Monday, May 27, 2013

Good Morning Good Memorial Day !!!! May 27, 2013

Hi, my name is Timmy and I’m Opie’s big brother.  I want to tell you what Memorial Day means to me.

Memorial Day is all about people who did.  People who fought for their dreams to see them come alive. 

By the way, people doesn’t mean hooman.  People means conscious soul, so it doesn’t matter what species you are.  People is you and me and the horses over there.  If I’m talking bout hoomans, I’ll say so!

Anyway ....

To do what you believe in you have to have that I think I can song playing over and over in your head.

Some time I have to keep that mantra running in my head all day long.  You see I’m differently abled.   And that can mean I have to sing a lot of I-think-I-cans just to do the kinds of things you effortless and thoughtlessly do all day long. 

When I was an itty bitty baby, about 4 weeks old, I fell out the window of a car.  And lucky for me .. the lady in the car behind stopped and picked me up.  Yikes, don’t even wanna think about being smushed in the road if she hadn’t. 

And so she took me to a doc and they worked to save my life.  I did good, cept for my back legs that don’t work the way other’s do.  But I’m not gonna let something like that stop me from having a good, fun, happy and productive life!  

I came to Rikki’s to work as a Differently Abled Spokes Kitty and to spread the word about what it’s like to be differently abled.  It’s just fine !!!!  I’m still who I am, even if I walk different or look a little different.  I still have hopes and dreams and love to eat and play and be happy.  So I’m really not much different from you after all!!

But I do sing I-think-I-can a whole lot !!!!   It’s been a very important mantra for my life. 

They said I’d never walk .... and I said I-think-I-can I-think-I-can I-think-I-can and I can go anywhere anybody else can go now !!!! 

Snickers taunted me from the heights ....  she’d look down and sing, “you never gonna make it you gimpy littele thing!”  And I’d look up at her on the desk and I wanted to climb ....  and so I sang

I-think-I-can I-think-I-can I-think-I-can

And I worked real hard.  At first I’d just get part way up.  And I’d sing  I-think-I-can I-think-I-can I-think-I-can

And then .....

I made it to the top of the chair !!!

Snickers changed her tune .... “gimpy can’t jump to the desk, it’s MY desk and I’m not sharing, come and catch me if you can!” 

And I kept singing I-think-I-can I-think-I-can I-think-I-can

and soon I could lunge right from the top of the chair on to the desk and chase Snickers up to her loft !!!!

I’ll never stop working and I’ll never stop singing I-think-I-can I-think-I-can I-think-I-can ......

Will YOU sing along with me?  Will YOU help me help the differently abled?  I NEED your donations so I can take care of my friends here at Rikki’s Refuge.  Did you know that everyone of us here wasn’t wanted by somebody?  That’s just so hard to believe.  But nobody wanted us.  They said throw them away ... they’re no good ... they can’t walk ... they can’t talk ... they’re blind ... they’re deaf .... they’re old ... they have diabetes ....   they have asthma ... they have kidney problems ...  just toss ‘em out with the trash.  Isn’t that mean?

I’m so glad YOU said NO, let’s all work together to help those differently abled folks cuz they got feelings and they got rights and they wanna be happy and have life just like me.

And so with your donations that’s just what we get ...

LIFE !!!

Thank you.  And thank you for your Memorial Day contribution to help care for the differently abled !!!  Every penny you can spare will be turned into food and medicine for me and my friends.  Thank you for caring about us !!

Love you bunches,
           Timmy,Opie and Vincent

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