Friday, April 17, 2015

Good Morning Good News !!!! Friday, April 17, 2015

Oh what a beautiful day !!!! Sunny ... light floaty clouds ... birds singing .... light breeze .... so beautiful !!!!!

I hope you'll join us Saturday at Re-Tail for a very special Cats vs Dogs event ....

Cats vs Dogs is April each year and it's when the winner will take over the ruling position at Rikki's Refuge for the next year. I need your vote ....

I've never had dogs so close on my heals before ....

They've even gotten ahead of me several times lately ...

YIKES ... but then a wonderful person always jumps in and tosses in VOTES on MY behalf !!!! 

so Please 

It's also a very important time - it's our spring fundraiser to keep Rikki's running till summer .... It only takes a $1 a day per animal for us all to eat and be taken care of .... and that's pretty cheap ... but when you think about almost 1300 of us living here ... well .... gulp ... those numbers get big. And it's all MY job to keep us happy, fed and healthy ... and I NEED your help .....

Please , that's ME, Opie your little orange buddy, to keep running the refuge for another year .... you just click right here and toss as many votes as you like in my hat !!!

MOM !! Do I have to ??

Ok SO if you're a DOG person ... and you want to and see the dogs to overthrow me .... to toss me aside .... to probably eat me .... for me to not be the ruler anymore .... well mom says I have to tell you how to too .....
Somethin about bein FAIR .... yeahhh right .... So here's the DOGGY link

But please please toss your votes here ... for CATS and for ME .... OPIE .... Cus I love you forever and ever !!!!

I sure hope I'll see YOU Saturday at our special event at RE-TAIL !!!! 

me and Duke will both be there (Duke should be there by 10 am, and I won’t be able to get there till about noon, read on to see where I’ll be in the morning !)  ... so you can meet us and see who's the better ruler ..... Duke will be on a leash .... tell you anything?

We've got so many events to be at and so much excitement this weekend  !!!!  

At our store Re-Tail we're having an all day celebration on Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm ...   It’s our one year anniversary at the store !!!  And it’s big sales going on !!!  20% off all regular merchandise....  

We have a special Rikki’s Boutique in the store (sorry, these items aren’t on sale) and we just got in a whole new car load of Tshirts .... including Tie-Dyed ones !!!!   And Cool New Magnets !!!!! 

Ohhhh and Face Painting !!!!

Bake Sale !!!!!  

With Special Raffles too !!!!

And spectacular Cat and Dog cakes and goodies !!!

This is NOT an event to miss.

Are you coming???

Dog Krazy has donated some dog treats for any of the dogs who come in on Saturday !!

Meet our Spokes-Dog, Duke Thomas Peabody, and Spokes-Cat, Opie!

We're busy, busy, busy pricing and putting out new merchandise!

Everything will be 20% off, so come prepared to shop, shop, shop!

So come on down to Re-Tail Saturday and   Help me, your Orange Pal Opie ... keep my title of Ruler of the Refuge for another year !!!!   

Shelby Rose (in the picture), Iggy, Tangy and others will be reading at Rikki's Rikki's Refuge Kitty Litter-Ature at our Life Center at 10 am !!! 

If you're a small hooman, come on over and read with us. 

We'll read to you and you can read to us !!! 

We have lots of fun books about animals to share !!!   It's a great program for your kids (if you're a big hooman reading this) we'll help your little ones learn to read and to find that life long passion about loving to read ....  reading is an adventure ... it can take you anywhere ....  and all the stats show that kids who read for enjoyment, do much better in life, no matter what they do !!!!

Rikki's Refuge Kitty Litter-Ature Children's Reading Program at the Life Center
Saturday, April 18 at 10:00 am  -- every 3rd Saturday of the month
For more information and to RSVP, email
There is a Facebook page for our reading program here:

Rikki's Refuge Life Center
21410 Constitution Hwy (at the corner of Constitution and QuarterHorse)
Rapidan, VA. 22733

Before I can go to Re-Tail on Saturday morning I have to officiate at the Honor Society's Color Run !!!  I'm glad it's dem hoomans runnin and me watchin !!!!   Uncle Paul is taking me there.   It's early in the morning !!

