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Good Morning Good News !!!! October 2, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!!

Welcome to October 2010 !!! Only 79 voting days left !!!!

We moved up 0.01 % planetwide overnight - keep up the good work !!!!!
Keep voting over the weekend and remind your friends - tell every one
you meet - we often lose ground on the weekends with people not at their

Vote for Rikki's Refuge Rikkis Refuge of VA
Get your friends, coworkers, school mates, pen pals, email pals, chat
pals, neighbors out there voting.

Special Happy Birthdays !!!

Snoopy Turns 60! How the Cartoon Dog Became the Ambassador for 'Peanuts'
© 2010 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

The moment everything changed for Snoopy was when he stood up on two
legs. (Pay attention Walker!) It was 1956, six years after creator
Charles Schulz's first comic strip featuring his landmark characters
from Peanuts appeared. Snoopy, inspired by and modeled after Spike, a
terrier from Schulz's childhood, had until then been more like a regular

When he stood up, and then climbed up on the doghouse ... good grief!
Snoopy started to become the beloved beagle he is today. "When he was
doing his happy dance, with his feet just going like a bandwagon, he was
expressing a completely different personality than a dog," Schulz's
widow, Jeannie Schulz, tells "He ceased to be a real dog
and he became an abstraction of a dog, with human characteristics."

Both Charles and Jeannie were dog lovers, and the cartoonist always
carried dog biscuits in his pockets. Some he would give to his pets at
home, and others he would save for the stray he encountered every
morning in a parking lot. "Sparky thought a lot like a dog," Jeannie
says. "He had a very intuitive feeling. He wrote about how when you walk
down the street and you pass a dog, he looks at you. Your eyes meet, and
for a little while, you're communicating."

By the time the comic strip had turned 25, Schulz said that he could
probably do an entire comic strip about Snoopy. "His personality gives
me so many ideas," he told Jeannie. He recognized, too, that Snoopy was
his comic strip's international ambassador. "You didn't have to read
the story to love Snoopy," Jeannie says. "Snoopy was what they all
loved. His black-and-whiteness, he's just a beautiful design."

98-Year-Old Twins Crowned World's Oldest
French sisters Lucienne and Raymonde Saumade become the world's oldest
living twins. They were born in Paris in 1912.

October 2nd is World Farm Animals Day
That's for our cows and goats and sheep and pigs and chickens and
turkeys! Here's info for those of you who support Farm Animals
(warning: probably not for the non-vegetarian)

Yippee !!! The 5K Run is scheduled !!!!!
Sunday, November 7th at 8 am at Chancellor High in Spotsylvania!
Come and run with us!
For more info and to sign up, contact Dennis at 540-207-2829 or Crystal
at 504-786-2606x5021.

Commonweatly of Virginia Campaign Kicks off Monday
Please support Rikki's Refuge, our CVC number is 3163

Our Combined Federal Campaign - CFC - number is 77674
You'll often see us listed as Life Unlimited of Virginia, Inc. That's
our corporate name!

Thursday is a very sad case.
He lost his home at the age of 10 and we pulled him hoping to find
something better for such a beautiful Maine Coon. Unfortunately, he
suffered a severe eye infection in both eyes and is now blind in one eye
and the other eye had to be removed due to the infection. Now he is all
alone and cant see, and is very sad :( Is there someone who can make a
happy life for this 10 year old? He likes other animals and needs an
active home where he can hear the noise of others and not feel lonely.
We did adopt him out previously as a solo but he was returned to us for
crying :( Please email if you can help.

I want so much to let him come live at the 9th Life Center but mom is
saying we barely have enough money to feed us and we can't possibly care
for any more until the budget grows. This is so sad.

Wildlife rescue workers in Florida have discovered a common sandwich
ingredient is perfect for cleaning toxic crude from the skin of oiled
sea turtles.

Just days ago, government officials announced that the BP well
responsible for the worst oil spill in American history is finally dead.
Unfortunately, the crisis has only just begun for wildlife that lives in
and around the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The staff at The
Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida are still seeing new oiled turtles
come in from areas affected by the spill, and they are using an
easy-to-get, safe, and effective kitchen condiment to save their lives... Mayonnaise.

I want my own little red wagon!!!!

Cross-country paddler completes 4,300-mile trip
An extreme paddler who launched a cross-country canoe trip in Portland,
Ore., has completed the journey 4,300 miles later in Portland, Maine.
Alexander Martin paddled the final stretch down the Presumpscot River
Friday and arrived at Portland's East End Beach, where family waited.

The 24-year-old from Kensington, Conn., completed the trip in three
two-month segments starting in April 2009. He says it included using a
bicycle to haul the canoe 800 miles over land to cover parts of the
country that aren't connected by water. And he's thinking about his
next waterborne adventure, possibly Siberia's Lena River. He says it's
described as one of the longest rivers in the world that's not
obstructed by dams.


Always remember
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please know that we understand if you're having trouble putting food on
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