Sunday, February 28, 2016

Good Morning Good News - February 28, 2016!

Oh my friends, such a distressing week for me!  Make yourself something warm and have a seat and I tell you all bout it.  It’s tragic I tell you…TRAGIC!  

And after my story see what's coming up soon at Rikki's Refuge!  Lots of fun coming!
Horrible happenings!

Well, it started out pretty good.  Daddy Fred is here now and Mom finally got his insurance and stuff all straightened out so he can stay!  No more driving the goat cart over the hills to the big city for him to get care!  His new Doc is here in Orange and once he gets to see him he can start rehab more nearby!
I love my Daddy Fred!

Mom’s been really stressed because she’s been taking care of Daddy and trying to straighten out this insurance problem and in the meantime the Refuge has been struggling a bit.  We made it through the big storm ok but now it’s getting a little warmer and sometimes we gets a little snow and sometimes we get rain but mostly what we get is mud!  There is mud everywhere!  The fields don’t have much grass cuz grass no grow in winter so the fields got mud.  The dirt paths that my staff walks around on to take care of everybody…mud!  Mud gets everywhere and it’s yucky and hard to move around on.

YOU can help the animals right now with just ONE click:

The ducks like the puddles

The driveway got giant puddles so big I would disappear iffen I got stuck in one!  And bein a cat you know I no like the water so I stay inside.  But Daddy gotta walk around a bit to get stronger but there’s too much mud.  We try to gets gravel every year to keep the mud down and the road and walkways around the Refuge a little easier to walk on.  
Mom was only able to get a little bit cuz she’s taking care of Daddy and trying to feed us all and take care of us all and well, there’s just not enough green papers to get any more. 

This is all we could gets.  Not much help

 Iffen you can help with that it would be much appreciated!  That way Daddy can walk outside and not fall in a puddle!  He not like muddy water neither!

If we gets enough, the driveway at the Life Center could look like this!

I’m trying to sell anything I can find to help with the bills too.  I gotta show Mom I can help out.  And we gots fundraisers going on to help too. 

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Oh, the sheeps and the goats and the cowas and Candy and Bub asked for you to check out their fundraiser for hay too!  With no grass and only mud to eat they not been too happy.

Provide a meal for a friend at Rikki's Refuge today:

And speaking of eatin!  Here’s the tragic part – Mom put me on a diet!  Can you even believe this!  I am owtraged I tell you – owtraged!  She been really mean to me lately and she called me fat.  FAT!  Me!  Fluffy Lil Opie L Cat – Fat!

I never been so insulted in myne whole life!  So I been stress eatin lately, just a little but I no fat!  I fluffy!  It’s cold and I gots my winter furs.  You crazy mom, I’m just like I always been.

Mom said “Opie, you are fat!  Look at these pictures from when you got here.  You were svelt and lean back then and hey, you had a neck!  I can’t see your neck anymore!  Your collar barely fits and…and…you snore!”

Well, that really hurted myne feelings so I went to sit in my bed and cry.  And did she care?  No, she dint.  She kept pulling out pictures and showing me how nice I looked back then. 

“Look here, you and Timmy.  You were the same size.  And I could hold both of you at the same time!  Not anymore."

You could fit in the same bed to cuddle but not anymore!  You fill that whole bed up all by you own self and that young man is not good!”

I gotted so upset I got in my car and took off.  And I was so stressed I needed...something. 

I found some metal monies under the seat and went and got myself something to make myself feel better. Then I had to hide behind the feed store so she dint see me and take it away.  Oh they were so good!  I felt better then and went back inside.

She had more pictures to show me.  This right here is where it started to go bad.  “You are mean to the other kitties and push them away from the food. 

And then you eat all of it yourself.  That is not nice at all Opie!

You even ate Santa's cookie and drank his milk. You shouldn't eat cookies or milk!

You even stole GGP’s soda!  Soda is not good for anybody especially kitties!  

And you even try to eat my food!  You don't even like it! Well this is going to stop right now!

And then you know what?  She said she’s gonna make me exercise.  She’s gonna drop me off at the farthest corner of the Refuge and make me walk all the way home.  

