Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!! June 10, 2010

Where are you advertising, "Vote for Rikki's"? Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA
Send me your picture!!!

Have Good News to share? Send it to ME !!!

Iggy thinks it's really good news that Leaper wasn't allowed to eat him during the filming of Episode Two of Vincent TV!!!!

Mary got all the papers together for the accountant for the annual audit yesterday. Rene worked more on the quarantine room. Carl brought produce for the pigs. Ken, Katarina, Autumn, Iggy, Leaper, George, Georgette and ME did another TV show!

Tour on Sunday at Noon and we'll be celebrating Carolyn's 84th birthday after wards !!! Is this cool or what !!! Come on the tour and then help us celebrate!! get a coupon for 15% off your shopping spree Friday 6/11

Reva Volunteer Fire & Rescue Flea Market
Sat June 19 8am-4pm, food and baked goods, too
$25 for inside table 8 ft or 16x16 outside area, 540-547-1741
Anybody want to run a table for Rikki's?

$2 off Rescue Remedy
coupon good at Whole Food only, code good at if you want coupons, give me your mailing address and number of coupons you want - I have lots - if you want on line, email me and I'll send you the code from the coupon. Lots of coupons available.

BJ's trial membership, good for 60 days when activated before 7/5/10, mailing address please - only one coupon - goes to first request.

Barbara has met someone who'll build a sun deck for her kitties in exchange for her helping her TNR a feral colony!!!!

Suszan helped rescue a little blue and white kitten from Barrow GA! His name is Buster and he is a little cutie!

Amilyn is so happy to report that Batman

is now in his new indoor home which he shares with two blind cats, some special needs cats, a dog, and his new Mom, Jennifer of Castaway Cats in Connecticut. He has access to tall cat trees, screened window balconies, and an 18 X22' outdoor enclosure.

Hey! Look familiar? It's so wonderful to hear about more and more sanctuaries that provide life care to our special needs friends !!!!!

Celia reports: Sassy Cat is going with me to tape a public service ad for homeless animals and she's going to be awesome!

Gwen writes in: Pretty Lucky was abandoned on the highway Sunday night in a cat carrier and spent the whole night out in a terrible rain and wind storm with no protection from the weather. It was late Monday afternoon before a kind hearted man stopped to rescue her from the highway. He then brought her to me and when I opened the carrier to let her out ,water was pouring off her everywhere and the bottom of her cage was full of water. She was so cold. I dried as fast as I could while another got her some warm food. We were worried she would become sick because of what she went through. Pretty Lucky is adjusting to her new surrounding here with us and is loving all the attention she is getting.

Stephanie tells me her kitty, Priscilla, is responding well to her meds and she stopped loosing weight and muscle tone.

I wish I had the stats for the number of cats and dogs speutered yesterday !!! More and more hoomans tell me about doing TNR work and spreading the word. I'm Speutered and Proud of it !!!

And the number rescued by all of you wonderful Hoomans !!! Stand up and give yourself a pat on the back for being a life saver!!! YOU are the ones making the changes on this planet!!!