Monday, July 22, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! July 22, 2013

Yard Sale July 27, Saturday 8 am !!!!

Did you see how big the last one was ???  It was under 12 or so tents !!!  Gigantic !!  So much cool stuff !!!  And now there’s more !!  My GOSH people donate the most wonderful things !!!!

Come on out and get some for yourself !!!   Every penny spent at the yard sale will be turned into loving care for the animals !!!!  YES, it’s OK to spend outside your budget ....  we take credit cards !!!   Buy it NOW .... save it for Christmas ... pay it off over the next few months ...  don’t wait till Christmas and have whopping gift bills ....  start buying now at a HUGE DISCOUNT and get to the finish lien FIRST !!!!  

ALSO need volunteers to help out.  Before and at 6 am on the 27th .... help us set up ... help customers ... help with close down.   AND Ron will be cooking lunch for all the volunteers !!!  So come on out and have a blast and help the animals !!!!

Want more details?  Contact Melissa:

Can Tootsie Come Home With YOU ?

An 8 year old jack russell mix, Tootsie is full of energy and a bundle of fun.  She’s in serious need of a GOOD home with YOU !!  Very active, loves to give kisses, a really sweetie!!  Tootsie needs some one who can give her lots of exercise.  She’s a very sweet and loving little girl.

Tootsie does not get along with cats or larger dogs, she’s been ok with dogs up to beagle size.  She certainly wants to be the boss!  And she can climb over six foot high fences!

With all those restrictions, her life isn’t much fun at Rikki’s and she spends most of her time in a cage for her safety.  You know, it’s just not smart to corner some of these big old cats and bark in their face when you’re not much bigger yourself !!!!     And Beauty and Kiki aren’t about to tolerate being bossed around by somebody no bigger than a cat!!!

Tootsie knows how to walk well on leash and must wear a harness because the collar alone bothers her throat and makes her cough.  She ended up in the pound cuz she was terribly sick with lung worms and her owners didn’t want to pay her medical bills.  The worms are all gone now, and she’s a happy healthy little girl.  She has been left with scar tissue on her lungs, so she coughs a bit when she gets to worked up, but is just fine. 

Is there a place in YOUR life for her?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run Rikki’s Refuge?

47,961 pounds Cat Food, dry per year, 3,997 per month, and 131.4 per day
29,976 pounds Cat Food, canned per year, 2,498 per month, and 82.13 per day
70,263 pounds Cat Litter per year, 5,855 per month, and 192.5 per day

31,345 pounds Dog Food, dry per year, 2,612 per month, and 85.88 per day
19,345 pounds Dog Food, canned per year, 1,612 per month, and 53 per day

5,201 pounds Rabbit Food, dry per year, 433 per month, and 14.25 per day

4,030 pounds Cracked Corn per year, 336 per month, and 11.04 per day
1,369 pounds Mash for Birds per year, 114 per month, and 3.75 per day
164 pounds Pigeon Seed per year, 14 per month, and 0.45 per day
5,600 pounds Bird Seed per year, 467 per month, and 15.34 per day
82 pounds Pigeon Gravel per year, 7 per month, and 0.22 per day

61,049 pounds Mixed Grains per year, 5,087 per month, and 167.26 per day
2,150 bales Hay per year, 179 per month, and 5.89 per day
1,936 pounds Salt Blocks per year, 161 per month, and 5.3 per day

9 pounds Iguana Feed per year, 1 per month, and 0.02 per day

8,578 pounds Carrots per year, 715 per month, and 23.5 per day
292 pounds Apples per year, 24 per month, and 0.8 per day
2,004 pounds Spinach per year, 167 per month, and 5.49 per day
48,619 pounds Random Fruits/Veggies per year, 4,052 per month, and 133.2 per day

3,584 bushels Shavings per year, 299 per month, and 9.82 per day
917 bales Straw per year, 76 per month, and 2.51 per day

12,960 Puppy Pads for hospital cages per year, 1,080 per month, and 35.51 per day
83 gallons Laundry Detergent per year, 7 per month, and 0.23 per day
1,278 gallons Bleach per year, 107 per month, and 3.5 per day
23,400 Trash Bags, 30 gallon size per year, 1950 per month, and 64.11 per day
2,190 rolls Paper Towels per year, 183 per month, and 6 per day

1,800 gallons Gasoline for vehicles per year, 150 per month, and 4.93 per day
540 gallons Gasoline for equipment per year, 45 per month, and 1.48 per day
540 gallons Diesel for the tractor per year, 45 per month, and 1.48 per day

8,565 Tubes Advantage per year, 714 per month, and 23.47 per day
636 Tubes Frontline per year, 53 per month, and 1.74 per day

And WHAT does that cost????