Look how big Rikki's is!  

Sneak a little snack to poor Opie:

How I gonna do that?  It’s way too far for kitty that gots only 2 feets and there are rocks and wild animals and mud!  So much mud and I get dirty and stuck then who gonna save me?! 

She drop me here and I'll never get home!  Look how far away it is!

Then she said ok then, she gonna make me swim for exercise?  I said swim? And she said “yep, I’m gonna throw you in the duck pool and you are going to swim around and around”.  I said “no way Mom, that duck pool is dirty cuz them ducks, they play in that mud then go swim around and make it dirty like real fast!” 

Ans she said “well fine then, I’ll put you in with Mikado the swan who has a nice clean pool and if you try to stop Mikado gonna make sure you keep swimming!”  
Mikado bites hard and I no wanna swim! I no like water!

come here fat boy, lets burn some pounds!

Well friends, I couldn’t take it any more so I yelled and screamed and threw a tantrum and finally yelled at her “You not my real Mom!”  
And she said “fine!  I’m gonna get your real Mom up here right now and see what she has to say!”

You NOT my real Mom!

And I went back to sulk in my bed and she went out to find my real Mom.

And while I was sulkin I kinda felled asleep and I had a bad dream!  I went around to all the animals to see iffen they would help me.

I asked one of the cowas and he said “Oh no little guy, Mom is right.  You fat!”

And I asked Sally and she said, I was bothering her sun worshipping but yes, Mom was right I was fat.

If Mom says fat, you're fat. She knows fat.

And I figured the pigs would back me up and do you know that piggy told me I was fat too!

Yep, you fat boy.

Even the cats who I work so hard to feed said one after another that I was fat!


oh Yeah, Fat.


One of them just looked at me and stared.

Seriously dude?

I thought maybe Mouky who is still learning English after coming here from Egypt would help me. 
I no talk good but you noms too much.  you FAT!

Even Mister Mister who has been here forever didn't have a kind word for me.
I seen real skinny.  I seen fluffy.  I am fluffy.  Opie - you are just.FAT

I even tried one of the sheeps who don’t pay no mind to kitties ever.  They don't talk much.

Then Mom came back and slammed the door and thank goodness I woked up from that bad dream and my tummy Momma Nellie was with her.  

I scooted over to her and said “Momma Nellie, am I really fat like everybody is saying?”

And Momma Nellie said “well son, I love you very much but I do have to say you’ve gained a little bit since we first came here.  I understand that before we got here we didn’t really know where we were gonna eat but we were saved and will always have enough.  There are good peoples out there that will see to that.  

Good people like the one who'll click right here:

Let’s look at some of your recent pictures and you tell me what you see.”

Hiding behind the feed store after nomming too much

Parked by the food so no one else can eat

Sleeping the day away

Sleeping at events when you should be visiting with peoples

And yes, you snore.

“Well?  What do you see son?” Momma Nellie said.
“I guess I have gained a little bit but I’m still fluffy!  And I work so hard so I gotta eat” I said.

“But you know Opie, being overweight is not good for you! All that extra weight can make you very sick.  Your loving heart can’t take the stress and your feets and back will get arthritis.  You could get liver disease or diabetes too.  No kitty likes to take medicine or get needles do they.  And you would have to eat special food and no more Fancy Feast”

“No Momma Nellie, you are right.  I no wanna be sick and have to take needles or medicine all the time.  And I could never give up my Fancy Feast!  How awful that would be!  But Mom was real mean about it and all the animals said I was fat and that was mean” I said.

“Mom has been very stressed taking care of Daddy Fred and worrying about everyone here so you need to cut her some slack ok? She didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.  No one wants you to get sick.  You are only going to be 5 this year and have a long time to do good work before you have to cross the The Bridge.” Momma Nellie said. 

She gave me a long hard look.  When Mommas do that well, you know what you gotta do.

So Momma Nellie went back outside cause she don’t like being in the house.

  And I had to go and talk to Mom and say I was sorry.

