Sunday, October 21, 2012

Community & educational development

The American Grants and Loans Catalog is now available. Our new and revised
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The document is a fully searchable PDF file for easy access to your particular
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It is the perfect tool for libraries and educational institutions to use as a
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Contents of the Directory:
-Web link to program announcement page
-Web link to Federal agency or foundation administering the program
-Authorization upon which a program is based
-Objectives and goals of the program
-Types of financial assistance offered under a program
-Uses and restrictions placed upon a program
-Eligibility requirements
-Application and award process
-Regulations, guidelines and literature relevant to a program
-Information contacts at the headquarters, regional, and local offices
-Programs that are related based upon program objectives and uses

Programs in the Catalog provide a wide range of benefits and services
for categories such as:
Business and Commerce
Community Development
Consumer Protection
Cultural Affairs
Disaster Prevention and Relief
Employment, Labor and Training
Environmental Quality
Food and Nutrition
Income Security and Social Services
Information and Statistics
Law, Justice, and Legal Services
Natural Resources
Regional Development
Science and Technology

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm Sorry ..... says Dawn

Hi !!!  My name is Dawn.  I sorry I was very bad and I had to go to hospital.  I glad I don’t hurt no more and I gonna be ok.  It was real scary. 

I can explain .....  I mean the dawgie made me do it.  Honest.  Beauty found that old tarp and drug it over and said, “oh look ... I gots the best nums!!!  I let you have some if you give me your dinner.”  And so I let Beauty have my dinner and I tried eating that tarp.  It wasn’t even very good.   And it was really bad inside.

Opie says the rules round here is you gotta pay your own way.  Geee I didn’t know, I never helped him get nums for me and my brother either.  I sorry Opie.

Now I need a job so I can pay my hospital bill.  Will you help me please?  I can’t come to work for a few more days cuz I have to be in hospital to make sure I gonna be ok. 

Soon as I get out I can come to your house and ........ uhhhh .... what kind of job I can do?   I can keep your feet warm!!  I can purr for you.  I promise to love you.  Can my brother Dusty come too?  I don’t like to be away from my brother.  He’s coming to visit me in my hospital cage.

If you can help me by giving me $1 for my hospital bill, I purr for you.  That be good deal you think?

You can help me thru my chip-in:

or at Rikki’s regular donate page, and just make a note it’s for me:

or you can send a check to: Rikki’s Refuge, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960 and write for Dawn on it.

Or you can call Culpeper Animal Hospital at 540-829-9085 and put a donation on Rikki’s Refuge’s bill there, we don’t have separate bills, but just tell me you did that and I’ll make sure it counts for my bill.

I’m here at Rikki’s Refuge with my brother Dusty cus we got caught out in somebody’s barn. 

They said we were wild and dangerous cats.  They were going to kill us cuz they said we didn’t deserve to be fed and we don’t learn too quick and never got that mouse catching thing. 

They said we’re ugly and clumsy. 

Here at Rikki’s they call it special needs and they understand when we need extra help.  They are very nice to us and we’ve made friends with hoomans now.  Rikki’s promises never to separate me and Dusty.  That makes us happy, cuz we lost all the rest of our family. 

Thank you for helping me,

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good Morning Good News, October 13, 2012

of joy and thanks to our voters in the Animal Rescue Site's Shelter Challenge !!!!! Rikki's won Virginia in the latest round and that means we got a check for $1,000!!!!

All cuz YOU clicked !!!! yup, your daily clicks in the Shelter Challenge wins BIG for Rikki's. THANK YOU.

vote EVERYDAY in the NEW Shelter Challenge.
It started on Monday and we’ve got to catch up!!!
Hurry Hurry - Together we are WINNERS !!!
Enter: Rikkis Refuge in VA in the USA
Search, Vote, and enter the encrypted word
NO apps, NO email, NO data collected, FREE
spread the word to all your friends and collegues

Rikki’s Refuge needs YOU at the
Stafford County Fair

Volunteers, like YOU, sell our items,
raise money and
help the world learn about Rikki’s Refuge

Join Rikki’s Refuge at the Stafford County Fair !!!!
Friday, October 19th      5 pm - 10 pm
Saturday, October 20th 10 am - 10 pm
Sunday, October 21th   10 pm -   6 pm
Popcorn - Cotton Candy - Rides

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED  - no experience needed, on-site training available !!!  AND you’ll be able to help at other fairs and festivals !!!  Nice CLEAN fun, no litterboxes, no mucking !!!  Set your own hours !!!!  Work as little as two hours or as long as three days !!!

