Saturday, June 05, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!! June 5, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!!

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VOTE - Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA I’m a White Tiger today - how about you?

Today Culpeper Animal Hospital, 441 Aspen St, Culpeper VA 22701
car and dog wash 11-2 PM - donations - to raise money for our friends with Mayan Families who need help due to the volcano and earthquakes in Guatemala.

Very pretty space pictures

A Concert just for Dogs…how Fun!
Leave it to Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson to think out of the box with this one! Former Velvet Underground frontman, Lou Reed, and his wife, performance artist Laurie Anderson, are curating a music and arts festival called Vivid Live at Australia’s Sydney Opera House this month—and one of their events promises to be a barking good time.

On June 5th at 10 AM, four-legged visitors will be welcomed to the Opera House Forecourt (along with their human companions) for the first event of its kind in the world: a concert only for dogs. Laurie Anderson has created a performance piece consisting of tones so high that we humans won’t be able to hear them, but our canine friends are sure to enjoy the sound. “Our canine friends will be treated to a glorious cacophony of sound, while all we will hear is the lapping of the water on the harbor,” says the Vivid Live website.

Actually, we’ve got a feeling that the human audience members may well be treated to the sound of a few hundred dogs barking in unison—but maybe that’s just part of the music, too.

Justin, a Special Young Man
Last summer Justin did some volunteer work, then went away to his first year of college. He stopped in occasionally during breaks. He came back two weeks ago and having grown taller and cut his hair we didn’t immediately recognize him and asked him if he was here for a job interview. He told her who he was and said he was ready to get to work and would be available until returning to college in August.

Lena was thrilled. Even though it was only temporary help, he was trained, nice and a good worker. And he went to work on a 5 day a week schedule. He’s always here before the shift starts at 8 am and he works straight thru till 5 pm. When he filled out tax paper work he was a bit surprised and said oh I need to do this? I’ve never had to do it before. We just figured it was his first paying job and .....

Well yesterday he left without coming to the office for his first paycheck. This morning Lena gave it to him and he said, “What’s this for?” He’s very happily surprised that he’s been hired but he thought he was volunteering !!! My first thought was, “Oh my gosh we could have saved that money!! But we need the help and the reliable help of a staffer. And his performance is outstanding. And you know what? I bet his paychecks will go to a very good use, something that will make a difference in the world!!!