Thursday, February 09, 2012

GOOD Morning GOOD News !!!!!

Is this the BEST picture you've seen all year?
!!!!! The best feeling in the world is to see my boy bound out the litter box, scoot across the floor, look at an empty plate, look up at me and say MEOW, and dance while I open cans and CHOW DOWN !!!!

You are miracle workers, you friends of Vincent's !!! Don't stop !!!! Keep those prayers, good wishes and love flowing for our boy !!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you a million times over !!!!

Many of you know how sick Vincent's been the last few weeks.   I've been trying to tempt him to take just a little lick or a tiny bite every 15 minutes.  His wonderful doctors called in an internist specialist to delve deeper and run more and more tests.  He's been checked and rechecked from nose tip to tail tip, inside and out, and the good news is he's a pretty healthy boy except for a persistent infection and severe anemia. 

He's been so weak for the last week he's just wanted to stay in bed.  He's even needed to be carried to the litter box.  He's stayed hunkered down in a big cozy bed in front of the heater, putting up with me stuffing things in his mouth and begging him to eat.

He's been on a new med a few days and I sure think it's helping.  Based on the last of the lab work that just came back yesterday, another med is coming in to the pharmacy for him about noon today - $200 for the bottle !!!!

Vincent promised to do a Valentine's Day campaign to raise money for vaccinations for the cats and dogs this spring.  A $19,600 adventure that occurs every three years when the kitties and doggies need their rabies vaccinations, as well as their other preventative vaccines.

Instead, he's been running up the bills himself!  When we pay for his meds at the pharmacy today, he'll be topping out just over $2,500 for care in the last week !!!!  And we go back in tomorrow for more lab work.

If you can spare a few cents for a Valentine for Vincent, he'd greatly appreciate it!

Vincent wants to give YOU a Valentine too!!!   While the supply lasts (he pawtographed several copies a few weeks ago) he'll send you an original pawtographed purrtrait with purrsonal inscription just for you, for donations of $250 or more towards medical bills.   HURRY to get an original pawtograph on your purrtrait.  If he sells out, you'll get the option of a purrtrait without pawtograph or to wait till he's feeling up to pawtographing one just for you!
If a purrsonal pawtograph is out of your range, donations of $125 or more will receive a 8.5 x 5.5 purrtrait with inscription to you!!

If you purrfer, a $75 or larger donation will get you a 4.25 x 5.5 purrtrait !!!!!!

A Vincent Purrtrait is a great keepsake for you - or Purrfect Valentine Gift for your beloved Vincent fan - ask that the inscription be for your loved one and we'll send to them on your behalf!!!  Be sure to give me their address!!!

And of course, every penny adds up, and that’s what keeps Rikki’s Refuge going.  Together we can work miracles ... one penny at a time !!! 

Thank you for your support!

 Please sing along with me as I watch Vincent eat this morning !!!!

Happy Happy Valentiens Day to YOU !!!

Thank you for your love and support and your prayers for Vincent and for every one at Rikki’s Refuge.  YOU truly are a LIFE SAVER !!!

Love, Kerry
          (Vincent’s mom)