Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!! June 14, 2010

Yesterday was fabulous !!!!

Jan gave a wonderful tour !!!!

Of course me getting love and pats is the best part of any tour!!!

Look at all the food donated to ME !!!

And we celebrated Carolyn's 84th Birthday!!
Happy Birthday to you !!!!
Birthday cake by Katarina's mom who's a professional cake maker!!! Yum
Yum Yum. Want a deliciously beautiful cake for any occasion - ask us!
Fredericksburg Va area.

Katarina worked all day long. She was as pooped out as me by night
time. Literally. Sorry about the little accident, Katarina. Thanks
for being so good natured about it and understanding that I can't help
it and didn't mean to.

Eileen came to pick up the quilt she won at the raffle !!!!

Rene rushed to the refrigerator rescue with a dorm fridge to save the
vaccines. This will be purrfect for the medical treatment room too!!!!

Winky's mom brought a full sized fridge out in the afternoon. And she
brought me a Winky Wion toy that we all passed around and played with.
She stayed to give love and attention to all.

Bill gave us his first royalty check for his book!!!

Bill and Bill brought out the boat and trailer that Dennis has donated
for us to raffle !!!

Need a boat? Make me an offer! Got an outboard that works you'd like
to donate to up the ante? Tickets on sale NOW !!! $5 a ticket, raffle
drawing July 16th !!!!!
Just comment that's it's for the boat raffle.

Melissa sells things on e-bay and gives us a percentage!!!
You can do it to thru Mission Fish - just ask me how!

Thank you David for donating a 55 gallon aquarium so Mr Turtle and Ken
can live happily ever after!!!

Kathy tells me - On Saturday, a lovely adult, black & white cat named
Tippi got adopted by a guy who recently got divorced. As it happened,
the OCAS was doing an adoption at a pet-friendly apartment building.
Dogs were sent outside under a pavilion and cats were put inside an air
conditioned club room. (Lucky ducks who got to handle the cat adoptions,
I was outside with dogs).

The adopter had gone to the management office to pick up a package and
the manager sent him and his kids in to see the cats. As it happens,
Tippi is taking Thyroid medication (1/2 tablet once a day). As it also
happens, the guy's young daughter (maybe 3-4 years old) was born without
a Thyroid and takes daily thyroid medication too!

Although the guy had not planned to adopt a cat that day, he had been
thinking of getting a friend to keep him company now that he lives
alone. He spent some time thinking about adopting Tippi, but then drove
down to the Orange County Animal Shelter to look at kitten. Ultimately,
however, he came back and adopted Tippi!

What I didn't know at the time of the adoption was that in addition to
being a "special needs" cat, Tippi had been waiting her turn at the
shelter for a VERY long time. Turns out Saturday was Tippi's day.
Congrats to her and the Orange County Animal Shelter whose people do
their utmost to find a home for every creature entering their shelter.

A lovely little hound also found a home, and several others said they
would visit the shelter to find a friend.

Episode 2 of our TV show starts running today. Prince William County,
Virginia, USA, Comcast cable on channel 2 at 6:30 pm. It will run all
this week at 6:30. Soon as we get a disk it will go up on youtube.

I'm a pig today !!!! What are you?? Did you vote to get your animal of
the day??
(mom snickering in the background, today and every day, you keep up at
that Fancy Feast bowl and you ARE gonna look like that!)

We're pulling ahead again thanks to you spreading the word to vote for
Rikki's Refuge!!
Post it every where you can!!! PSAs!! on-line and in print !!!
Vote today and every day. Rikkis Refuge,
Orange, VA, USA

Keep up the GOOD work changing the world to be kinder to animals - and
to everybody !!!!


PS If you don't want your Daily Good New, just let me know! A couple of
you have said you only want Hairballs with out the Good News!! That's
ok! Just tell me. I'm here to make you happy, just tell me how! If
Good New don't make you happy - I could always start Bad News, but, as
you hoomans say, why reinvent the wheel - that's what you've got tv and
newspapers for !!!!!

Have you Voted for Rikki's Today?

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