Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Morning Good News !!!! June 28, 201

Sirikit shares the best way to start the day!

Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to YOU, You're welcome to come
live in my ZOO, Happy Birthday dear Fred, Happy Birthday to YOU, may it
be great and filled with Fancy Feast !!! Love, Vincent

Fred's my dad! Here's our family portrait
He got a big unexpected surprise at the refuge today - come visit Dad
and get your presents!!!!

Laurie, a little birdie told me you had a birthday earlier this week!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU - you're always welcome to come live in my zoo
too !!!!

No matter what species you are you can vote !!!!
you can be voting to help us win big bucks!!!
Ask your friends everywhere to join in !!!! Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA
One vote a day per computer, phone or what ever per person thru Aug 22.
The Shelter with the most over all votes will win money to save lives!!!

We're praying that you'll vote for us every day !

Working at Rikki's is always filled with fun and excitement and
unexpected events !!!! We never, just never, get bored here !!!!

And the closer mom is to a deadline and trying to work to keep it ......
The more likely it is to be an exciting day!!!!

I could play 20 questions with you all day and you'd never guess what
Valerie discovered on rounds this morning!! Never !!!! Should I tell
you - or make you play ?????

About the size of two, maybe three cans of Fancy Feast and it goes
squeak squeak oink oink squeak squeak ........

WHAT??? Bella has babies????? From WHERE!!!!! The guys are all
fixed and she doesn't even live with any of them. She and Lola hate the
other pigs and they have their own home. Roaming wild boar????

Hmmm how long has she been here ...... When was that last snow storm?
She arrived during that, a pet who kept escaping and getting arrested by
animal control. They took her home that day and her folks said aww just
keep her. So here's poor ACO Trish with a pig on her livestock trailer
and it's COLD and there's tons of snow on the ground AND they already
had another pig waiting to come to Rikki's.

Beau a big pink guy with a black head had been a stray. Very friendly.
They'd already neutered him and he was ready to roll. Literally. So
she headed back to the shelter, rounded up a crew of deputies and loaded
Beau onto the trailer too.

Mom was busy out taking care of all the snowy issues and didn't get the
phone call ..... At 4:30 pm all the animals were taken care of and
safely bedded up for the night and mom said the staff could go on and
leave in the hopes they'd get home safely before the roads got to icy.
Just as they were getting in the car ............

........... a couple sheriff cars and animal control truck hauling a
trailer pulls in. Mom's like HUH???? Lucky for everybody we have a
great friendly crew and everybody pitched in to help.

We couldn't even get to our usual pig quarantine pens. So we cleared a
path to Emu Estates. Had to dig out a house - remember it was about 3
feet deep - dig an area around the house cuz 3 feet is way over Bella or
Beau's head. Get bedding and food and water and get them all set up for
the night.

That was about 114 days ago. After seeing the babies this morning, Mom
can screaming into the office, "what is pig gestation?" I'm very smart
you know, I read the dictionary in my spare time, so I said, "gestation
means how long you're pregnant, it's the length of time ..." And she
said, "shut up smarty pants, let me get my chart out of my desk. Hmmmm
112-116 days. Today is ..... Bella arrived ..... Ah ha".

Now the next panic is, of course, was it Beau or was it before? Is that
why Bella went wondering that fateful day? Or Beau ...... So mom
went chasing Beau around for a feelie and found nothing. See mom run
.... See Beau run .... See mom run .... See Beau squeal ..... I think
I should write books, what do you think?

Mom didn't find any "goods" and so she called the shelter and Trish and
they definitely verified seeing him neutered and the "goods" being
removed. Pweeeee God willing the other female pigs ......

Mom and crew are working on fencing and all kinds of things needed now
for itty bitty baby pigs. they are about the size of 12 week old kittens.

Barb tells me - I lost count, but there were about 130 bats that flew
out of my shutters tonight, including a lot of wobbly baby flyers with
their little wings beating as hard as they could, with mommas circling
and encouraging them! ..really quite a sight to behold!!! Look Mom,
I'm a bat and I can fly!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeee!!!!!

At Pet Smart tonight a 3rd new person showed up who wanted to be trained
as a volunteer ...may have enough people now to cover morning shift too,
which will give Nita a break...yea!!!!!

Momma cat is SO VERY sweet...I cradle her in my arms and she makes bread
on my arm and stares at me with such trust in her eyes...the vet did an
amazing job...I could hardly believe how small he made her
incision...I'm thinking to go ahead and let her join her babies at Polly
and Mike's house tomorrow...I'm really going to miss her...I really
really like her...I'll bet if I could go to bed with her she would be a
real's such a good feeling when everything flows and comes
together for the good of all...:-)

Lisa says: Had an awesome day today, wish I could bottle it and repeat
it again tomorrow!

I'm a zebra !!!! Let's have a fundraiser!!!
I can do a car wash !!!!!
VOTE now - and today - tell three friends to vote. Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA

Gees I wonder if I'm getting paid back for all the fun I was having as a
pig !!!!

It happened yesterday!!!

Jan brought food and supplies

Melissa trained Katarina in the skill of dog training so she can teach
the volunteers in Youth Camp

Randy and Steve worked on dog fencing

A community service guy helped out

Rene stopped in Saturday to help out (oops, I'm a day late!)

Tara: Lots of people think that the most dangerous thing about a pit
bull is its jaws. I disagree. The most dangerous thing about a pit bull
is its tail. It has a mind of its own. You can teach a pit bite
inhabitation but you will never teach a pit bull to stop wagging its
tail.---Emily Ward

Please Please let us win so we can spend the money saving animals!

You did VOTE didn't you? Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA

Send me your fun, good and wacky news !!!

Be my hero and help stock our empty pantry with canned cat food!!!

I love you all, no matter what species you are, how long your ears are
or how many legs you have!
Love, Vincent

PS If you don't want your Daily Good New, just let me know! A couple of
you have said you only want Hairballs with out the Good News!! That's
ok! Just tell me. I'm here to make you happy, just tell me how! If
Good New don't make you happy - I could always start Bad News, but, as
you hoomans say, why reinvent the wheel - that's what you've got tv and
newspapers for !!!!!

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