Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! June 4, 2013


I'd like you to meet Pepe ....

I know he’s little ... but he’s really a doggy, not a kitty !!!   We have big dogs and little dogs and black dogs and white dogs !!   

Mostly, we have old dogs!!

Pepe was once upon a time an active young energetic doggy who’s leap up to greet his owner and jump for joy at the thought of going for walks. 

As time wore on, Pepe’s owner got older ....  and so did Pepe.  The thing is, dogs get older quicker than people.  And sometimes people aren’t very nice to the older doggies.  If only they’d stop and think about when they get older .... do they want somebody to be nice to them?

Teaching love and compassion at home is where it all starts.  When you teach your kids to love and appreciate their grandparents and older neighbors and friends and older pets ... well you know .. it really pays off.  The kids who see their parents loving and respecting the old doggy or kitty are going to be the kids who grow up and love and respect their parents when they get old .... and you know ..  it just might come in handy !!!   So before you toss that old dog or cat out .... teaching your kids a very valuable lesson about our older citizens ....  think real hard and ask your self a few questions.  Am I going to get older?  Will I want to be tossed out like the trash?  Do I want my family to love and cherish me no matter how old I am?

Anyway ... Pepe and his owner got older, every day.  Pepe’s owner would come home and instead of jumping up to greet him, Pepe would look up from his comfy bed and smile and wag his tail.  When the owner would say, come on Pepe let’s go out for a walk ... instead of bounding up, Pepe would slowly get up and head for the door.

And so Pepe’s owner said, Hmmm well maybe I’ll just trade in the old dog for a younger one !  After all, his wife had done it last summer, when she ran off with that lifeguard.  So off to the pound they went. 

Pepe loved riding in the car !!!  And it was fun getting to meet all the other doggies at the pound.  But being locked up in a cage wasn’t fun.  And watching his beloved dad walk out with a young ball of fluff ....  well that really hurt.  Pepe howled and barked .... and his beloved owner never even looked back and waved.

The day turned to night ... and the night to day .... and still his owner never came back.  He was feeling sad and depressed.  People would come into the shelter looking for a new doggy to take home ....  Pepe would look up and wag his tail ... most of them would pass by and not even notice him ....  occasionally somebody would bend over and pet him and say, you poor old dog, what are you doing in a shelter?  And Pepe would say, I’ve been trying to figure that out myself, but you could fix it, you could take me home.  And he’d look at them with pleading eyes ... as they walked away and chose a young energetic pup to take home.

And then the day came when Pepe came to Rikki’s Refuge!!  His feet on the grass, marking tires, sniffing other doggies, nose kissing kitties and best of all ... a whole passel of hoomans to love him and fawn over him and to play when he felt like it and to let him nap when he felt like it. 

Naps on soft beds, naps with furry friends, naps in the sun ....  now THIS was the life !!!!

Pepe, at almost 21 years old, needed some pretty expensive eye surgery last week.  Some folks would have looked at him and looked at his age and said .... you know ... why not just put him to sleep ... I mean how much longer will he last ... a few months .. maybe a year .... is it worth it?

But at Rikki’s Refuge we look at things differently.  We look at the WHOLE doggy .. not just the “problem” part .... and what did we see ... a happy guy who loves to eat ... even if he is picky and has certain he holds out for ... a guy who loves walking around the farm ... a guy with friends ... a guy who wags his tail and ...  well a guy who really seems to be enjoying retirement life. 

So what did Rikki’s do?  Rikki’s said do the surgery and make our little Pepe feel better !!

And so that’s just what happened ... Pepe is now recovering very well from surgery .... 

And he’s just got one problem ...

He needs help paying his bill !!!!

Every dollar you donate to help Pepe ... will be DOUBLED ... every single dollar ....  so hurry and click right here to VANQUISH Pepe ‘s Vet Debt  http://rikkisrefuge.org/donate.php?purpose=Vanquishing%20the%20Vet%20Debt

Wonderful donors have put up a $15,590 DOUBLE YOUR DOLLAR challenge .... so far our wonderful friends have contributed $1,957.86 !!!!   Please help us make it to the double challenge and not lose any of that great big carrot they’re dangling for us !!!! 

Every dollar counts !!!! 

Please help out !!!

Lots of our dogs come to us because they are old .....

But not everybody !!! 

Juan came to us cuz he had too much energy.  He was left behind in a shelter by a family that said he was just out of hand.  Nope ... they’d never tried any training and they sure weren’t going to bother with that now !!!  Poor Juan.   And he went nuts in a small kennel at a shelter. 

Nobody wanted to take him out to play.  He was too rough and pulled too hard on the leash.  He jumped and he ran.  

Cooped up in a kennel, it didn’t take him long to develop kennel fatigue ....  he wasn’t going to make it ... he needed to go somewhere less stressful.

And so he came to Rikki’s Refuge.  Here he got to share a huge kennel, 20’ x 20’ with a couple friends and they’d get to go to the quarter acre playground to romp and run.  And Juan loved it.  hard working volunteers worked with him on leash and taught him some manners.

And guess what happened?

Here he is riding home to his new forever home !!!!!

Where I think he’s very very happy ....  what do you think?

Another doggy YOU saved !!!! 

Thank YOU Rikki’s supporters !!!!   YOU make it all possible !!!!   Without YOU, Pepe and Juan and all the others would never have had their second chance !!!!

Kick up your heals and dace for joy !!!!   YOU are saving so many lives !!!!

Isn’t it wonderful what we can do together? 

Please help us now and make a donation that will be matched dollar for double !!!

Love you bunches,

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