Thursday, April 17, 2008

First Ever Rikki's Refuge Golf Tournament

The big event was yesterday at Cannon Ridge Golf Club. And it was one huge, tremendous, fabulous success. Thank you Cannon Ridge for allowing us to be there. Thank you to all our sponsors, especially Xerox. And please remember leave all your reproduction to Xerox, neuter and spay your pets today. A big thank you to all of our volunteers who worked so hard to coordinate it and begged for the gifts and prizes. And thank you to all the donors who forked over prizes large and small. There were so many prizes and gifts, I think everyone got at least one.

Cannon Ridge Golf Club is a lovely facility. I suppose most of you live with running water, but out here at the ranch, we're just happy when Larry's Loo has toilet paper. So we really enjoyed the accommodations!!!! I guess they must expect those golfers to get just as dirty as their sheep shearers do.

Even Vincent Was Impressed With the Facilities

He'd never seen such a large litterbox. This was heaven on earth! We scurried to clean up his little boo-boo, before we got caught and evicted. Every second he got he kept trying to sneak back to the best litterbox he'd ever seen.

The Best Litter Box in the World

And they wouldn't let him go back for seconds

Duke and Vincent Take a Moment to Share Some Affection

Both campaigning hard to be the winner of Dogs vs Cats, or Cats vs Dogs as Vincent prefers to call the event, behind the scenes, they've always been, and always will be, best friends.

Most Of The Fans Were Out Golfing

and having a great time.

There Were All Kinds of Categories to Win All Kinds of Prizes

In addition to those shown here, there were stacks of gift certificates and wonderful things in the goodie bags that everyone got. I didn't hear anybody complaining about not winning something. Door prizes, Raffles, 50 / 50s, a good time was had by all.

Boss Hogette & Howiette of the Washington Redskin Hogettes Picked the Winners

And they didn't stop until everybody had something. Vincent won a 30 minute belly rub and Duke won a full body massage.

Vincent & Duke won

Vincent & Duke won
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Vincent won a 30 minute belly rub and Duke won a full body massage.

Tom Sabol, Chairman of the Event, Announces Golf Winners

As they came up to claim their prize they got to meet and shake hands with Mikey T. & Howiette.

Winning Prizes and

Winning Prizes and
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shaking hands with Mikey T. & Howiette