Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good Morning Good Planet !!!! April 22, 2012

I’m Vincent D. Cat and here to make you happy! You are HEROES! You work hard every day and you deserve to smile every day! Those of you working to save us animals hear so very many very sad things. And there’s lots of very glad things too and that’s what we talk about here! All pawsitive all the time! I want my friends to be happy and smile and know there’s a lot of good - including YOU - in this world!! Be kind and pass it on! Please send me your Good New and Fun Stuff to share, personal or global. Let’s keep it fun and interactive!! After all, if we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane!
Don’t you just love this planet????  I really do!!!  It’s the best one I’ve ever been on !!!!  I’m so very very happy for my blue skys, beautiful clouds, even the rain to make the flowers and the trees and the grass grow!!  Especially for the sun shine !!!!   And the wonderful air to breathe.  We’d be in real trouble, you know, with out the air to breath !!!! 

Do you count your blessings every day?  I do!!  I’m thankful for all the parts I have.  Three legs, two eyes, ¾ of a tail !!!!!  Yes, so thankful to have them all.

Here are some Friends of Mine
I want YOU to help
GW and Ben Plumb

They live in Orange and they need your help !!!!  No, they’re not asking for a handout !  They’re asking only for your FREE vote of confidence !!!!

Help them win a much needed handicap equipped van simply by voting for them in this national contest.  It’s FREE to vote and you can vote once a day thru May 13th from each IP address. 

Faulconer’s Hardware in Orange is the best kind of Equal Opportunity Employers on the wonderful planet.  The kind and loving Faulconer family’s big hearts give wonderful opportunities to many differently-abled folks.  They are blind to the things that just don’t matter - they have eyes only for the internal value of everyone!!!  A BIG hand to wonderful people like the Faulconers !!!!

GW works at Faulconer’s Hardware and he helps me ALL the time!! Despite very very seriously debilitating handicaps he's right on the ball, knows everything, is right there ready to help, and is the first to say “can I help you?” 

GW and his brother Ben so deserve to win handicap accessible van.

Only YOU can make it happen!!

FILL OUT your name, email, don't worry about the promo code thing, I'm working on figuring that out, and then I checked "other" and wrote in "Supporter of these wonderfully productive handicapped gentleman"

THEN answer the math question -- mine was easy, I had just enough toes !!! 14 !!!!

CLICK that you agree to the rules (of course check the fine print if you like, I did and it's ok with me).

THEN click VOTE !

You're allowed one vote from each IP address every 24 hours thru May 13th - please please support these wonderful friends of mine !!!! Please share !!!

Please come back every day and please ask all your friends and co-workers to vote.  It’s very important for us to help improve GW’s and Ben’s daily lives.

It’s so easy to overlook the little bitty things we can do to that make such a difference to someone else.  Just a couple minutes of your time, now and every day, thru May 13th, could change their lives for years to come.  !!!!!   

If you’re on the go and the big long link is too much to remember, you can start this simpler way
SCROLL down to the lower half of the screen and
ENTER last name of “Plumb” and Virginia
CLICK Search
THEN follow the above instructions !!!!

Help Needed - London Area
friend needs to borrow human trap for indoor cat that got outside and is hiding in their garden. He's frightened and not allowing himself to be caught. Know any organizations who have humane traps they will lend out?

Joy Joy Joy !!!!!!
I pooped all on my own today !!!! No help from nobody. Just me. I did it all by self !!!!! Yippie Yahoooo..... Not a big one. Like an inch and half. Very very solid, but not rock hard !!!! Are you proud of me?

It be a bit cold out there today !!!!
Brrrr. I say my fur is good, cept where they shave it off on my belly for ultrasound. Mom say dew on grass, 50 degrees, you be inside Vin man. I say you make me mad mom, I gonna howl !!!!

I got my nose out door and ‘scaped ....  yikes it really cold and wet .... I turned tail and scooted right back in .....  OK maybe I stay in and listen to mom today !!!!

