Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!! November 16, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!!

You all are so awesome!!! You're always there when I need you.

Nanny and I goat carted all over Orange all day yesterday. I only found
36 pennies. I mean 36, that's real good, huh? All that work made me
kinda hungry. I mean don't you get hungry when you work? Shut up
Nanny, you got to eat grass along the way. So I stop-ed at 7/11 and I
had to beg the man to give me a can of Fancy Feast for 36 pennies.

He scream and he yell and he say, "You go, you get that goat out my
store, you stupid cat you think I give you can of Fancy Feast of only 36
pennies. What do you want? You want all my children to starve? What you
think store is? Store is place to make profit, not place to put

I just looked at him real sad and pulled in my belly so my ribs show, I
hope they showed, and said I thinks you're a very nice man and I thinks
you're kind and it's almost Christmas, well at least Thanksgiving, and
YOU want something to be thankful for, well you know what goats do?
Goats eat EVERYTHING and goats poo when they eat. And if you don't
think I'm worthy of one can of Fancy Feast let me tell you. Then I let
go of the reins and said, Nanny, eat anything you want!

And I think my sad face worked, cuz he throw can of Fancy Feast at Nanny
and he say, "You go, you get out my store, you get your goat out my
store, what you think, you think this lookes like place for an-i-mel,
you go, you go now."

So I got my can of Fancy Feast and got to keep my 36 pennies too!!!

And I getted home and I really hope all you together was able to fine
664 pennies. And you DID and you SHARED with me !!! I love you so
much!!! YOU are all my Thanksgiving is about.

Ok, time to vote - stop what you're doing - reading this - and click
http://bit.ly/VoteVincent Rikkis Refuge VA USA

Merow, I'm a kitty. I'm a good kitty. I want to be your friend! I want
to make you happy! Happy is good! I'm a happy kitty! What are you?

I need some help. Today the litter comes. Two tractor trailers. They
come about 1 pm. We don't have no pavement. They have to park on field.
Field get soggy when field get wet. Soggy field, stuck truck, mad
driver. Can you help me ask universal cat spirit to let the rain stop
now and not start back up till the trucks have safely left? Thank you!

Cats' Superior Drinking Habits Make Me Love Dogs
The news reported in Science magazine last week of the exquisite timing
and elegant physics displayed by cats in their drinking habits has
reinforced once again the obvious truth that cats are superior to
sloppy-go-lucky dogs, and no doubt to people as well, at least the ones
with whom I drink water (and I include myself). And that very
superiority and elegance is yet another reason to have a dog as a pet —
if, that is, there is anything wanting in your personal eating or
housekeeping habits.

A cat it seems, draws up a column of water with the tip of its tongue
and bites off the top of the column just before it drops back (neatly,
of course) into the dish. Dogs, well, dogs slurp. I don't slurp, but I
do spill. Water, soup, ham sandwiches — I can spill anything.

Once, in a business meeting I knocked over a full glass of diet soda. My
colleague and friend, sitting right next to me, a man with whom I worked
closely every day, a cat owner, said with a very audible whisper, "I
would be sooo embarrassed." As for general neatness of the sort that
leads to respectable housekeeping, I will say only that once, in the
office, after desperately searching various nooks and crannies for what
smelled like a dead mouse, I gave up and decided to clean off the piles
of paper on my desk. Halfway down one of the tumbling stacks was a dead
mouse, apparently caught in a data avalanche.

It is true that if I had a cat in the office, the mouse would not have
been foolish enough to risk trekking across the paper mountain. But I
would have had to put up with the cat's disdain. I won't venture into
the argument over the extent of animal consciousness except to say that
I wouldn't trust anyone who doubts that cats are capable of disdain.

I'm not anti-cat. I don't share the view of another colleague that cats
are "agents of Satan." (He requested notoriety, not anonymity, but I
feel I should protect him from himself.) But I do prefer dogs because
they are more tolerant of my personal failings. If I spill soup, or a
sandwich, or, in a kind of lunch-special combo, soup and a sandwich, on
my tie or all over my lap, my dog looks at me and says (I am going to
translate her looks and tail wags), "Don't worry about it. I spill half
my bowl every time I drink."

If you have any doubts about which sort of pet is right for you, watch
the researcher's video of his cat drinking water. Observe the neatness
and precision. Drink a glass of water yourself. How do you compare? How
does that make you feel?

Then watch my dog, or any other, slurp water and then look up at you
with a big happy smile as water cascades from her jowls to the floor.
Take a sip of water yourself. How do you feel now?

Pretty good, I'll bet. I rest my case.

I Love you!! You have the bestest day ever!!

PS If you don't want your Daily Good News, just let me know! A couple
of you have said you only want Hairballs with out the Good News!!
That's ok! Just tell me. I'm here to make you happy, just tell me how!
If Good New don't make you happy - I could always start Bad News, but,
as you hoomans say, why reinvent the wheel - that's what you've got tv
and newspapers for !!!!!

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