MORE DETAILS - CLICK !!! to learn ALL about it !!!! 
                                    Talk to Laurie about volunteering at events

YOU won it for Taco !!!  Now come help him drive home !!!

The delivery date has been set and YOU are invited to the party !!!!  OCTOBER 18 at 1 pm in Fredericksburg at Rosner Toyota. 

Taco wants YOU there!!!  Can you come?  Please let me know: 

If YOU can’t be there would you send your thanks to Toyota?  Please send me a pic of you or your pet with a hand drawn sign or card (just write on a piece of paper, that’s fine!) saying THANK YOU TOYOTA -- we want to print out a hundred thank yous to hang on a banner.  If you can’t do that, got a pic you can send me of just you and/or your pet?  I’ll add in the thank you.  You can send me the file or a link on line.


These photos weren’t taken at Rikki’s, they’re stock off the web.  BUT this kind of danger lurks anywhere where an animal can get to a tarp.  Chewing, scratching, deterioration from sunlight or wear and tear.  It all adds up to long strings of thin plastic.

And it’s fun to chew on.  And swallow and swallow and swallow .....  Unfortunately on the way out ... it can get twisted in the intestines and cause very serious damage.

Dawn, a little tabby sort of wild kitty, went to the litterbox after breakfast this morning.  Nothing unusual about that.  She began to cry.  Valerie checked her butt and there was plastic string hanging out.  Though we’ve, thank goodness, never had to deal with this before, Kerry knows how often something like this can happen and the terrible consequences of pulling the string out.   Tearing the intestines is what can happen.  And so it’s one of those things she’s always warning people about - never, never, never, pull something hanging out somebody’s butt.  Never more than the gentlest of pulls, if it’s more than right there at the end, pulling can cause serious, possibly fatal, damage.  Valerie yelled for Lena.  Lena looked, palpated abdomen, Dawn screamed.  Lena yelled for Kerry.  Kerry called doc and Lena was in the car in minutes headed to the hospital.

Dr. Kellum who’s working on her today won’t know how serious it is till she opens her up and starts to remove it.  We’re praying she can be saved and there hasn’t been too much damage to the intestines, which can easily cause a fatal infection.  We’ll know more this afternoon when we pick her up.

Please, no matter where you are, watch out for stuff like this.  Never leave a tarp hanging around where an animal can reach it, climb up to it, jump up to it.  Never leave an old tarp destined for the trash laying around.  After a lot of searching this morning to find out what Dawn had gotten into, we found the old tarp, moved by folks working on a project, that had been left out.  UV damaged and old, it was prime to be torn and eaten. 

It’s not just the strings from tarps either ..... strings off feed bags ... these new plasticy woven like cat and dog food bags are a dangerous material that can fray into strings and be deadly.   Plastic is maybe the worst.  Monofilament, like fishing line, almost always kills, it just cuts so deeply.  Wrap some around your fingers and pull.  Even sewing string can bind up the intestines.

Take a look around your home and make sure it’s safe for your animals. 

When you’re visiting Rikki’s, if you see something potentially dangerous, please pick it up, or alert one of the staff right away.  Had this tarp been thrown away yesterday or had any of us there noticed it and properly bagged it for disposal, poor little Dawn wouldn’t be undergoing surgery right now.

Again, this photo is NOT from Rikki’s, but off the web.  Looks like a cute idea for those litter buckets, doesn’t it.  But it could be deadly.  When the lid on the buckets are closed, it’s an airtight seal.  Airtight means when you use up the oxygen inside, you suffocate.  If these kitties were to get these buckets turned over and the lid closed, they’d die. 

How would they close the lids with enough force to seal them airtight?    Very simple.  Jump on top.  That’s all it takes.  One of our dear and conscientious friends lost a cat this way.  Not using the bucket as a toy or sleeping nest.  Just had her bucket of scoopable cat litter there next to the litterboxes.  Thought she’d put the lid down, but must not have been hard enough to seal.  

That evening she came home from work and one of her kitties was missing.  She searched and searched.  No kitty.  She blamed her husband for letting the kitty out when he came home.  She knew they’d both been there as she walked out the door that morning, cuz they were at the food bowl, having breakfast.

It wasn’t till the next morning when she did litterboxes that she opened the bucket of litter -- and found the cat suffocated dead.  You can just imagine her horror and remorse and guilt.  But who would have thought to look in a half full bucket of litter for a missing cat?  A bucket you kept closed all the time. 

So be very careful.  Make sure the lid is closed, double check, give it a tug.  If you can pop it open easy, so can somebody playing around and jumping on things.  If you aren’t using the bucket as a sealed container, then take the lid off. 