To support a dove for one month $7.50 all year $90

To support a pheasant for one month $7.50 all year $90

To support a pigeon for one month $7.50 all year $90

To support a chicken for one month $8.33 all year $100

To support a guinea fowl for one month $8.33 all year $100

To support a swan for one month $10.42 all year $125

To support a turkey for one month $10.42 all year $125

To support a peacock for one month $10.42 all year $125

To support a goose for one month $10.42 all year $125

To support a duck for one month $10.42 all year $125

To support a iguana for one month $12.50 all year $150

To support a emu for one month $14.58 all year $175

To support a guinea pig for one month $15.83 all year $190

To support a rabbit for one month $18.75 all year $225

To support a mini pig for one month $25 all year $300

To support a sheep for one month $27.08 all year $325

To support a goat for one month $29.17 all year $350

To support a farm pig for one month $33.33 all year $400

To support a cow for one month $40.83 all year $490

To support a cat for one month $47.50 all year $570

To support a horse for one month $62.50 all year $750

To support a dog for one month $67.50 all year $810

Please pick your favorite critter and make a donation for them!!

Rikki’s Refuge
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960

or for packages
Rikki’s Refuge
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960

Summer School Humane Education

Our educational team of critters keeps busy year round !!!!   Every child who learns to love an animal will grow into one more kind person on our planet !!

Great Grand Pa is back at Rikki’s Refuge for the summer !!!
Bowtie to the left and Kitty to the right supervise his fundraiser to buy canned nums for the kitties !!!

Family Displaced After Disaster
Mom and her sole surviving baby will now live happily ever after at Rikki’s Refuge.

A local citizen had close to 100 birds living at their home ... ducks and chickens and geese and guinea fowl.  A predator got into their area and embarked on a mass murder.  Fewer than two dozen survived the attack.  The citizen called animal control for help.  They responded, found the area unsafe for the remaining residents to spend even one night and immediately went to work to save the remaining birds. 

An emergency call to Rikki’s Refuge and we got busy setting up temporary habitat for the survivors.  they’ll all be vetted, treated for parasites and acclimated to Rikki’s before joining our happy and safe bird communities.  

Animal control took time out of their busy day to catch everyone and transport them to Rikki’s Refuge.  Orange county is an outstanding community that really cares about their animal residents.  Thank you Ginny from Orange County Animal Control for saving all these lives !!!!

The National Capital Cat Show is Back !!!!
And Rikki’s Refuge needs volunteers to help at our booth.  Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia, USA on Saturday and Sunday Sept 7 & 8.  Can we count on YOU?

We need volunteers to help us get ready, to transport supplies, to transport animals, to foster overnight in the area, to help set up our display, to keep our adoptable kitties company, to help Opie meet guests and to HAVE FUN !!!!

Will you help us?  Contact Ron: for details and to sign up !!

Hey Champaign, Illinois Peeps
....if you know anyone in the area that needs commercial cleaning done (offices, businesses, new construction cleaning, etc.)....tell them about Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services - Champaign County, IL. and have them give Mark Raymond a call for an estimate!

Thank you for working with us, hand in paw, day in and day out, to care for the critters of Rikki’s Refuge .... we couldn’t do it without YOU!!  Thank you for saving our lives.

Love you bunches,
           Opie and Timmy

2013 is the Year of the Purr ....

Join the movement ... we’re adding purr to planet earth !
 Look! It's a great car magnet with the world's most loved cat -- Vincent Cat!!!!
"What Would Vincent Do?"
He'd "Purr More, Hiss Less".

Magnet is $5 each, plus shipping (65-cents for 1 magnet, $1.05 for 2 for U.S. addresses). For other shipping costs (international, or for more than 2 magnets) contact Melissa Felts  with your zip code and how many you want.     Purchase your magnet TODAY right here

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