownie right now.    You can help her out right here: www.RikkisRefuge.org/FeedMe

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Please vote today and every day  ...  Just go to this link http://www.shelterchallenge.com/web/charityusa/nomineehome?userId=53331&nomineeId=17448
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Labor Day Doin’s
Ok !!  Nuf of you signed up for a tour and wez gotz a guide so those of you who expressed interest will be getting your ticket packages later today !!!

For Self Service Volunteers Only:  We’ll be havin a pot luck, veggie bar-b-q, let’s use the nice deck at the education center party in the afternoon/evening after the tour.  Come on out 3 or 4 pm till ... when ever !!!!   Admission a can of Fancy Feast !!!

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