They do make great kitty sleeping nests and play toys - but TAKE THAT LID OFF to keep your kitty safe.

We animals COUNT on you humans to keep us safe !!!

Heartwarming !!!

Kaitlyn, known as Dat Baby, by facebook friends of her kitty Quincy Warner, didn’t get toys or presents for her 2nd Birthday.  She used her Birthday to help her friends at Rikki’s Refuge.  Raising over $500 by asking for donations instead of presents, she’s learning the importance of helping the world.  She loves visiting her friends of all species at Rikki’s.  Though she’ll tell you with a squeal that she loves the kitties the best.  She spent ALL day telling each and every one - I LOVE YOU !!! 

Rikki’s Refuge’s Fall Tour and Nature Hike
November 10, 2012 at 11 am for the TOUR and 1 pm for the NATURE HIKE
RSVP - must have tickets in advance !!!  to get your tickets.  Limited space available.  HURRY

Dat Baby
is already learning a valuable lesson towards living a rich and rewarding life !!!!
Yeahhhh Quincy for training your little hooman right !!!!  She’s already an asset to our planet !!!

I gotz my own column in the OC Magazine !!!!!
Be sure to pick up your copy every month and keep up with what’s going on at Rikki’s Refuge !!!!

This be Henny Penny's new boyfriend,
I caught them kissing thru the fence but they wouldn't let me take that pic. Timmy thinks Henny Penny is his girlfriend and he don't believe me I saw her kissin' Leghorn Foghorn!

Seez you later,
     I love you, Opie

YOU can make it happen!!   
Click to help me feed everybody 
at Rikki’s Refuge !!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Stafford County Fair

Rikki’s Refuge needs YOU at the
Stafford County Fair

Volunteers, like YOU, sell our items,
raise money and
help the world learn about Rikki’s Refuge

Join Rikki’s Refuge at the Stafford County Fair !!!!
Friday, October 19th      5 pm - 10 pm
Saturday, October 20th 10 am - 10 pm
Sunday, October 21th   10 pm -   6 pm
Popcorn - Cotton Candy - Rides

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED  - no experience needed, on-site training available !!!  AND you’ll be able to help at other fairs and festivals !!!  Nice CLEAN fun, no litterboxes, no mucking !!!  Set your own hours !!!!  Work as little as two hours or as long as three days !!!

SET UP TEAM: help get Rikki’s canopy up and our booth set up to display items we have for sale.  Two people needed.  You might like to take the first Booth Shift that day too!

BOOTH TEAM: We need YOU to volunteer with Rikki’s Refuge to make this a successful event!!!  Help at out booth for a 2+ hour slot Friday, Saturday and / or Sunday.  Help with merchandise for sale and information packets.  At least two people on each shift.  Let me know which days and what hours you are available.  Last Booth Shift of the day may like to be Take Down Team too!

TAKE DOWN TEAM: with help with disassembly and packing up.  Two people needed.

Please support Rikki’s and sign up to VOLUNTEER: 
contact Laurie

VISIT: our booth during the fair and check out the goodies we’ll have for sale.  It ALL benefits the animals!!!!

FREE: admission and parking, $10 for a day full of rides
DIRECTIONS: From I-95, exit 136, left onto Centreport Pkwy, in 1.6 miles turn left onto Mountain View Rd (627), 5.7 miles on the left, 2135 Mountain View Rd    more info:

Monday, October 08, 2012

Good Morning Good News, October 8, 2012

Happy Catlumbus Day !!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving in Canada !!!!!

Prayers for my GreatGrandPa (Kerry’s dad) who had surgery on Wednesday for a pacemaker.  May he continue to heal and regain his strength and energy.

Prayers go out to Jon O'Connor, he's had complications from a knee replacement and they're having to re-do it. Ouch. I'm so sorry. Hope it all works out well this time round and you're back on your feet soon.

Prayers for Autumn-Skye Booth and Carol Miller, both recovering from surgeries today.

Prayers for Jan Chetnik who lost her kitty Teresa on Thursday and Ron Herfurth who lost his kitty Autumn last Friday.

