Thursday, July 07, 2011

Recycle for Rikki's

Bring your rinsed out cans!!!  Aluminum in one bag(s) and other metal in another.  Kathy made a deal with Summit Recycling and I now have my own account to turn your used metal into my next meal!!!

Yesterday’s Beer is Today’s Fancy Feast!!!

Kathy had saved up 6 bags of cat food cans (the aluminum kind) along with some soda cans.  We headed off to recycle and see what it’s really worth.  Would we even get enough to pay for the gas?

This is an actual, unaltered, totally honest, picture of the cans we had.

Summit Recycling exchanged this pile of old used up cans - for  two and a half cases of Fancy Feast.  Yes, fresh new cans with nums inside.  Well not exactly.  But they did give ME $17.10 so I could stop at the store and pick up my own Fancy Feast!!!!   31 cans of Fancy Feast for a little old basket full of empty cans?  Food Lion has Fancy Feast (select flavors) for 10 cans for $5.50.  What a great special, stop by and pick up a few for today’s pot luck!!!

Rikki’s Refuge has an account set up at Summit Recycling.  All you have to do is drive up, tell the wonderful friendly folks who will come out to greet you that you recycle for Rikki’s Refuge.  They’ll take your junk and turn it into food for the animals.  Once a month they’ll send Rikki’s Refuge a check!!!

So hop on down to Summit Recycling
Monday - Friday 7 AM - 5 PM     Saturday 7 AM - Noon
Summit Recycling
1123 Summit Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Phone: (540) 373-5182
Fax: (540) 899-5569

From I-95 and Route 3, take Route 3 2.5 miles east.  Business Route 1 will turn off to the left (like you’re going to the commuter train) and Summit Street will be your next left, right up the hill on the right.  Pull in and they will help you.

Be prepared to show ID, it’s the law!  Not cuz they’re checking who’s bringing in beer cans, but cuz there’s been a lot of theft of metal to get the money recycling.  Crazy, but true!!

Be sure to tell them you’re here to Recycle for Rikki’s Refuge.  If you talk to somebody who isn’t sure what that means, just ask for Ed or Crystal, they’ll get it all straight. 

We’re all low on money now, so here’s just one more wonderful way you can turn your trash into food for the animals of Rikki’s Refuge!!!!

Summit Recycling is a nice family owned business.  Really great folks, in the office and in the yard.  They’re very excited about the opportunity to help YOU help the animals!!!
This is the owners Tuna and Ed.  See I told you they’re good folks!

Just like me, YOU can save your cans, and haul them down to Summit Recycling
The cans I’m hauling in my sled are enough to trade for a can of Fancy Feast!!!

Bee nice to the environment too - see a can - stop and pick it up!!!

And it’s NOT JUST ALUMINUM!!!  Any kind of metal or predominately metal object will do.  Vegetable cans and other non aluminum cans, but please keep them separately bagged!!!  Broken extension cords, old lawn furniture, broken fans, busted ladders, car parts, even cars and trucks, wheelbarrows, even if it’s rusted, anything with metal - just look around you - it’s amazing.  The price is different for each different kind, but it will all go to help us at Rikki’s.

And if you can’t get to Summit, you can bring things here.  Nothing big cuz I gotta haul it in my sled !!!  If you’re bringing things to Rikki’s you’ll need to bag them very well so they can’t spill and be sure to rinse things first.  Be sure aluminum cans are in separate bags from other things!!!!!

Let’s see how long it takes us to make $100!!!  I already made the first $17.10 !!!!


Help me keep this wonderful Refuge running! 

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