So how was your wonderful Saturday
only one week before my Birthday Saturday???? I hope it was furtastic!!!! My day was really good!!!! We were scared at first that it might not be so good. My old beagle dawggie Victor was real sick, his belly was swollen up and he had trouble breathing. He has bad bad heart problems and is on meds for that and had been doing pretty good.

Mom left me home with Lena, who made me sit in warm water and get a belly massage till I pooped. Still hard as rock. Mom says she's gonna make me eat a whole tube of laxatone 2x day. I tell her I be spitting it in her hair and see how she like that.

Mom was really worried that Victor was going to the Rainbow Bridge, but nice doc said, OH I can fix !!!! And she drained lots of fluids off his belly and adjusted his meds. Paws crossed it works for quite a while now !!!! He sure is feeling fine!

The sun came out in the afternoon and it was really nice!!!! I ate lots of Fancy Feast.

A new lady Heather started working today, so she and Philip who started earlier this week are doing really good.   And a nice young man Jonathan is starting too!!  This helps make things lots easier for everybody!!!!

Some silly people came and wanted to "adopt" chickens. Mom explained that our animals aren't allowed to be adopted to be "production animals". They said then WHAT are they for? Really couldn't understand just letting hundreds of chickens have a happy chicken life. You mean you bother to FEED them when you don't get anything from them? Then they thought it would be nice if we donated some of the animals for 4H. I was sending mom "cool it, remember LOVE" vibes cuz she seemed to be getting upset explaining over and over. Somebody else coming in the gate let them follow on in. That's the kind of reason we keep locked up!!!!

I gotted more Fancy Feast in the MAIL !!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU --- Amazon doesn't put names inside so I don't know who to thank purrsonally !!!!

Mom and me went shopping, but we didn't go to the fancy feast store. Did you know there are stores who don't even HAVE any fancy feast??? Isn't that awful? I wonder how they stay in business. But mom had coupons for $5 off on $25 and she got laundry soap and paper towels and cleaners and that kind of icky gunk. Really kind of useless stuff. You can't even eat it. She do weird things like that you know.

And guess what happened while I was driving home? Our truck turned over 100,000 miles !!!!!! Isn't that exciting??? That's like a really long and far way you know. It's long enough to buy 1 million cans of Fancy Feast !!!!!

Oh and I got a real exciting bit of news ..... I'm not allowed to tell or I get disqualified. But oh it's so exciting. Soon I can let you know all about it !!!! I'm so happy !!!!!

Uncle Bob Wallace came and mowed lots and lots of grass. Thank you Bob !!!!! And he be so nice. He even bring lunch samiches for da hoomans. It don't got no Fancy Feast inside so I don't try to take mom's. But she say yum yum yum !!!!

Mr Turkey and Mr Peacock were arguing over the affections of the hens. The hens all think they both really stupid. Too bad birds can no go to Speuter Clinic. They'd be happier if they didn't have to worry about all that attention stuff!!!!

Did you go to the Speuter Clinic? I did and I'm glad, it makes me can think about cool things, like having friends like you, instead of just thinking about dem girl kitties all the time!!!! It be real good !!!! You should try it !!!!

Let's see, is that it?? Oh James came out and did a really long acupressure session on me. He's taking some higher level courses and the class is using me as an example. He put fire in my belly and cleansed my blood and WOW I feel good and am scooting all over today !!!!! Uh Hu.

Oh and did I tell you I ated the Fancy Feast? Lots of em. And two eggs. I wanna go outside after dark and mom no let me. You know we got to get our paws into the manufacturing factories. They could make things different, like lids on cans and door knobs and keys to start trucks and all that good things, they could make them to no need opposable thumbs. If nothing needed opposable thumbs to work, then we could really rule the world and no have to worry about keeping hoomans around all the time!!!! Wouldn't dat be nice?