Saturday was Board Meeting Day 
Ron Herfurth worked all day afore he gotted to go to the Board Meeting, he gave Tiara a tree!!!! It'll grow big and tall and give shade and be very nice. See the big fence? That's so nobody eats the tree and it can grow up. Ron is our Director of Serving Cats. So what's he doin' in Horsey Haven? Well he likes Tiara AND he's also our Director of Landscape Design & Goat Warfare .... you might think that sounds funny together .... BUT if you gotz the goatz you know why !!!!! When Ron first started the Rikki's Refuge Reforestation program he was ... well like a bunny. Hopping. Yup Hopping MAD at dem goats who thought he was putting out an eat it all, right down to the roots buffet. Ohhh did Ron get mad ... and he declared warfare on dem goats. So not he's gotted to be our expert on building goat proof fencing for da trees!!!! 

Da board meetin is where wez make the important decisions ... like whoz food we're gonna spend da money on .... and since there be more kitties than anything else, even hoomans, we make sure we show up so we get counted. Sunset greeted everyone arriving for the board meeting and made them understand the importance of first class treatment of da kitty catz.

Sunset is Chaircat of the Board and furry translator, he makes 
sure everyone understands when it's time to express our views 
and make them heard and when it's ok to catch up on a little 
grooming cuz da hoomans is talking bout boring stuff .... 
like dawggies!

It's very important that we be at board meetings for product testing too ..... Norman gives the seal of approval to Melissa's cat nip bags ...

Yeahhhh we all really like the Vincent Catnip Sacs, purrrzzzzzz


Mary and Tripper talk about the future of Rikki's Refuge .... where is it all leading .... right to another big bowl of kitty nums !!!!!

Cynthia Wright is our Dog Director .... she needs a LOT of guidance ... we must exercise mind control when it's her turn to talk ......

And so some of the important things we talked about t the meeting was how to manage Tours cuz of the 50 per porta potty rules and all that. So GOING ON SALE right now - tickets to the

November 10th Tour at 11 am and the 1 pm Nature Hike
--- TWO EVENTS !!!
$10 for a ticket for either event,
special $5 for 12 and under and 65 and over -
tickets are for one event, so if you want to do both, you'll need to get a ticket for both!!

Must be paid in advance. I've already got 8 signed up - so NOW if you're coming on the Tour or Nature Hike email me for details of buying tickets!!! ... only 50 tickets for each event can be sold.  Next Tour will be Christmas Day, details later.


Please remember tours are ALL outside, so dress for the weather.  For your protection we cannot allow anyone admittance without good sturdy shoes, leg coverings (no bare legs) and shoulders covered (no tank tops).  The critters just don’t understand about your easily damaged skin!!!  They jump and play and will want to climb all over you !!!!   NO facial jewelry in the emu area - they are awful thieves and will pull earrings right off!! 

You’ll be walking on rough terrain for about two hours on a tour.  If you’ll have difficulties keeping up, let us know in advance and if at all possible, we’ll have suitable transportation available for you.   

Got any ideas?
A girl Scout troop of 5th graders wants to do a project for Rikki's. They'll be putting in about 30 hours. They raise the money needed for the project and they usually raise about $130 ..... got good ideas on a project for them? We need to present them with a few ideas and they'll pick one.

Some suggestions have been:
---Could it be craft based, ie, making cards or items to sell, framed pictures and that sort of thing.
---Make toys for animals to sell.  Meaning animals toys, not making salesmen out of the animal!
---They could make winter gift baskets for the employees/volunteers? Hand-warmers, hot cocoa?  Or, there are easy and healthy dog and kitty treat recipes online that they can bake?
--- Have the scouts taking pics of people with their fave animals at Rikkis, for a buck or five, which they'd email to the people to keep.
--- They could build and paint or sand sleeping boxes for the kitties in the runs perhaps? Or build flowerboxes for the outside of one of the buildings?
--- Could they sit outside a store like Walmart, Giant and try to get winter food donations? Perhaps they can have a bake sale while they are also trying to collect food?
--- What about a garden for the bunnies?


Saturday April 27, 2013
will be a special Vincent & Candy Memorial Day. Melissa showed us the headstone that you all chipped in and bought for Vincent. It's really lovely. We'll be placing his headstone that day. We'll also be celebrating the life of our wonderful friend and volunteer Candy Erhard who passed away last Oct 12th. RSVP is required for this event, and you can sign up starting NOW !!! This is a special event for friends of Vincent and/or Candy, not an advertised in the newspaper public event. We'll have refreshments and a special private tour. More details in the spring. We chose spring cuz with winter coming on, the unpredictable weather makes us cancel things. Are YOU coming?

Vincent’s special facebook friend Kath Jones is coming all the way from England !!!

Geeezzzz  I gots so much more to tell you ... but I think I better stop now ... cuz if I don’t I’m gonna be even later wishing you a Happy Catlumbus Day !!!!

I love you, Opie