Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! March 19, 2013

Have YOU been voting???
Will YOU help me win the contest at the Animal Rescue Site ???
Please vote for Team Vincent today !!  And Every Day !!

It's real easy .... go here http://animalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/shelterchallenge.faces?siteId=3 and enter Rikkis Refuge in VA in the USA and follow the directions ...
it's easy, no information collection, no spam .... just your vote ---

Help YOUR TEAM round up votes ... vote daily and YOU can help me win $1,000 to feed my furry friends at Rikki's Refuge.  There are 1268 of us ....  well a couple hundred of them have feathers ... but we feed them too.  Vote every day from every computer you have, home, office, phone and so on !!!! 

You all are so cool
YOU are what makes
Rikki's Refuge possible
YOU  YOU  YOU  !!!!!
....  how many critters do you have?  How many cats?  Dogs?  Pigs?  Goats?   We've got 1268 animals today .... and that includes 659 cats ... tomorrow it will be only 658 cats ....  Don't get sad !!!  Leeper who's been with us since June of 2008 will be getting a real furrever home !!!!

Despite being crippled from an injury when he was 10 months old, a crippling defect that was going to lead to his death in a city shelter .....  He's getting a home !!!! 

Matthew, a wonderful volunteer, spends a day or two a week at Rikki's.  And Leeper loves him ... Leeper never let his handicap get in his way ... he runs and plays ... just limps .. but he's still the fastest thing on three legs when he runs !!!  And he always runs when he sees Matthew coming and he leaps on to Matthew's shoulders.  Well tomorrow ....  Leeper goes home with Matthew and his family. 

Sometimes it takes FIVE YEARS to find your forever home .... for some, Rikki's Refuge is their furever home furever ... but for all of our residents they know love and happiness every day ....  because of YOU  ..... 

Look at those THUMBS !!!!   How was Leeper turned down by adoptor after adoptor for five years ???   But wasn’t he lucky to be at Rikki’s, where no matter how long it takes .... you’ve got the time !!!

But as I was saying ....  we have 53 doggies .... 36 pot belly piggies ... 3 farm pigs .... 42 goats ... and all kinds of other guys living with us ... eums, pigeons, guinea pigs, rabbits and on and on ....  

Big Cows ... Little Cows ... they all eat the hay ....

So What do you think it costs to feed all those guys .... and gals ????   And not just feed them --- but meds - like monthly worming and flea prevention and vaccinations as well as surgery like Sophia is having today ....
Please keep Sophia/Sampson in your prayers as he undergoes serious surgery on both knees today

but also bedding and utilities, electricity, propane to keep them warm in the winter .... and oh my gosh imagine the cost of cleaning up after 1268 animals .... 

The bill is HUGE !!!   But when you break it down ... it's really itty bitty ....  $1.13 per critter per day .... Food, Meds, Doctors, Cleaning, Housing .. EVERYTHING ....  WOW that's an itty bitty number ..... 

BUT do the math ....  Ok let's see ... you said 1268 animals times $1.13 for each one ... so that's HOLY COW $1,432.84 a DAY ....  

Now that number is starting to look kind of daunting, isn't it ????    If we think in year or month, the number is just overwhelming .... 

So we try to make it one week at a time .....  And one week of caring for 1268 costs us $10,029.88 ..... gaaaaagggg that’s enough to stop you in your tracks isn’t it ?????

But .....  add up what you’re spending on your pets .... and multiply it out to 1268 mouths to feed ... 1268 poops to clean up .... and Hmmmm $1.13 a day doesn’t look so bad anymore  ...  does it ???

Oscar says thanks for caring.  Remember the bedraggled busted up kitty he was three weeks ago?  Thanks to YOU he’s now on insulin and looking so much better.  Ok, so he needs a few more repairs before he’ll win any beauty contests .... but hey look at those thumbs .... He may soon be able to earn his keep opening cans in our kitchen !!!

The hard part is knowing that you’re with us every day, that you’re there helping us make ends meet, that we can count on YOU !!!!   And oh my gosh ... look what YOU’ve done this week .....  With the auction payments coming in, with YOU wonderful monthly subscribers, with all you YOU helping out when you can ....  LOOK what’s in my paypal account today !!!   $8,887.91 ...... and that means ONLY $1,141.97 and we’ll meet our goal this week !!!!!   How cool is that .... 

Can you help me out and spread the word about how little it takes to feed and care for the animals of Rikki’s Refuge ????   I know YOU have helped so much already .... but I bet you have a friend or a friend of a friend ... would love to donate $1 or $5 or even a whopping $25 ....  And when WE all work TOGETHER ... we make it happen !!!!  

Let’s see if we can spread this around far and wide and get enough new folks to help us out so we can cover all our obligations this week !!!!   Only $1,141.97 to go .... which with billions of people on the planet ... and so many of them loving animals ....  it should be easy !!! 


Remember Mike?  Though he wasn’t young and they said the  leg would never heal, and it would cost to much to try and save him ....  YOU made it possible and thru YOU he got to see the doc and he went thru several months of cast changes and healing and then physical therapy and he’s enjoying life as a four hoofed critter !!!!

Sure hope you’re coming to EASTER FUN, March 23rd


Don’t wait any longer .... RSVP today !!

Love you bunches,
           Snoop and Norman

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