This gonna be hard
“Mom?  I talked to Momma Nellie and she splained that I gotta lose some weight. No matter how good that Fancy Feast is,  it’s not good for me and might make me real sick.  Then I end up in the horspital and I couldn’t stay with you.  I know you been stressing bout Daddy and trying to take cares of everything and you didn’t want to be mean.  Iz sorry I yelled at you. I’ll try really hard to be good and share with the other kitties and I’ll go down to Re-Tail and work and sell stuff and help more.”

And Mom just looked at me and said "You have to lose some weight dear.  I only say that cause I love you and don't want you to get sick. There are so many animals depending on both of us to feed them, take care of them, and make sure they don't get sick. 
I don't want you to get sick either.  Remember last year when I got sick?  That wasn't fun at all.  And we both have to take care of Daddy so he gets all better.  We have to be a team.  And hopefully all the peoples that have always helped us before will help us again."


And Mom and me are ok now.  I promised to work a little harder and eat a little less.  She promised she won't drop me off somewhere and make me walk or swim home.  

So we sat on the porch at the Life Center and watched the sunset.  And dreamed about always being here and having enough for everybody.

Cuz we know YOU will make it come true:

So I'll be trying to eat better and sharing with the other kitties.  I won't be stealing Mom's nums and I'll go down to Re-Tail and help Aunti Melissa.  You come visit me and sped some green papers?  I gotta feed everybody (and buy some Fancy Feast too!)

So now I tolds you about my week, let's meow about what's going on at Rikki's!  We gots some fun stuff coming up but first.............

YAY!  We won, we won, we won.
Thank you to all my friends that sent in a nomination to Nature's Logic Kibbles of Love Contest!  They had six pallets of cat kibbles to give away and we won one of them!  Our kitties are very happy to receive this gift and will certainly enjoy it!
Rikki's Refuge takes care of as many as 600 cats a day! 
Along with cats, they provide sanctuary for over 22 species of animals.

And we gonna have a contest of our own!  You wanna help and win a prize for you?

I'm calling YOU to a challenge. Make a cool bench for Rikki's. Use this design or make your own. Wood, plastic, metal -- the choice is yours. Paint it ... or not. Make it look like an animal .... or not. Be creative .. let it flow !!!! I'll give some time to work out your design and to create it. Now it gets exciting. 

Bring your bench to be donated to Rikki's at noon on April 9, 2016 -- that's a Saturday ... so get your thinking cap on. PRIZES for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. Would you maybe even think of making a bunch of benches so Rikki's could sell them as a fundraiser ??? Hope to see you on FABULOUS BENCH SATURDAY !!! Love, Opie

So escited to see what YOU create for Rikki's!!

And it was so much fun last year that we gonna have another Easter Egg Hunt!

You gotta come!  So much fun hunting for eggs around the Life Center!  Send an e Meow right now to reserve a spot and get your tickets!  All kinds of fun be going on that day!

Mom better not make me wear those bunny ears again!

And we invite you to join us Easter Sunday morning!  

You gotta fill some baskets for someBunny you love? Rikki's Refuge will host a SweetShop fundraising event on Saturday, March 12, at Russell Stover Candies Outlet Store. The store is located at 23361 Business Center Court, Ruther Glen, VA 22546. Ten percent of purchases during the event will be donated to Rikki's Refuge to benefit the animals. This is a great way to support Rikki's Refuge!

To assure we receive credit for donations, a flyer is required. Get one by emailing us at OR we will have them at the store the day of the event.

We gots tours coming up!  Come see and feed all the animals at Rikki's on an official tour!  We can only have so many peeps here at a time so reservations and tickets are very important for all our events!

Thank you for being there for us so we can be there for all the animals at Rikki's.

OH and it's time to VOTE again in the SHELTER CHALLENGE and it's real easy .... here's a super easy to remember link to share with all  your friends ... try it out now, and then come on back !!!   Please do VOTE every day thru 4/10

.... and help us win money to help the animals !!!

Time for me and Mom to put Daddy Fred to bed.  
I love you always and forever!

Opie L. Cat
(and I do not snore Mom)

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