Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good Morning Good News !!!! April 24, 2011

I’m Vincent D. Cat and here to make you happy!  You are HEROES!  You work hard every day and you deserve to smile every day!  Those of you working to save us animals hear so very many very sad things.  And there’s lots of very glad things too and that’s what we talk about here!  All pawsitive all the time!  I want my friends to be happy and smile and know there’s a lot of good - including YOU - in this world!!  Be kind and pass it on!  Please send me your Good New and Fun Stuff to share, personal or global. Let’s keep it fun and interactive!!  After all, if we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane!

Great Big Red Alert!!!!
Holy Cow, Duke just made giant strides in the Cats vs Dogs contest!!!  Jan challenged ... double your donations for dogs up to $1,500 ....  and I - yes ME lovable KITTY Vincent got more votes.  BUT today Cindy steped up and matched Jan’s donation!!  Yikes, so that’s 3,000 points on the dog side!!! 

HELP - we cats and cat people gotta stick together - don’t let the dogs win!!!  VOTE for ME ME ME

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Round the Refuge
Yippeee Good News on Rabbit Rutunda II --- GREAT NEWS -- the roof framing is all up !!!  Now just the roof netting needs to go on.  If enough of you will come out to work next Saturday and Sunday on this YOU can finish the project!!!    Yeahhhh David!!!

The Easter day tour is headed from Horsey Haven to Feline Fields right now!!  I got to go out and do lots of loving before the tour started.  Sniff sniff I love rolling in the fresh grass of spring but it makes me sneeze!!  But it’s worth some sneezing to see the world turning green again.  I just love to watch the hillsides go from born to green in just a couple weeks!!!  It’s so beautiful!!!  Thank you Jan and Laurie for coming out on Easter to give the tour!

Yippee Good News!!  Valerie is adopting Mystique!!!  She takes care of her here and understands her special needs and care so she can provide all Mystique needs at home!!

Mystique was our first Animal Artist - pawtographing Easter Eggs.  A few are still avaialble on ebay.  Click Mystique if you missed out on getting one!

Me and others will be learning to do artwork next weekend.  If you’d like to help us out.  Wash fingerpaints off my pqws and such, please contact  Melissa  she’d love some more help!

Melissa was real busy this weekend.  She spent yesterday at Booth Feed’s Staffort location at their liquidation auction.  Biding on cat and dog and horse and pig food and lots of other things!!  She was bidding on thing and somebody next to her kept bidding on them.  After a bit she turned to them and said -- Hey you, let me win something, I’m bidding for a rescue.  Ad the other bidder said, well so am I.  And Melissa said I’m bidding for Rikki’s.  And the other bidder said, so and I.  And so they didn’t bid against each other any more !!!!!

They had the 40’ trailer of a tractor trailer - and it went for only $125.  Not that’s a lot of good storage space.  We never have enough storage psace around here.  But the big problem was - how on earth could be get it to Rikki’s?  Melissa had called mom and mom had called everybody she could think of - and nobody was there to haul it.  And worst of all it was in a place where trees had grown around it and since it moved there a fence had been put up, so it was going to be really hard to get out of there. 

Melissa spent all day today, Easter Sunday, back at the auction block.  Today it was Booth Feed’s Fredericksburg store.  And today there were two much nicer trailers.  Melissa and Ed made phone calls and they found a towing company who’d bring one to us for $250-$350 depennding on various conditions.  Hmmmm  If they sold for only a couple hundred bucks this could now be worth while.  We were all excited.

And a little bit later Melissa called and sounded disappointed.  She’d been outbid by a guy who got both of them.  Oh well.  We can’t have all the deals!