Jack and Boomer will be at Hogs N Dogs at the local Waugh Harley dealer in Orange !!!  

Robyn will be giving them a ride over and have Tshirt and other goodies for sale !!   It's from 10 am - 2 pm. 

It’s just down the street from Rikki’s ---  just as you’re getting into the Town of Orange, right there on Constitution Highway. 

Also at Rikki's it's Donation Drop off from Noon - 2 pm every Saturday .... 

please come by with a ....  or click here  or if you HAVE to ....  ....   and bring some of the things we need this week !!!!   We count on YOU !!!   

With out YOU ... there be no refuge !!!! 

And that'd be real bad .... so keep helping so I keep havin a home !!!   Thank you !!!  

Lolly will be officiating Donation Drop Off !!!
It’s at our Life Center - 21410 Constitution Hwy,  Rapidan, VA. 22733

You can always DROP OFF AT RE-TAIL our store in Fredericksburg too, any time during normal business hours, if this is more convenient for you!

RE-TAIL - 3503 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA. 22408

You can also help us out with a direct donation right here !! 
Give a little gift electronically:
some things you just can't donate, like da lectricity and all the medicine and the doctor's bills !!!

And you can shop at Opie's Store  It's my very own Amazon store !!!!    And every time you buy something for me ....  amazon gives me money to buy more things !!!!   Is that cool or what??

AND if you go to my store, and then click the amazon link, you can go about doing your shopping as usual ....  and Amazon will pay me a commission in Fancy Feast ...  no cost to you ....  and it fill my belly !!!   How cool is that !!!!

MAIL A DONATION: Rikki’s Refuge, PO Box 1357, Orange, VA. 22960

AND at noon ---- be there exactly a noon, dem hoomans don't let late hoomans in ....   they'll be interview for a job working for me !!!  Wanna come clean for me and help feed me ... yeahh ... sneak in lots of extra Fancy Feast for me !!!  Yeah !!!!   Do all the good things da hoomans do at the refuge !!!  So if you want a full time job with us .... be there at noon.  Doug will be officiating !!

You must Apply in person, promptly at noon on Saturdays !! 
Full Time positions are for animal sanctuary caretakers that are responsible for the daily feeding of 1300+ animals of 22 species at the refuge. Duties also include daily clean-up (yes, that includes poop scooping!), maintenance/clean-up of refuge structures and facilities, yard work, and hauling/stocking heavy feed bags, cases of food, litter pails, etc. Must follow direction well and be a team player! This is a physically demanding job and requires the ability to work outdoors in all kinds of weather. Everyone must work weekends and holidays!

Interested candidates MUST APPLY IN PERSON on SATURDAYS promptly at NOON at RIKKI’S REFUGE’S LIFE CENTER, 21410 Constitution Hwy (corner of Constitution and QuarterHorse), Rapidan. VA. 22733

Experience with animals is preferred, but we will train the right person!


Rikki’s Refuge in Orange County, Virginia, is a 400 acre, no-kill, all species peaceful sanctuary supported solely by donations of kind and loving individuals. The refuge is home to over 1300 animals of over 22 different species, including but not limited to cats, dogs, sheep, goats, rabbits, pigs, emus, chickens, ducks, geese, a chukar, peacocks, and more. It is owned and operated by Life Unlimited of Virginia, Inc. an approved not-for profit Virginia Corporation and IRS tax code 501(c)(3) corporation as determined by the IRS. Federal Tax-ID number 54~1911042. A financial statement is available upon written request from the State Office of Consumer Affairs.

Busy on Saturday -- then come for a Tour on Sunday ....  this Sunday and most Sundays in 2015 !!!

You must have a ticket to get in the gate !!!!  

Be sure you get your ticket in ADVANCE at ..... 

You cannot buy tickets at the gate !!

So who’s side are YOU on ?

So I really hope to be seeing you this weekend !!!

Tell me how I’m doing as Leader of the Refuge !!! 

the Official Spokes Cat at Rikki's Refuge and his support team, Timmy and Sylvestra
and I sure hope you'll vote for ME and MY KIND before the end of April -- vote as often as you like -- so I can remain the Ruler of the Refuge for another year !!!  Thank you !!!!