Friday, February 22, 2013

Share to Care

Yikes !!!!  It’s almost the end of February and we’re $15,000 short to meet our obligations  .... it only takes $1 a day per animals to keep up with the bare necessities, the food, the medical care, the bedding, the cleaning .....  yet with 1,296 animals ... that adds up ... and adds up QUICK !!! 

The good news is that YOUR donations add up quick too !!  A couple of bucks here ... $10 over there ... $25 here .... or even $100 !!!  It all adds up when YOU our very own FAMILY reach out to help the animals you love !!! 

We’ve got $1,000 of canned cat food on the way .... the propane tank was just filled ... Vista’s getting older and his dental work was extensive, he lost most of his teeth .... the rain has kept things so muddy the cows and horses are eating hay by the truck load ....  literally ... and it’s still cold enough all the livestock need grain  ....  bedding costs are always higher in the winter .....

Please .... would you share to care .....  It's easy, use the drop down arrow to let us know how much you can help right now ... then click the donate button.  Thank you so much !!!

Thank you for caring enough to share !!!

Great big huge thanks to those of you who have donated to help the animals !!!!

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Emily Putnam
Karen & Straw Barnett Stanley
Wayne Morris
Winging Cat Rescue Inc.
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