Oh Daddy Fred, I sorry about your flat tire, but don't you be complaining to me that you're limping around on one of them small donut things on your left rear. Dat be more then I got there and I don't be complaining, now do I!!!!


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WOW !!!!! Congratulations to my hooman friend Lloyd!!
Lloyd writes in: Not that I will ever be famous or be on WWE or TNA television, but tonight in my pro wrestling career, I hit the 1,500 mark in pro wrestling matches refereed.

Kathy had an exciting life saving day !
Kathy tells me: I found 2 baby raccoons, eyes still not open. Flies had been laying eggs in their mouths which were all full of that yellow gook. I thought they were dead until one moved slightly. Of course I found them late in the day and none of the rehabbers were answering their phone. (Most did call back eventually). Kimberly in Culpeper was going to take the babies even though she doesn't do raccoons, but Kaylee called before we left and she ended up taking them. If you have any extra Rubbermaid bins (assorted sizes) she would like some. She cuts a big square hole in the lids and tapes screening on top.

HEY FRIENDS - got any of those extra rubbermaid containers?  I can pass them on to Kaylee.

Pleshette McGrady's Birthday Wish
For my birthday on April 27th, I'm asking that my friends and family join me in raising $150 for a good cause!

Hello, and thanks for checking out my Birthday Wish!

For my birthday on April 27th, I'm asking my friends and family for a special gift: help me raise $150 for Rikki's Refuge.

I chose Rikki's Refuge because They Enable homeless, sick and Unwanted Animals to find comfort and compassion in a safe place..

Please consider giving to my Birthday Wish, and together we can make the world a better place. If you can't give now, I'd really appreciate if you'd share this with your friends.

I'm asking for $10, or as much as you can afford.
Thanks so much,

I think I'd say in happy people ....
"The biggest quality in successful people,
I think, is an impatience with negative thinking."
--Edward McCabe (writer)

Speaking of Happy
Did you put my Birthday Party on YOUR calendar???

Ashlee Asks Vincent
Ashlee: Do you eats da eggs dat da chickens lay in chicken city? Dat would mean you do not has far to go to gets an egg to eat.

Vincent: Yup I eat dem egggs!!!!!  Well some of dem eggs. The dawggies dey eats lots and the skunkies come at night and num the rest!!!!

Winning Banner !
Tari Ott, owner and director of Tari's Cornerstone Studio for Dance, in Haslett, Michigan writes in:

Hey Vincent, for our dance competition this weekend, there is a banner contest. The winner of the banner contest gets $100 donated to their charity.

Our banner - even if we don't win it was fun working on it. Around the edges are prints (suppose to be paws) made by the team members (kids). If we win the banner contest it's $100 extra for our charity.

And oh . . . . I thought this was adorable . . .

I sat all the girls down and told them about our pick of a charity, and told them all about Rikki's Refuge (I had my t-shirt on). One girl said "can we take a field trip there?". I said "it's in Virginia" (we're in Michigan). She said "can't we just go to Nationals in Virginia so we can take a field trip there?"

Vincent:  I think that’s adorable too !!!!  I sure wish you all could come !!!!

Just a little clicking and you can get free litter donated to Rikki’s Refuge !!!

Can you spread the cat litter voting around please. It's an every day vote and they sent an email that they have 77,000 votes and will close it and send us the litter when they get 100,000 votes !!!

Help me get the rest of the votes in !!!!

Cast your vote NOW !!!

WHO will it be for 2012?

Cast your vote to support the cats    ......    or the dogs !!!!!  
Click on the candidate you’re voting for
Votes of $100 or more will receive an 8x10 glossy photo of their candidates!!!!

Click photo for Vincent and the Cats

Click photo for Duke and the Dogs
Or send your VOTE by check to
Cats vs Dogs 2012
Rikki’s Refuge
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960
be sure to specify CATS or DOGS

I love you sooooo much,

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