And then later on Melissa called again and she was all excited.  She’d said to the man, aw I wanted one of those for an animal sanctuary.  And he said really?  So she told him about me and about Rikki’s and he said, so Vincent’s birthday is coming up?  And you really need a whole 40’ trailer to store his Fancy Feast?  Well tell you what, I’ll let you have this one for the $350 I paid for it and I’ll even tdo better!  If you let me meet Vincent, I’ll tow it to Rikki’s for FREE!!!!  YEAHHHHHH.  So now we have a nice dry 320 sqft of storage space for things like cat litter and food and all kinds of great stuff.  Aren’t you happy?


And her truck is filled with even more goodies she’ll be bringing out tomorrow.

Thank you Ed for leading the truck driver to Rikki’s.

By now you’ve probably figured out that it’s taken me all day to write this, and the tour’s been long over.  You know a cat’s gotta catch a nap here and there and it was a great day for napping in the shade.  Ahhh feels so good, nice and warm and a lovely breeze....  Ahhhhh

Robin came out and washed dishes and groomed KiKi and helped to rake out some of that big thick undercoat.  Thanks for working all day on Easter Robin!! 

And Jessica came and helped for a bit too, and brought nums for the hoomans to celebrate Easter!

Valerie’s sister brought Yetti back to visit.  He was adopted at the end of last summer.  He was just a little bit at the time.  Now he’s a great big boy with long orange fur and lots of toes on each foot.  That’s why he was called Yetti!!

Andy came out to meet some kitties that would like to live in his home.  He took videos of some of them.  Twisty aka Birdie and Gibson look like the top candidates.  Who’s going to win a real forever home?  And how many?  One or two or .....  His wife Patty will come out to meet them soon and I’m sure somebody will stand out as the purrfect one to take home!

They adopted Starr from Rikki’s many years ago.  She was a very shy doggie.  So scared and she’d hide in her doggy house shaking when anybody would look at her.  A little black and white gal.  Well they came looking for a companion for their doggy and their doggy picked out Starr.  So they gave her a chance and took her home on a trial. And it worked out wonderfully.  Now Starr is a happy doggy and very friendly to Andy and Patty.  Yeahhh Starr.  And she and her doggysib will be getting a kitty or two soon!!!  Yippee !!!!

Vincepurrational Visions
Most people would succeed in small things
if they were not troubled with great ambitions
One little step at a time.  Be a little hero today.  Lots of little hero acts, make you a great big hero!!!   YOU can change the world, one step at a time.  One animal at a time.  One dollar at a time.  One hour at a time.  Cut it up into small pieces so it’s not so overwhelming - and do one extra special good thing every day.  Do this every day for 21 days - on day 22 you’ll so be looking forward to being a hero - you’ll never stop!

On this Day
April 24, 1981 First personal Computer introduced by IBM - gee I wonder how kitties played around on Facebook before that?

April 24, 2011 Begins National Scoop the Poop Week - so come on out to visit !!!!  Every Week is Scoop the Poop week at Rikki’s Refuge.  We have over 300 pounds of poop to clean up EVERYDAY !!!!

Creature Feature

Miles hanging out hooman watching

Vista! Got Pill Poopper? I'm out of here!

Betty formerly known as Bitey

SureFoote aka Meanie, one of the psychos

Dear Uncle Sam

Dear Uncle Sam,
I received your nastygram of April 17, denying knowing of my existance.  This is preposterous.  EVERYONE knows who VIncent D. Cat is.  Everyone except apparently YOU. 

I am due a tax refund and I am due it NOW.  This is not fair.  All the hoomans are talking about getting one and I deserve a bigger one.  So there! 

I desperately need to cast MY vote for CATS in the April Cats vs Dogs event at Rikki’s Refuge.  Please send my a check immediately, Vincent D. Cat, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960 or deposit my refund into my account for CATS

Vincent D. Cat

PS hey hoomans out there - if YOU have received a tax refund, would you consider sharing with me?  Please.  I really want to beat the dogs in the Cats vs Dogs contest.  Have you really thought about this?  Do you want to be reading what blind Duke will be writing to you for the next year if you don’t elect ME?  Just think about that - then cast a vote for ME if you want to see Good Morning Good News coming your way for the next year!!

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