Friday, August 18, 2006

Rags and Relics, End of Summer Sale, Half Price Section, Free-bee Section, Special Savings on Pet Supplies this Weekend

August 19 & 20, Saturday & Rags & Relics Sale

Located at 10525 Hook Rd, Route 725, just off route 20, 2.7 miles south of 522, that's .3 miles south of Rikki's driveway. New things, used things, craft things, gift things, pet things, decorations, clothing adult and kids, household items, furniture, pictures, dishes, linens, books, toys, baby stuff - you name it - you can buy it there - and all at a really great price. And every sale there will be a Half Price Special on certain items as well as the Free-bee Section. So don't miss out.

Sale every first full and third weekend of every month from 10 am till 2 pm. August 5/6 & 19/20, September 2/3 & 16/17, October 7/8 & 22/23, November 4/5 & 18/19, December 2/3 & 16/17.

It's only a quarter of a mile down route 20 from Rikki's Refuge Stop in on your way out to visit the animals. And just think. If you're a helper before the sales to set things up - you get first dibbs on the goodies.

This is a great volunteer opportunity for those of you who can't bear to see “the homeless animals”, or smell the poop. Support the animals, without having to deal with them. Contact Deloris, Ruler of Rags and Relics, if you'd like to be a volunteer or donate items for sale.

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I wanna grow to be 8 feet tall

About a month old at this point and only 4 feet tall, he has a way to go. Ooops. Not four feet, only two. And seriously, only 4 inches tall. It's a real mish mash of baby birds. Not all of them look like this. Some look like hawks, some like seagulls, and a lot look very chicken like. These are the strangest and the ones we've had the most questions, and curiosities, about. Of all the suggestions and guesses at what they are - you might want to check out Transylvanian Naked Necks and cast your vote. With bats in my belfry and transylvanian naked necks flying about at night .........