Saturday, December 12, 2015



Mr Mister is 22 years old today!!

Will you help him celebrate this big day??

His birthday wish is to feed everyone at Rikki's Refuge today!

Will you be his birthday hero??

If ONLY 59 of you donated $22 each .... it would MAKE HIS DAY !!!!

Here’s the goats doing what goats do while the reporter was interviewing Lolly and Birttney for the tv show ....
Here’s that story in case you missed it ...

With a little imagination (ok, a whole lot of imagination) you can imagine this cherry tree 20 or 30 feet high and covering Rainbow Overlook in shade.

That’s what Ron said, after planting what will become a lovely tree for many to enjoy in a future years. 

See the fencing laying there?  You can’t just plant a tree at Rikki’s .... you have to fence it in .... a number of our residents think young trees are for eating !!!

Ron’s signature slogan is "A society grows great when crazy old cat people plant trees whose shade the next generation will enjoy"

Thank you Ron !!!!

Read on .... and PLEASE help my Uncle Ron wrap it up in Charlottesville !!!!

YOU ALL ARE AWESOME ....   you did it on Giving Tuesday !!!!   We met our match !!!!    Fabulous Job !!!!

And your hard work and kindness and generosity made it possible for us to get over 30 kitties speutered this week !!!  

We blood tested a lot of cats this week.... The blood test kits cost us $13.95 each so just that is an expensive proposition with all these cats ... thank goodness ducks don't need to be tested ... well not blood .... for anything before they merge with the crowds !!!!

And we have done intake processing on many of the new feral cats. Doing their id photos, face, sides, top, bottom, distinctive markings, writing descriptions, worming, vaccinating, cleaning ears, checking teeth -- yeah ... they got good ones. Taking in a cat isn't just putting it in a cat house  !!!!   Oh no sireee ...  there’s lots more to it than that !!!

Hope to see you there !!!!   Please come for fun ....  Volunteer to help if you’d like !!!

Here’s the story that appeared about Rikki’s in the Scottsville Weekly
click on the article above to read the story on line

VOTE VOTE VOTE --- we’ve dipped to 5th ---   get us back up to 4th !!!   QUICK ....   you just gotz to vote EVERY DAY !!!!!   Tell all your friends ....  there is TWO THOUSAND dollars at stake ....   and that’s a great big huge number ...  Please make it happen !!!!

Please come out and see us tomorrow and next weekend !!!

Chicken Little might be allowed to go !!!
She’s gotten good at evicting kitties and taking our beds away !!!!

Look who else had a birthday !!!

She’s happy as a pig in mud !!!!
Oh .. wait ... she IS a pig in mud !!!!

Will YOU Please VOLUNTEER to
Wrap Gifts at Barnes and Noble ?

Monday      12/14   5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Tuesday     12/15   5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Saturday       12/19      1:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Sunday         12/20    12:00 PM - 800 PM
Tuesday       12/22       3:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday  12/23      3:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Friday       12/18    10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday   12/19    10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sunday     12/20   10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Pick a shift and HELP THE ANIMALS --- email the volunteer at YOUR store TODAY !!

The baby pigs have a new home !!!  They’re still getting formula, but are now drinking out of a bowl, and they are eating ... and eating ... just like ... ummm ....well  PIGS !!!!   They’ve already about doubled in size and outgrown tea-cup status ...  now they’re miniature pigs .... and soon they’ll outgrow that. 

They’ve got a nice new outdoor home where the can spend these beautiful days !!!  Happy piggies ....   but they still need to come in the 9th Life Center at night.

They’ll be getting speutered on the 22 .... and they they would be happy if no contributions came in to make it possible ....   WE need your help, cuz we don’t need 20, 30, 40 .... more piggies !!!!


Christmas Tour and Reception to reserve your tickets
Come to one or both !!!  We look forward to showing you what your kindness has built !!!

EVERYBODY wants to get in on one of Mr. Ken's awesome tours... Even the critters! If you come visit for one of our tours, YOU could be getting this view!  Ken will be leading our Christmas Day Tour.

How Awesome! Doesn't this look like paradise?  That’s what our recent guests who came all the way from England to see the sanctuary in person, had to say as all the critters came out to give them an escort !

Is there a Turkey in your life ?

Give your holiday season a new meaning this year ... the meaning of Love, Life and Hope !!

Let the world know how you feel. Turkeys are our FRIENDS and should be treated with love and respect. If you don't have a turkey friend, you absolutely must visit Rikki's Refuge no-kill life-care sanctuary and meet some very wonderful turkeys! You'll be glad you did.

Each T-shirt sold during this campaign will help to care for the Turkeys, Chickens, Geese, Ducks, Guinea Fowl, Peacocks and Pigeons at Rikki's Refuge over the winter when they need so much more food.

We hope you'll make some time to come and visit our happy birds .... and all the other animals, too!

Get your very own shirt right here:

ONLY available for the next four days -- so hurry !!!

Friends Don’t Let Friend
Go To Bed HUNGRY !!!


Thank you for being there for us !!  YOU have made our very lives possible thru your kind and generous donations !!!! 

Don’t forget to SAVE A LIFE TODAY  
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